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Airtel Smart Remote App

Why Airtel Smart Remote App?

Airtel smart remote is a free mobile application that is used to remote control the Airtel Android TV. The app is supportable on most of the Airtel TV models so, if you have any airtel TV, you should get the application and get rid of the physical remote.

Airtel Smart Remote Apk App Free download

You can get all the remote app features and perform different tasks such as volume increase/decrease, tuning channels, and much more. This app is very useful when you don’t want to use the original for any reason.

We want to inform our audience that the official company provides the remote app for Airtel Digital TV, it’s officially provided by Airtel company because we can lose the original remote, and sometimes, the remote also gets damage so, this app will avoid us to buy another remote because the app will facilitate you by providing too many features.

We’ve added too much data in the description section so, now let’s move on, and check the rest of the things. We’re going to the complete usage of the product so, stay connected.

Airtel Smart Remote App Features

Airtel Official Remote control App

Airtel developers officially release this app so, no needs to worry about its legality because Airtel has decided to facilitate their users by adding a remote control app free of cost. The app is also available on the Google Play store.

Volume Increase/Decrease

This is the key function of the remote app because you can control the volume of your Airtel Digital TV through the app. You will get two different buttons for volume; one button increases the volume while the second button decreases the volume. These buttons are the most common functions available on almost every remote app.

Airtel Smart remote App For IPhone

Change TV Channels

This function is also very common because we sometimes don’t like the content to change the TV channels when we watch TV content. One hundred different TV channels are available on the app so, explore all of the channels.

Hot Button Features

This button function is a time-saving option. You can directly open the menu of favourite apps & channels; you can play the favourite channel or app from the favourite menu list. We can save too many channels & apps on the favourite menu list.

Smart Gamepad Stick

This app provides the built-in feature to play different games on the Airtel TV because Airtel is officially providing many games to play. Secondly, you can download different games from the Airtel store so, if you like gaming, you can still play the games through the remote app.

Run Android Apps

The menu provides different apps on the menu, and you can directly run the apps through the remote control. You can see different apps on the remote app menu, such as Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming apps.

Airtel Smart remote App iOS

Amazon Prime Video and Airtel app is also provided in the menu to run those apps directly.

Power On/Off Button

If you want to turn on the TV, you can perform this action by pressing the power button on the menu, and the Airtel TV will turn on, and after that, if you want to turn off the TV, you can also do the task by pressing the same button so, the TV will turn off. The same button will use to turn on & off the TV.

Cast Mobile Screen to Airtel TV

The app is helpful to cast mobile screens to Airtel TV, and not only casting the screen, but different tasks are also performable through these features, and I will tell each of the features very briefly.

Cast Mobile Video to TV

If you want to watch any video on the TV screen, you can do it without any worry because you can cast a mobile video on TV; there is no format restriction so, you can watch all kinds of video files such as MP4 MKV and AVI. These are some different types of functions available on the app.

You can watch the movies on your TV, you need to play the movie on your mobile, and the selecting movie will start casting on your TV. You can control different kinds of things through the app, such as increase/decrease volume and forward video and backward video as well so, everything is under your control.

Cast Mobile Audio to TV

If you want to listen to audio songs on your TV, you can do this task without worrying.  The app provides an audio player to run different music, and it will run on TV. The audio player controlling is available on the remote app as well.

Cast Media Images and Much More

The users can cast different things such as Images, documents of different formats, including Word, PowerPoint and PDF. If you’ve created any presentation file in the PDF or PowerPoint file, utilize it, and it’s the best app for meeting presentations or any class presentation.

We’ve included too many features related to the app, and let’s move on and check out the supporting operating systems.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

There is no such app or program introduced for the computer system yet because you can’t control the remote of the TV because it requires Wifi connectivity of devices. Still, it’s not possible on a computer system. Please drop the idea to install it on PC, and prefer different operating systems such as Android & iOS. We’ve also provided a remote control app for Amazon Fire TV devices as well so, you can also get it for Rire TV devices.

If you want to install the mobile app on your computer, you can do it on windows 11, but windows 11 is not released yet so, we need to wait few months. Still, after the arrival of Windows 11, it will become easy to run the apps on the computer because Microsoft has officially stated that Windows 11 is supporting Android apps so, wait few months.

If you need to install the app urgently, we have a solution for you. There is a software called BlueStacks so, install the program on your computer, and install any mobile app on your computer.

Download Airtel Smart Remote App For Android

Android OS is the main target of our website because we’re providing new apps every day. The app is officially released for Android OS so, and no needs to worry about the availability of the product for Android OS.

The installation method is also very simple and performs several steps, and does it. We’re providing the installation method again because some of the audience is appearing for the first time so, that’s why we’re sharing the method again.

Download Airtel Smart Remote App For iPhone

iPhone is the OS provided by Apple company. It’s the most recognized OS globally so, everyone prefers it, but it’s a bit more expensive than Android devices so, you can install the app on your iPhone device; the app is also supportable on IPad devices as well because iPhone & IPad are two same devices, but different in size.

Airtel Smart Remote App Free Download For Android

Final Words

Friends, if you want to use the remote app, avoid Remote TV, then go for it because it’s a 100% working product, and you don’t need to keep the physical TV remote because your mobile phone is your remote TV now.

Contact support Team

If you’ve any problem using the app or having any issue while using it, you can send your complaint to this email, and they will help you fix your issue in no time. The supporting team is very cooperative because the support team always entertains the queries of the audience.

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