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Call Recorder – Automatic Call Recorder

Why Call Recorder App?

Call recorder is an application used to record incoming and outgoing calls. It is a convenient application for recording voice calls because its quality is impressive and provides HD quality. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to understand the conservation since the quality is not being compromised.

I must say that this is an automatic call recorder, and you don’t need to turn it on since it is already turned on, and it will start recording the call when you attend the call on your phone.

I have found a lot of similar applications on my mobile. Still, I noticed an error in them, and I have seen something like that; the other applications only record your voice, but there is no voice recording in 2nd person. Still, this application eliminates it and lets you listen to recordings of both sites.

I am introducing this application to you because I know that people use many such applications, and they want an application that can record voice calls from both sides. Not only this, with one side it is very useless.

If you were looking for the same feature, let me know in a comment to know that someone else was also looking for the same thing, so I indirectly helped the user.

It records all kinds of calling on Android mobile, and it provides both sides of recording. And the remarkable thing is that it works well on your old android, and you don’t have any problem even if you have an old phone.

Let me tell you about another feature of it, and it is something like this that it records the recording of phone calls and records it if you have a Facebook call or WhatsApp call. But for that, first, you have to go to your settings and turn on the following setting, then also it will automatically record your Facebook and WhatsApp calls.

I liked the recording feature of Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media calls recording because we can do the necessary thing on any platform. The best thing is about this automatic call recorder, which starts recording calls when you attend a call.

So friends anyway its features are numerous and I will tell all about its quality in full detail, but for that, you have to stay connected with me so let’s go now which we have to finish the description and move on, and we’ll see what its features are and how they do they work.

Call Recorder App Features

Phone Calls Recording

Its first feature is that it provides the option to record any call on your phone, and its call quality is exceptional, so you should try out this application on your phone.

Phone Call Recording Of Both Sides

Now, this is a problem of every second application. Still, I don’t find this shortcoming in this application because it provides the call recording of both ends, so you don’t need to worry about that because it allows for the voice calling of both. So you are not limited to one side only.

Auto Recording Of Both Incoming & Outgoing

an incoming and outgoing call is not a matter for this application, and it does not make sense to record one type of call. Still, it allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls, so you are not limited to incoming calls only.

HD Voice Quality Of Both Parties

Voice call recording quality has also become a great tragedy, and there are thousands of call recording applications on the Google Play Store. Still, their performance is not very good because their voice call recording is not sound, and people don’t like it, so it’s a great success for this application because it gives you HD voice recording on both sides.

Saving Calls Recording on Phone Memory

When the call is finished, you do not have to save it, but this application will automatically save your call on your phone memory, and the files are present in a specific folder.

Listen Calls Recording Anytime

Your phone call recordings will save on your phone, and you can listen to them anytime you want, and there will be no restrictions on this.

However, you can have as many other call recordings as you want whenever you want, and there will be no interruption.

Record Selected Contacts

This feature is designed to be a great addition because you can only record a few selected contacts in this feature. After all, we know that there will be a lot more consuming space when you record each call. It will be a problem for your phone, so this application introduces a feature that allows you to record some special selected contacts’ call recording.

Record Social Media Calling

One of its features is that it also records the calls of your social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and all other similar platforms. In addition, the application provides a call recording option for the following apps. So if you have, you can easily record the call, and there are no restrictions.

Helpful For Business Purpose

This application is essential for your business because you do many extraordinary things on your phone or something significant for you to record. I think this application is perfect as it records your essential calls, and if you ever need them, you can use them for any purpose.

Multiple Audio Formats

The application provides several audio formats include MP3, WAV, ACC, and AMR. These formats are prevalent in terms of quality so. You may get HD-quality voice by using these formats.

Lock Call Recorder

You can lock your call recorder, and you can shift voice call recording to private mode so no one can use your voice recording, and only you can use it.

Voice Recorder

So, friends, I will tell you for the sake of your knowledge, this application not only records mobile phone calls but also does voice recording and is also found in different parts, but in this application, you have two kinds of features. Getting call recording and voice call.

Voice Recording Options

So now, let’s talk about the options you can use to improve your voice recording when you voice recording. Voice Recorder has become very popular when you put it in your videos and upload them to YouTube or any other platform.

Record, Pause, Stop, Playback and sharing option is available in the setting’s area.

Simple Operating & smooth Call Recording

The application is straightforward to operate, and you don’t need to pay too much attention there, so perform the setting for the first time, and then the rest is straightforward.

The application provides a smooth call recording. You don’t face any interruption is an awful voice experience in the call recording, so the call recording may not be compromised in any case.

User-Interface & Less Ram Consumption

Its user interface is straightforward to understand and design so that you may like the interface, but you don’t need to open it again and again since it provides an automatic call option.

I want to tell you that this application is handy. But, still, at the same time, it is very beneficial for the phone memory because it does not take too much RAM consumption, and the reason is that its size is not very large, and it provides hundreds of features in a small size of the file.

So when it comes to our operating system, friends, this is a call recorder that records your incoming and outgoing calls. You will see how an operating system can be helpful, and we will also discuss it in detail.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So first, we have the Windows operating system. The operating system is a Microsoft operating system that is different from an Android mobile system, and this application is an Android call recorder. Unfortunately, the Windows system has no connection, and we cannot install it on our system.

If you want to run a computer in a mobile application, let me tell you a solution. First of all, you have to install an Android player on your computer, which you can easily install any Android application on your computer.

One thing to keep in mind is that this android player takes up a lot of computer space. Therefore, if you do not have an exemplary computer system, I advise you not to install this Android player because it works just like Android OS. It interferes with most of the disk space and computer processing.

BlueStacks is software that you can install to run any mobile application on your computer, and there is other similar software like GameLoop. However, still, I will suggest Bluestacks because it has some features that are not found in the rest of the emulator.

Download Call Recorder App For Android

So now we have the Android operating system, so friends, there is no doubt that this application was made for the Android operating system. It was intended to make it available to the Android system, so let’s see how we can install this application on our mobile so installing is not so tricky but needs attention & learning.

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Friends, you will often know the process of installing the app, but I will tell them once again. Still, before that, I want to tell you that this application is also available on the Play Store. Still, it would help if you went there because I’m going to bring the file to the same website, and the other thing is that when you download and install it from the Play Store, it gets there very quickly. Still, you have to do an additional level here; you can install this application on your mobile.

  • Make sure to get this file from the website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Now enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

Call Recorder needs every human being and especially the businessman so, most of the businessman uses Apple OS. It might be unfair if this product was not available for iPhone, but it is undoubtedly known for iPhone users. Therefore, the users can get this product in no time.

The installation for iPhone is relatively easy and very well-known so, I’m sharing the procedure again since you all are familiar with the process.

Final Words

So now the time has come for the conclusion. You will not find an application like this anywhere else. I know that there are thousands of alternatives and many products available for different OS because it gives you voice recordings of both sides that cannot be done. Therefore, it has a great fan following.

The application is limited to call recording and provides the feature to record the voice. It is also the best voice recorder available on Playstore because its voice recognition operator is very fantastic. Furthermore, it includes HD voice recording, so everything is understandable.

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