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Why Citizen Calculator App?

Citizen calculator is an application that is used to calculate the GST tax rate. The application is used to perform different tasks and mostly used for business purposes.

The app is very famous in terms to calculate GST tax or loan calculator. We have seen many applications relevant to this category. This application owns over 20 million subscribers, and its popularity is unimaginable.

The application is available for different operating systems so that we will discuss each of the operating systems in brief so stay connect and learn all about the product.

We all know that it is very difficult to calculate GST tax, but if you start calculating it yourself, you will be very upset because there are so many angles.

Creating this application was to provide facilities to the people as most of these things are useful in business. Still, their calculation is very difficult. Different angles in each field have to be considered; therefore, it is very useful here because you can handle all these complications very well.

After using this application, you will get rid of a lot of hassle because sometimes people hire different people who calculate such taxes. Even if you’re hired, you have to be very professional, but it provides all the facilities with just one click.

So, friends, you can see that this application is amazing and useful, so I think that this kind of application solves our work to a great extent because it helps us calculate GST.

If you guys don’t know GST, then let me tell you guys the full form of GST is Goods & Services tax. It is a kind of tax levied on the goods we buy, and the government collects such taxes from its citizens, but other businesses also contain such taxes.

So come on, guys, we’ve added a lot of content to its description, and now let’s see what its features are and how they work so I’ll tell you there are a lot of features in it, and It will take a lot of time to get to know them fully because it has so many features that you can’t even imagine.

Citizen Calculator App Features

Citizen Calculator

So it looks closer to the first one, which is a simple calculator that allows us to do simple calculations in our daily life, such as adding or subtracting a value. There are features in this function calculator, and it provides a standard calculator menu that we use to add, divide, subtract or multiply different values.

There are some additional features in it, such as under root or taking the square of value.

It also contains some options like GT, M+, M- and MU. These tools are used to calculate the profit ratio after facilitating the buyer through discounts.

So I have given you complete information about its basic calculating option, so let’s look at its advanced features. It was a normal feature of it present in every alternative. Still, the reasoning for its popularity of application is something else because a normal calculator is present in every mobile, but it is better than it in every way.

GST Calculator

I have already told you in full detail about the GST, and it is a tax imposed when you buy an item.

Friends, there are two types of options that you can use to get different types of GST or Tax. ADD GST And Subtract GST.

Loan Calculator

First, you will put the loan amount in it, and after inserting it, you can use different features in it, and we will mention these features one by one.

  • (Loan Interest Rate)

A loan calculator is a feature that helps you to make some loan calculations and if you want to set any interest rate. So you can keep it at your own choice, and you can keep all kinds of interest rates in it because often every company or bank provides loans at different interest rates. The developer has added a special feature that you can use to set your interest rate.

If you do not want to be interested in it, you can skip the interest rate option and get the rest of the value output.

  • (Loan Period)

Then you will put loan period. It means how long you will repay the loan. You can also keep it as you wish, such as one year, two years, three years or five years.

  • (Loan Installments)

You will enter the loan installment amount, so after inserting the amount in it, it may proceed and provide you with the output data.

If you take the loan of 1 lakh dollars, you want to pay $100 per month or a specific installment period. You will select $100 per installment, so this is how it works in this method; you will enter the amount you will pay in a month or specific installment period.

It is very easy to understand when you perform it manually because you can get the concept clearly until you perform it on your phone, so install it on your phone right now and calculate every kind of loan.

Different Possible Loans

people seek loans for different purposes, and some borrow the loan for business purposes, so every individual has their own need, so we will discuss some of the possible loan categories that people use to pick.

  • Home Loan

Home loan is provided by different organizations or some of the governments also provide home loans, and these loans are provided to its citizens when they need to construct the house.

The person will repay the loan in different categories like the government or bank will decide the complete loan period and then convert the loan into installments so after putting all this data then. You can get the exact amount that you are going to pay after borrowing the loan.

  • Business Loan

it is a very popular loan category because many people seek loans from different banks for business purposes. Still, the banks don’t provide the loan to anyone, so they check your background and then check or examine your business plan, so if they find it a very useful business, they provide you with the loan. Still, if the bank management finds it very risky, they don’t entertain you as much as you expect.

If you have a good business plan, then the organizations or banks will provide you with the loan as much you want. So this application will help you calculate the exact amount of money that you will pay in different categories like paying per installment and the complete payment after all installments.

Applying interest rate will also be added to the installment payment.

Personal Loan & Many Others

A personal loan is a type of loan that you get for some personal purpose. It depends on the individual because everyone has different needs, so this type of loan category contains the people who see the loan for different purposes.

So, friends, we have a lot to discuss ahead, so let’s and the current plan and move forward to the next agenda and keep yourself here.

Unit Converter

Unit converter is the main option on this calculator; The app will tell you the unit of many stuff. We will describe each & everything incomplete details.

Main unit Converting Units
Area Square KM Hectare Square Meter Square Mile
Length Kilometer Meter Centimeter Mile
Temperature Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin
Volume Cubic Meter Liter Millimeter Cubic
Speed Miles/hour Feet/Sec Meter/Sec Km/hour
Digital Storage Bit Bytes Kilobit Kilobytes
Metric Ton Kilograms Gram Milligram
Nanosecond Microsecond Millisecond Second


Currency Converter

A currency converter is also a good tool and very helpful. Still, your internet connection must be connected to your device because the calculator app will automatically get automatic rates from the internet, so internet connectivity is required.

The currency converting is pre-installed on the app; just put the number of currency of a country, the calculator will tell you the value of your existing currency with the market rate of exchange. It’s very easy to find out the currency rate of every country.

Suppose, if you have $10 and you are looking to exchange USD to PKR, you will find out the rate of PKR currency against USD. If the PKR rate Is 150 RS against USD, you will multiply 150 to 10. You will get the output amount, and you will get the value of USD currency in PKR currency.

This method is very simple to implement. We are going to share the list of countries in which you can exchange your currency.


These are some currencies of different countries, and I’ve not mentioned the name of the country, but you can do it manually, search any of the currency units on Google; Google will tell you the name of the complete name of each currency unit.

Digital Campus For Finding Directions

The digital campus is the upgraded version of the normal campus. We’ve seen analog campuses before, but the digital campus is more efficient as it shows the name of the direction, either east, west, north, or south.

The digital campus is an amazing thing, and in the beginning, it was very difficult to predict the direction, but then, it became easy after these campuses took place.

The digital campus is also pre-installed on new variants of android phones. You don’t need to install any other app to get the facility of digital campus, but if you’re still a user of any variant of android, then try out this app.

We don’t need to keep the campus now because the technology has taken its place, and now Google is offering its own Google maps. It shows each of the corners on the map. You will not miss a single sight on Google Maps unless the street is mentioned in North or south.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

Windows 10 has its in-built calculator, and there is no need to install it on your windows since all these features are available on the Windows calculator. You can get a better preview on the windows screen because the mobile screen is very small in size, but a computer has a good size screen.

If you want to install any mobile application on your phone, then I’m providing you with a solution to do it; by applying this method, you will install any mobile application on your computer.

Install the BlueStacks app on your computer; select the app that you want to install on your computer. The process takes a few minutes; then, you can enjoy the android app on your computer free of cost.

Citizen Calculator App Download For Android

Android is the actual target of the brand, and we will keep you providing more amazing apps free of cost. Let’s figure out that is it working on android or not. The app is officially available for the Android OS, and the installing procedure is also very simple, and you need to perform simple steps to install it on your android.

We are providing the complete procedure to install the app on android OS so, check out the steps provided below. Make sure that you don’t miss any step; otherwise, you can face the error. ApentaCalc Simple calculator app is creative for calculating complex numbers.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the app from this web
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the install processing

Download App For iPhone

iPhone is a very popular brand, and it’s provided for the iPhone. Still, I must say that the pre-installed calculator on iPhone provides most of the features, and some of the features are missing in the built-in calculator so, the usage of this app on the iPhone is possible. A few of the items are not available in the built-in app on iPhone.


We’ve provided the installing method for the iPhone many times, so; I’m not going to bother by providing it again since you guys are very familiar with installing any app on iPhone.

Final Words

We’ve reached the final words, and we will summarize the article with happy words. This calculator app is amazing; if you need to perform a professional calculating, use it; otherwise, in-built calculators are not below average. You will find something different & interesting on these external apps because why do you need these apps if the same features provide a built-in calculator? You will find something different here.

Contact Support Team

Nothing is perfect, and we use to find different issues on a product so, we’ve decided to share the email of the developer so, contact the developer on the email. They will help you in every possible condition.

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