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AppLock – Sports Car

Why Choose AppLock – Sports Car App?

AppLock sports car is an application containing many themes, sports car background, lock different apps available on your and phone, and, most importantly, locking your privacy data. this app is also like a typical at block application but makes it different is the most stylish designs available for the lock system that you have never seen before.


I can guarantee that you will be amazed after checking the unique lock themes, which is not like a typical application. Still, it provides stylish and designing patterns, so it will entertain you after installing this application on your phone. Like other applications, this AppLock also offers a sound security system to maintain the privacy level on your phone.

AppLock – SportsCar Feature

The application contains many features, but I will try to add my favorite ones, so start and check out those fantastic features.

It links social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Signal, and YouTube.

It can lock the different phone applications and Gallery, SMS, Call, Settings, and much other stuff.

Two methods are available to lock the data or applications on your phone, and the first option is to close the data through the pattern system. Still, I must say that the pattern system is not very complicated to know the patterns system can detect if someone tries to peep p on your phone, so my suggestion is for you to go for the second option.

The second option is the Pin Lock because the pin lock contains two different kinds of numbers; you can also include alphabet and digital numbers simultaneously, so I must say that the pin lock is the best option available here.

Why is Pin Lock more secured?

Now the question is why the pin lock is more secure than the pattern lock?

The answer is straightforward because the pin lock contains two kinds of things: alphabets and numbers.

The second feature is that you can choose the collection of small and uppercase alphabets, which is a great feature so, by using the complicated password on your phone, it must be difficult for the other person to breach. No one can unlock the mobile phone without permission because the pin has random characters in it.

Supported Characters for the Pink Lock

Alphabets, Lower case Alphabets, Upper case Alphabets, Number Digits, Special characters like @,#,$ and %, are some memorable characters. It must be difficult for the other person to figure out these kinds of passwords.

The application provides the feature to lock the Incoming call as well, and it’s a most underrated feature of the application.

I have often seen that many people love to attend the calls on other’s phones so, by using this way, it will become impossible for the other person to participate in the call. This feature is the best privacy tool available on this application.

Designing Themes for Pattern & Pin Lock

This feature is the main reason for its popularity because we all are tired of the same pattern lock screen. We want something new for sure, and this application vanishes our worry point because it provides unlimited Pattern lock wallpapers to use on your phone. The Sportscar wallpapers are available in countless numbers so, it’s the best app for the Car lover because of gorgeous car wallpapers.

Change Pattern Lock Design

This point is the product’s best feature because it provides incredible pattern lock designs, not for the background. Still, you can add different kinds of things in it suppose. If you’re an emoji lover, it provides the option to customize the pattern lock from dots to emoji.

The user can add a different kind of emoji to the pattern lock. I know that it must be different for you to hear, and I can’t understand my point to say, but check out some of the application demo screenshots for this product.

Pin Lock Supported Patten

I could not add the pertinent information, but I’m providing it here to correct myself. It provides two different kinds of pin locks includes four digits pin and six digits pin so, now it’s up to the user to decide which pin pattern is suitable for his privacy. I have seen that most of the users use the four digits lock screen.

Home Screen Lock

This app lock also provides the feature to lock the home screen to prevent other persons from attacking your privacy. Sealing the home screen is impressive because if the person cannot open the home screen, the other user cannot breach 1% privacy since the home screen lock prevents the other users from accessing the phone.

How Does it Work?

The answer is & solution is straightforward because it provides an easy user interface to its users.

  • After installing the application, then open “Setting.”
  • Go and find “AppLock” and enable it on your phone
  • The phone may ask for two different kinds of lock
  • Pattern and Pink so, choose according to your need
  • Pin Lock is suggested in a sense to secure the privacy

How To Download & Install AppLock – Sports Car For PC?

This point is the main agenda of this article. Still, the answer is no because Mobile phones and Computer PCs are two different operating systems, so they can’t work on computer PC since the developer has not provided it for the computer system. Some Developers the same Android & Computer OS program, but this app is just available for Android devices and the relevant.


Suppose the user has any other application to run on its computer. In that case, we have a solution for them because Android emulators are available for the computer system. The android emulators eliminate the restriction for using the mobile application on a computer system. Just install the emulator on your computer and install any desired mobile application.

Gameloop is the best android player available for the computer system, and it is software that works as an Android phone, and its working is also similar to Android phone. Install the complete application on the emulator. Get more mobile applications on Atoz APK.

Download AppLock – Sports Car App For Android Phones

The most demanding operating system is the Android operating system because the reports say that most of the population is using Android phones, so it’s a considerable amount. Everyone is dropping the idea to use Computer systems because the computer system is not portable. Still, the Android phone is mobile and provides better performance & processing speed than a computer system.


Let’s come back to the main agenda well, the product is available for this OS, but the installation steps are different, as we have told before. The manual installation is complicated as compared to automatic installation. It is well-known that you all are addicted to automatic installation, but manual installation is different.

  • Open the file that you downloaded from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button on your phone and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • “Unknown Sources” function is required to allow for one time only
  • The process is enabled before, then don’t enable it again
  • The interruption comes when it’s turned off
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the process

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

Apple is also a brand like Android phones, but I must say that Apple is a different OS than Android since 90% of the companies rely on Android software. Still, the Apple Company has introduced its operating system for the mobile OS. It’s the fight between all mobile companies vs the Apple brand.


Now let’s discuss the main thing that the Applock – Sports Car application is available for this OS as well so, it’s good by the developer of the application because both of the OS is very popular nowadays. The installation process for the Apple mobile is also straightforward so, don’t worry about it and go with the flow.

Final Words

It’s the best part of my life. After all, I learn something new about the technology after concluding any article because I use to explore a lot about the product before providing it on this website. It helps me learn a lot about technology. I’m doing it for the multi-purpose because the first plan is to increase my knowledge and the second schedule is that I’m facilitating you by providing this app.

The application is available for multiple operating systems. Many operating systems support this app and explore this article to figure out those supporting operating systems and let us know in the comment section.

Applock – Sports Car Contact Information

We are providing the email where you can send its remarks to the owner so, send them an email right now if you find any bug on this application.

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