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Why ApentalCalc Simple Calculator app?

ApentalCalc simple calculator is an application that allows us to do our math calculations.


This calculating app is new, and its creator is working on it more, and its upgrade work is going on as well. Soon it will become a very successful operation calculator that will give you advanced level calculation tools.

I am providing this application on my website because it will have been very busy when you see it, and the new features will have been included in it. Why not provide an application today that can be very useful, which will rule in the upcoming future.

The app has gained tremendous popularity in a very short time. If you look at its profile on Google Play Store, you will know that one lakh people have installed this application on their mobile system. If one lakh people use it daily, thousands of people will install it on their mobile every day.

The application contains two types of themes, so we used to see this feature in many applications and other software programs, so these themes are becoming very popular. Even Microsoft has launched these two themes on the latest variant of Windows 10.

Friends, we have talked enough about the basic information of this application. Now let’s move on and check out the features available in this application, and we will examine each of the features very briefly, so here we go.

Apental Simple Calculator Features

Simple Calculation

the first option in St simple calculation is to perform simple calculations like multiplication, divide, and subtraction.

The provided options are very basic, but every person needs them because we calculate many things in our daily lives. Hence, we need a calculator that can calculate the basic calculations.


We can calculate the different types of percentages like the average percentage or the discount percentage.

This application provides a button that allows us to calculate our profit margin after discounting our item’s price. These buttons are M+, M-, MR, and MC.

Squaring Of a Value

With the help of this application, we can get the square value of any number, and we have to click on the Square button, and then we will be shown the output result.

Sin, Cos & Tan Features

We use sin cos and ten features for different purposes. I remember that I was studying my first-year mathematics book; it was a subject of trigonometry, and I used to perform some actions on Sin,  Cos, and Tan.

The application is very helpful in calculating the value of sin, cos, and tan. These options are helpful for those users who know the use of these units. I have studied a lot about these units so. I’m very aware of these functions.

Multiple Themes

The application provides up to two different themes, and we have discussed its basic information in this discussion section but now let’s discuss the themes available for this product.

Light theme

The light team is the first variant provided by this application, so this is the default theme application as well so; when you install the application, you will get the applied light theme on the app, but you can customize it.

Dark Theme

Dark theme is the actual up-gradation provided by the application, so we used to see the light theme on every application. Some of the applications also provide the option to customize the theme and convert it to a dark theme.

So we’ve mentioned everything about this app because it’s used for an indefinite calculation, so it doesn’t add many features, so we’ve kept the section very short. Let’s see which operating systems support this application.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

The first thing that comes to us is Windows operating system. So, friends, you all know that Windows operating system has its calculator and you don’t need to install any application software, then this application is not useful for computers. It has nothing to do with your PC, nor can you install it on your computer.


If you still want to install a mobile operation on your computer, let me tell you a solution. We have provided many tools on this website, but it is the calculating app provided by this website.

First, you need to transfer to an Android emulator, which is the computer system’s software. Using it, you can install any mobile application on your computer, whether it is a game or an android tool app.

Download ApentalCalc Simple Calculator For Android

This computer is perfect for mobile systems, and you can use it and how to use it is very easy, and it is like one of our calculator devices and everything is done in it.


The installation method is not particularly difficult, but I can say that it is very easy, and you have to follow the steps accordingly.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The iPhone is the next OS after Android. The iPhone has its OS, and it’s not provided for the iPhone because the product is very new and just launched for android OS so, the availability is not possible for iPhone now but possible later so, stay connected and get the complete information about this product.


Download for iPad

The product is not available for iPad since the availability of the product for iPhone is in doubt. The availability of the product for iPad is also in doubt because both devices contain the same OS software.

Final Words

When the conclusion has arrived, and friends, we have already discussed that the product is in upgrading mode since the developer is working on updates & adding unlimited calculating options so, this app will gain an unexpected reputation one day.

If you want to perform a simple calculation, then use and more importantly, it’s important for the shopkeepers because the customers demand a discount over a selling item. The app is used to calculate the profit margin after allocating the discount to the customers.

Contact Support Team

If the users need any support regarding this product, we link an email, and you can approach them on this email. Let them know if you found any bugs on the app.

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