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Why Choose EasyPaisa App?

Easypaisa is the best payment app all All-Around Pakistan, and it is very famous for making National and international transactions. It contains many things required to mention in different sections, so this is enough for the first section.


The application is very famous in Pakistan, and Telenor Telecom launched it. It is a renowned sending and receiving money application, so the residents can easily send and receive the transfer. There is no need for verifications; enter your number and provide the pin code for everything that is assessable and in your hand.

The application provides hundreds of features, and I will try to mention all those essential features that you need to know if you are from Pakistan. Hence, there are many competitors of this application, but I must say that no one is still around it, and JazzCash is also very famous in Pakistan, but we can say that Jazz cash is less prominent than the Easy Paisa account.

It was not a widespread application in the beginning, but to be honest, I must say that there was no application in the front, but when the payment method I was using all around Pakistan then the developer introduces its app, and its function is fantastic,

The feature of the application is in vast amount, so if I start to talk about all of its features, I need at least 4-5 horse to do it, but I’m going to share all those necessary features required to share.

In the beginning, the local bank did not accept willingly. Still, it was an easy payment method for the residents because we all know that if I want to apply for a local bank in Pakistan, I need dozens of documents to submit before starting the account.

When I was new to a blogging professional, I used to make transactions with many Presidents of Pakistan. Still, most of them belong to different countries, so I was very tired of making the transactions because it is tough to pay the transaction bill at the shop, for it was easy to make the transaction by sitting at home.

At first, I could not use this application properly because I used to go to different vendors only and make easy money transactions. Still, then someone suggested to me that it is better that you have your money account and as long as it remains in your account and you can send it to whomever you want, and you will not have to go, and you can send as much as you want while sitting at home.

I was very interested to hear it at; first I was shocked, but then I realized that it is possible and then I installed the application on my phone and entered my number, and when I registered my account. The good thing is that when I registered, Easypaisa gave me a hundred rupees as a gift.

Easypaisa App Features

So, guys, I think I described what I learned, so let’s go ahead and see how its features work, and I will also describe its features one by one.


The first talks about how it works in its security system, so let me tell your friends that you have to enter five digits code when you create your account, and that’s it. The five digits code is imperative because you can’t even access the account if the code is lost, so my advice is to remember the 5-digits pin.

This money cannot ignore the fact that even if your account opened, no money can transfer from your account until you enter this pin, don’t ever forget the pin.

Utility Bills

So friends, first it comes down to utility bills because you all know that we have to pay our electricity, gas and other such issues monthly & advance then we have to go to the market again and again and have to pay them up. But now, this facility will be in your hands.

Believe me and accept the argument that you can pay any utility bill while sitting at home, whether your internet bill or your electricity bill.

Following Utility bills can pay through EasyPaisa.


The electricity bill is the same as the electricity we use in our house in a month.


Many companies can provide us with telephone service, and we can call someone by this service and the service provider to send monthly bills that we can pay through this application.


We use gas heat to eat something, so we pay for it monthly to quickly pay the gas bill through this application.


For the internet connection that we use in our home or commercial area, the internet provider asks for the bill every month, and the internet bill can pay through this application.


In many countries where there is a shortage of water, the citizens pay the water bill to the government. This bill can be settled quickly in Pakistan through this app.


Because the world is becoming so much advanced, many schools and colleges have made their fees online, and we can pay our school or college fees from home.

I like the facility of online fees because I had to go to the bank again and again, but now I am sitting at home, I can pay my college fee, and it is a great time-saving option for me.

Government Fees

There are many government fees, but I don’t want to mention them here because their number is enormous, but you can quickly pay government fees.

Credit Card and Others

Now we come across something in which if we buy something online, we transfer the money to them sitting at home and online and this is the most helpful thing of this application.

EasyLoad Feature

EasyLoad is an excellent feature that this application has introduced, and it allows us to recharge any of our local mobile numbers.

It gives us the option to recharge and greets us with different packages, and we can check the package of each network and subscribe to the favorite package on the number, and the best thing is that it gives us a lot on these packages. They also provide good quality discounts.

Let me tell you the names of some local networks on which you can recharge your balance.

Zong, UFone, Telenor, Jazz & Warid

I know that most of you are familiar with all these networks, and there is no restriction of any kind, but the condition is that you can recharge at least 30 rupees. You can charge up to three thousand at a time as much as you want.

Send Money

Send money has a handy feature as you can send money to any local bank account, and you will have no restrictions and can give a maximum of five thousand rupees to any other local bank at a time.

If you want to transfer money to another EasyPay account, there is no restriction. You can send an infinite amount of money to another EasyPay account, but there is a unique feature if you send money to another local bank. There is a limit of 5000, and I have already mentioned the limit. You cannot send more than five thousand to another bank account in one day.

Friends, this option will be advantageous for you as you can also pay on someone’s CNIC card, but the condition is that you have to give one, which will be given to the shopkeeper by the receiver. It is not a difficult task, but you will have to work a little harder for it because it’s not impossible.

Let me tell you which local bank you can transfer money to. By the way, you can send money for this application to every local bank in Pakistan, but I will tell you the names of some famous banks, and hopefully, you will be familiar with these names.

UBL, HBL, Punjab Bank, The National Bank, and Faysal Bank.

I know I missed many banks, but I couldn’t expand it because I already had too much time.

Top-up Feature

It also has a Top-ups feature that allows you to make online payments by clicking on it, and most of them are online shopping brands.

Daraz Topups

You can add the top-ups to your Daraz wallet through your Easypaisa account, and you can deposit a maximum of fifty thousand at a time in your Daraz account, and it is not a small amount.

Uber Payment Top-ups

The feature also allows paying uber’s bills payment for traveling on Uber drive. It makes you comfortable with the payment through the mobile service. Add the top-up on your Uber wallet and pay the total bills.

Add Money To EasyPaisa Account

You can add the money to your Easypaisa account by attaching any credit and debit card to your Easypaisa account. It is an easy step to perform and do it for one time. Everything will be easy for the next time.

The user can add an unlimited amount of money but make sure that you don’t exceed the money limit that your local bank has allocated you.

Book Bus Tickets Online

book bus tickets online and make travel easy so EasyPaisa application provides you with the facility to book the bus services include Daewoo, Faisal movers, Skyways and many others, and the best part is that they also so why to do you some extra discount by booking the tickets online

Invite your friends to join & earn commission

The service provider gives you a Commission by inviting your friends to join the Easypaisa community. You will get a Commission after asking your family member or friend.

Make sure that the other person has made any top-up in his Easypaisa account then you can get the expected commission.

Offer Activation

Select the desired offer of SMS, Calls, or Data bundle and click on a button and activate the offer right now.

The Rest Of The Features

I have provided dozens of features of the product. However, the hundreds of the features are still to reveal so, I don’t have that much, and that’s why I have decided to give up on this thing and let’s discuss more the product because it’s a long detailed discussion so, I don’t want to continue it.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So friend, finally, I’m happy to say that we have moved on to another plan, and the current schedule is discussing its availability for different operating system devices. The Windows operating system is the first device that is supportable for this application, and I will also reveal the others but here is the first one.


The application works properly on a computer system. Still, you don’t need the desktop application to install on a computer, and you just read up a browser and then open its official website on a browser and log in to your account. The exclusive features are available on the browser page.

The user does not need to install any emulator used to run the mobile application on a computer system because the official website provides the login facility and provides the facility to pay any Bill or add any top-up in no time.

Download EasyPaisa App For Android

The main plan is to provide this application for the Android system. I am pleased to say that this application is undoubtedly available for the Android system. Our main goal is to offer mobile apps, which are indeed available. The downloading process is also straightforward to perform, so let’s move on.


I should remind you that the installation process is not complex, but we are still doing all it manually, so there is no automatic Seen. Manual insulation is not challenging but a bit complicated than automatic installation. ATOZAPK is the best platform to download mobile applications for free.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the procedure

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

So now we talk about whether this application is available for Android iPhone or not, friends, its presence is inevitable. Still, there is a war going on on the Internet between the iPhone and Android News.


And the reason for this debate is which operating system is better in terms of performance, Android or iPhone, so many people prefer Android phones. Still, At the same time, many iPhone users support them on the iPhone and like it.

But this is not our discussion. We have to provide the application for both the operating systems we are doing, and there are many other operating systems for which we provide this operation.

This installation method is not particularly difficult on the iPhone and is similar to the way other apps installed on your phone.

Download EasyPaisa For Chrome

So now the question arises whether this application is available as a chrome extension or not. I am unfortunate that this application is not present in chrome extensions, but you can still run it on the web. The site needs to open, and the rest is the same.

Download EasyPaisa For Mac

So now we come to the Mac operating system, an operating system developed by Apple, so I have to tell it again that this application does not exist for Mac operating system. Still, you can use the EasyPaisa account on Mac as you use on the PC version. Open the browser on Mac and log in to its official website.

Final Words

The time has arrived for the final words, and I am thrilled to say that because I have concluded the article of 2500 words, it was a great experience learning all about the easy pressure application. I don’t find any other alternative that can work like Easypaisa because it provides some extraordinary features not available on another platform.

My suggestion is to you that if you are a Pakistani resident, then apply for the Easypaisa account by providing your phone number. Most importantly, you will get a bonus amount after registering on your Easypaisa account.

Contact EasyPaisa & Helpline

if you found any bug or have any queries related to the Easypaisa application and want to contact the supports team of Easypaisa, then we are providing the contact email where you can send the desired message to them


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