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Battery Charge Notifier

Why Choose Battery Charge Notifier App?

Battery Charge Notifier is an application that provides notifications regarding your battery recharge.


This app is so much fun because it keeps you aware of battery level, and if your battery is about to run out, it will notify you in advance. This feature works like a battery charge that reminds you over and over again.

With the help of this application, I hope you can save your battery from running out because sometimes we have to make very urgent calls. Still, if our battery is dead, you’re despondent, so this application will notify us before the battery runs out. And we will receive notifications from it because you all know that no function inside the mobile provides the batter notification.

This application provides us notifications for various things about the battery. When the charging in your mobile is completed to a great extent, this application gives us a notification to unplug the charging cable.

The size of the application is very small, so it is a lightweight application that can help you keep your battery e maintained because if you forget to charge the battery, then many difficulties can emerge.

The Attack possible situation is when your battery is about to die. Under 10%, this application will remind you before shutting down the mobile, and in this way, you can prevent your mobile from turning off completely.

I have told you that you may get a different notification at different periods, so even if your battery is balanced, it will notify you to charge the battery for a few minutes.

In addition, this application also checks the strength of the mobile battery, and if your mobile battery health is not particularly good, it already informs you.

With the help of this app, we can know our battery’s health, and this line has proved to be very useful for li-ion batteries.

Battery Charge Notifier App Features

Get Battery Update

With the help of this cache, you can get the update of the battery timing of your mobile phone, and this update you will keep receiving from time to time.

Because our mobile does not have any feature that notifies you systematically of the mobile battery and tells you that your battery is about to run out, so the application has been created to keep you update about the battery level.

Low Battery Notification

This application gives you an information reminder to charge when your mobile’s battery is about to run out. With this notification, we can prevent our mobile from being shut off because If the mobile is not charged on time, your mobile may be switched off. Normally gets the notification after the battery level reaches to10%.

Full Battery Notification

This application gives you notification on a low battery. Still, if your battery timing is full and your mobile is charged for a long time, this application will notify you that unplug your mobile charger.

Because you all know that when our mobile battery is charged more than a limit, it is also harmful to our mobile because it affects our battery and the battery’s health.

Notifies plug/unplug The Charger

When you connect your mobile to your charger, this application gives you a nod and tells you that your mobile is connected to the charger, and you will start charging its battery.

This application still gives a notification when your mobile’s battery is full, and you start removing it, and it tells you that you have unplugged the mobile charger from this mobile.

Different Notifications Alerts

When you get to notification through this application, this application will give you a notification alert by switching on the LED light of the phone or some vibration sound.

It is the best option provided by this application since sometimes you are not using the phone, so you don’t get the notification, but it is the application that will give you a notification along with a vibration sound. You can know that there something is going on there.

Multiple Coloured LEDs light

Even if you are not using your mobile, this application shows you with different colored lights which application has been notified, and each application has a different LED light.

But for that, you have to recognize the notification light of different applications. If the red light turns on, it means that the mobile is about to run out of charge.

Get Notifications Multiple Times

With the help of this application, you can receive a notification many times because sometimes, if we are not running our mobile, then we miss an important notification then; considering this thing, the creator of this operation has introduced this feature.

The developer added to it, and this feature has examined whether you have received the current notice or not. If any of the notifications are missed, this application will notify you right there.

Do Not Remind Again

Suppose you are tired of receiving the notifications over and over again. In that case, you can use an option not to receive this notification again and again but will receive it at a specific time when your mobile is about to crash, or there may have been a lot of charging.

Charging/Discharging Time

Let’s separate this feature. You will receive both types of notifications. This feature will tell you when you last charged your mobile. If your mobile has a charging connection, this app will tell you. How long ago you started charging your mobile.

This feature’s purpose was to closely monitor your battery health because we know that it is also harmful to our mobile battery if it has too much battery.

Downtime Option Feature

It is a feature that allows you to use the summary or vibration of a mobile notification short or full time, and you can raise it again whenever you want.

No Ads Support

This feature will not get you an ad on the app, and it is a good thing because sometimes mobile ads slow down our mobile and make a big difference in its working speed, so it should be a very useful feature.

How To Download & Install Battery Charge Notifier For PC?

The first operating system we have is a computer operating system. The application is not available for the computer operating system since it is an application used to give you the notification reminder of battery level, so it has nothing to do with the computer PC. That’s why the developer has not made it available for the PC system. Still, there is some relevant applications program for Laptop PC so Google it.


Suppose you still want to install any mobile application on a computer system. In that case, I have a solution for you, so first of all, you need to install BlueStacks software on your computer that works on your computer. It works as a mobile operating system to install any mobile application on the computer through this BlueStacks program.

Download Charge Battery Notifier APK For Android

The next chapter is the android operating system. The app’s availability for the Android operating system is very obvious since it is provided for Android OS and other relevant operating systems, and that’s why the product’s ability is not in any doubt. Atoz APK is the best website to get mobile apps for free.


The installing procedure is also quite easy to perform to share the installation procedure again for newcomers.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The iPhone is a very demanded operating system, so now let’s discuss its availability for the iPhone system.


Every mobile operating system needs this application to get regular notifications of battery reminders. The product is also available for iPhone operating system and enjoys unlimited battery notification on your phone.

The installation procedure is also very easy to perform and similar to installing any app on the Android system, so check out the installation procedure that I have stated above.

Download For iPad (Apple Devices)

The iPad is the upgraded version of the iPhone, so both have similar operating systems. Still, there is one difference in size because Ipad is much bigger than iPhone operating system, but apart from their sizes, they are very similar in working.

Final Words

The time for the final words has arrived, so friends, if you want to get the proper notification of your battery level, then don’t wait for a second and install the application right now on your phone and Apple products.

Unfortunately, the product is not available for the computer system. Still, there are relevant programs available for the computer system, so google it and find out the same alternative program for the computer system.

Contact Support Team

if you have any problem regarding the applications or so, I am providing the support team’s email, so contact them on this email and tell them your problem and try to do their best to solve this problem.


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