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Why Dear Translate (English Translation) App?

Dear Translate is very excellent because it uses to convert the text into many languages is from different countries, so this is incredible stuff because sometimes we need the translation of a to specify sentence or word so this product it is instrumental when you are studying something from another language.


the idea is to provide the translation of any of the language from any country because there are hundreds of countries and every country has a different language so this isn’t easy learn all the languages, and that’s why it is easy to translate those paragraph into your language and then make it understandable for you.

There is a lot of feature in the translation section. Most importantly, the menu is straightforward to utilize. A student can easily understand the menu and all the elements that have existed on the home page, so to use any of the features is what you have to do is click on that button, and the rest is straightforward.

Now we are going to discuss the quality of this application so let’s start.

Dear Translate Features

This application is helpful if you are a businessman, and you have to deal with the people of another country, but their national language is different and not understandable for you, so to resolve the issue, we have a translator app which can use to understand data which the person of another country has sent.

Supportable for 107 different languages from different countries so you have the chance to convert a single text into 107 other languages at a single click and what do you expect more from this fantastic app and just a whale avail the opportunity that has arrived under your finger.

It covers most countries that existed on the earth and dealt with languages worldwide, so everything is under your fingers; that’s why I am suggesting this fantastic application. It covers the most popular languages like English, Hindi, Korean, Russian British, Urdu, Chinese, etc.

A function called AR translation in which you need to upload a picture, and the application will scan the image and provide you the text that writes on the picture, and then you can convert that text into another language. This application is the best feature of this installment, and I especially like this one.

The photo translation feature is beneficial. Suppose you have a handwritten copy of any document.

You want to translate it, but I don’t want to type then scan the picture, and after reviewing it, go for the translation in which language you want it to translate, so this is how very simple and effective.

One feature called offline translation translates the required data when the internet connection is not available to use. There is no signal for mobile data; then, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to use the offline translation in case of any need.

How To Download Dear Translate (Hindi Translation) For PC?

So, now the question is that is it possible to install this application on a PC, so the answer is yes, but I must say that you can’t install it directly but indirectly, of course, you can because you need up an Android player called BlueStacks which is very popular Android player and I know that most of you are aware of this software, so all that you have to do is to install the software on your computer and after doing that open the launcher and install the application that you won’t install on your computer, and it is not limited to the current mobile application but also available for the rest of the mobile application that is are available for Android system.


so let me tell you that how can you install this application on your computer; after opening the launcher of App player all you have to do is to select a launcher application that you want to install, and after doing that, wait for few seconds, and it will install on your computer

Download Dear Translate app For Android Phones

Now let’s discuss the solution for the Android system and written it very quickly, and there is some stuff you need to follow, and after doing that, everything will go smoothly. check out Atoz APK for other amazing applications.


Ensure that you have downloaded the application from the file, open the file on your phone and click on the install button. Still, you may face an interruption because it asks for permission to allow an integrated function of any phone called “Unknown Sources.” This function does not allow any application to install without consent, so you want to insert an application. You must enable the permission to install it to enable the function to click on the install button again.

Download Dear Translate APK MOD for Iphone (Apple Phone)

We have reached the end, so the final operating device is an Apple device; you can say apple phone.


We all know that Apple is a costly product, so people like to use the brand. The Apple phone is no doubt a brand, so its usability is all over the world so; if the developer misses this operating device, then and he may lose a lot of users.

Final Words

So we are going to summarize this product because I think I have covered all the points which I think I should have addressed.

So it is up to you if you want to avail yourself the opportunity then install the application in no time because I know that this application will help you out in different ways like studies work purpose and many other activities.

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