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Why Choose ASTRO File Manager App?

ASTRO file manager is a mobile application used for organizing & accessing phone storage. It the best suggested application for file managing after phone’s file manager application.


We all know that there is a file manager application in every phone that can provide these facilities, but it has some features that are not found in it, and we also include these facilities in it.

This operation is used as an explorer and has many features not present in an average file manager. That is why this application is top-rated on the Play Store because of its features. The top of them is the responsibility of cleaning the junk files.

Suppose you want to copy any data beta on your mobile to another drive or transfer any data to another phone location. The data will be transferred from one folder to another folder within seconds.

These applications complete their work in seconds. It is also a particular reason for its popularity because people are very interested in the convenience of their time and are looking for an application that can save their time. So this is a time-saving application.

If you search for a file manager on the Google Play Store, you will find it in the top list because it is prevalent on the Play Store, and 50 million people have it installed on their mobile. Millions of people are using its facilities and increasing its installs day by day, and there is no hope of reduction.

If you want to make a backup of your mobile phone data, this application also provides an outstanding facility for it, and it lets you create a backup of your data.

Even if the contact data is deleted due to an error, this application provides that your old data will be removed again in the same condition, and it will complete in just a few minutes. If so, this means that in a few minutes, you will find your mobile in the same condition again.

So as we’ve added enough content to its description, now let’s see how its features work and how we can take advantage of its features. Yes, and I am all here. I will fill in here, so you have to stay connected.

ASTRO File Manager App Features

12 Years Journey

The product was launched around 12 years back, and it launched in 2009. There was infrequent such application available on the internet because Android phone technology was new at that time. Still, people like it for over a decade so, it makes sense that there is something different & unique in it.

Free & No Advertising

The great thing about it is that it is provided free and you don’t have to pay any money for it, and that’s it.

The other thing is that this application does not show any advertising. We all know that advertising has become a problem in our lives because advertising disturbs our work cycle. It does not support any advertising and does not operate on its application.

File Explorer

It related to the file data available on your phone, and it allows to perform multiple tasks, and it provides the feature to perform the different job on the phone data.

Copying, Pasting, Moving, and Sharing are the several actions that can perform through this application.

Copying Feature

The copying option is excellent because you can copy data from one person to another or from one memory to another.

Pasting Feature

When you copy data, and you want to put it in the place of your choice, you use the Paste command for it, and its option is available to click on it, and your copied data Will be pasted in the selected folder, and this is also a matter of seconds.

Moving Feature

This feature works much faster, and it works much faster than the copying feature because it moves a file from one place to another. Some advantage is that our file is there, it will end up there, it is shifted to another drive, but in copy command, I get the same the copying file in two different places, but it doesn’t happen like that.

Sort The Phone Data

Sorting is a process of arranging data in a sequence, like providing the data in a series A to Z.

So many people will be familiar with it, but some who do not know it, so let me tell you to guide them that this is a feature you can put your data in a particular sequence and this So you can use it. When your data is in Alphabets sequence, you can use it properly.

Suppose the folders contain alphabets characters, and you want to “A” folder in ascending & “Z” in descending order. You can set the data like this and click a button, and everything will perform according to Desire.

Different sequence patterns are available like Alphabets, Dates and File Size, etc.

Viewing Videos, Images and Documents are performable

The file explorer also provides the option to watch the video files, listen to the music and check out the desired documents. This activity can perform without hesitation.

The application provides its audio & video player, so; you don’t need an external player. However, at the same time, if you still prefer the external player, then it also provides to choose the desired player for watching any video.

Storage Cleaner

It is the best option available on this application because it detects most of the phone’s problems. Many users are tired of too much slow mobile processing, so it’s a convenient feature because it helps to get rid of slow phone processing.

Applications Cleaner

(Phone Speed Booster)

The product helps to remove the junk files from different applications available on the phone. We use too many applications daily, so that those applications cause too much cache & a junk file, disturbing the phone’s performance, and the phone slows down in no time.

(Free Space & Removing Unwanted Files)

We often see that we cannot install new applications because the phone memory is low, and it happens due to some unwanted files available on our phones. The applications detect all those unwanted files and provide different recommendations according to the available data on your phone.

Cache cleaning is the processing of deleting the files generated by multiple applications. The unpleasant thing is that these files are not reachable for a human being so, different applications are being used for this purpose, and it’s also one of them.

The application cleaner scans both internal & external phone memory, finds out all the cache files, and recommends removing those files. This process is not even time taking, so the complete unwanted files can send to Recycle Bin in a second.

Clean Up Your Storage

Different actions can perform through this application, like unused apps, Large Files, and duplicate files.

(Unused Apps)

This tab provides the dozens of applications that are not using for a long time, and the cleaner detects all those unused applications and asks you to remove the new apps since those applications are consuming too much space. By performing this task, the user can get free space.

(Large Files)

This tab provides all those files that consume too much space on your phone. It shows all those files and recommends deleting the unnecessary files from your phone memory. Sometimes, we forgot to delete unnecessary data so, it consumes too much free space, and that’s why the phone suggests removing one of the unused files.

(Same Files)

The application is available because we have a file in two different folders of the phone memory. The applications scan all those files that have their duplicate on the phone memory so, the application suggests removing at least one copy from the phone to help make accessible space.

All Your Storage Places

It contains all the connected devices to your phone like, internal memory, external memory (SD Card), My Google Drive (Cloud), and USB Drive (OTG Supported Device). You will get all these connected devices on this platform, and you can choose any of the paths according to your need.

This feature is not available in the phone’s integrated File manager, so we can say that this application is preferable to the official File Manager.

Backup Phone Data

There are many applications available to perform this task, but the good thing is that a File Manager provides the option to backup phone data so, it’s more valuable than we expect. All the files are saved in the backup file. The backup data file is valid till the infinite time, and there is no expiry scene.

The user can restore its previous data after resetting the device. The data will restore in 3-5 minutes which is not an alarming average speed because we have seen that many applications take hours to restore the complete data.

Clouding Phone Data

The application provides a cloud server where you can store personal data. The files are 100% secured here because the security is much tighter than expected. You can feel free to store your data on the cloud server of the ASTRO file manager.

Recycle Bin Folder

Recycle Bin is a folder available on this application. The deleted files will store in Recycle bin folder; make sure that the files are deleted in recent times. Still, the files are deleted long ago. It’s not recoverable because the cloud provides the option to save the deleted files for 30 days. If the deleted data is not recovered within one month, then the following information is not recoverable.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So friends, now let’s see if this application is available for the Windows system and on which operating system it can install, and I will give you some details about it.


So the first thing that comes to our operating system is that this application is not for Windows operating system because it is not needed. It is a mobile file manager that works on mobile or similar OS. Windows OS is a different operating system. There is no interference of this function on the computer operating system, so there is no reason to install the file manager on your phone.

Download ASTRO File Manager For Android

So now we have the most basic OS, which is the Android system, so friends, this application is present for Android OS, and you can easily download it from this website by the way also available on the play store. Still, you don’t need to go there because I’m adding it to my website, so you can easily download it from here.


The way to install is also straightforward, but there are some steps that you have to remember, but then I will tell you about them in detail, and you can quickly get rid of the upcoming challenges. So you don’t have to worry about that. Get more applications on the Atoz APK webisite.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The next OS is the Apple operating system, and we know that Apple Phone & Android works similarly, but both have different integrated software. Still, the product is also available for iPhone users, so it’s a good step by the developer.


The installation procedure is also quite the same so, do the necessary steps &  just with the flow. The rest is straightforward. Most iPhone users are familiar with the application install on iPhone.

Final Words

It’s time for the final words so, I am going to summarize the article with positive words because I like this product. After all, this is not an ordinary File Manager, but it provides the additional features of Phone Cleaning, Backup Phone Data, Delete Duplicate Data, and many other options. The integrated File manager is not much effective. Avail the chance and store it on your phone right now.

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