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Why Fingerprint Pattern App Lock?

Fingerprint pattern App Lock is a mobile application used to lock mobile & its applications. It provides the feature to lock each of the applications available on your phone, and it’s imposing because it gives some fantastic security that enhances the rating of the product overall. After all, we want some privacy to keep our precious data safe so, this is the need of every user.


I remember that I have provided the kind of application on this website. Still, it develops by a different developer so, the question arrives that to which product is more effective and fills all the checks. I will mention each of the product features; then, I will compare both products because we will give the best product for our audience.

Its essential features are the same, but we have to look at which product is secure because some developers pretend that their applications are unique in the sense of security. Still, when the time arrives, we see a different reality so, that’s why I’m saying that you should check out the rating of each product.

It provides multiple locks like Pattern Lock, Fingerprint Lock, and Pin Lock. We have discussed earlier that a Fingerprint lock is most secure because it does not contain any pattern or code digits. If the other person doesn’t have matched fingerprint, then it’s impossible to open this application because the security system is excellent.

Then we have come our pin code, friends. It is also an essential feature, and a lot of people like it because it is the combination of the four numbers that you put on your mobile or any application. Get more apps to lock on Atoz Apk.

If you compare it with fingerprint lock, people will prefer fingerprint as anyone can know your PIN and access your mobile.

When it comes to Pattern lock, Pattern Lock is of great importance. Still, I don’t have much liking for it because it is not very good and is the most useless feature in terms of security because everyone can quickly figure out your pattern.

Because of this weakness, I wouldn’t say I like it very much because it was a useless feature in terms of security found in old-time mobiles and today’s new mobiles also include this feature inside. But new mobiles have the locking of different technology.

When the Android operating system was new, most people used to prefer pattern lock more, but as time went by, the companies started bringing more and more mobiles, and after that, there was a lot of arrival in technology.

So we’ve got a lot of content on that, so let’s go ahead and see how its features work, and I’ll tell you in full detail about its features.

Fingerprint Pattern Lock App Features

Security & Privacy

The app does not compromise the security & privacy of the users, and it introduced unique features for enhancing the situation of security because we are always connected to the internet. Security is the priority of every application, and that’s why this application also provides multiple security options.

The privacy does not affect you here because its advanced security system does not allow any 3rd person to involve in your privacy. The developer knows that it is the concern of every Android user because we often use to see that many users lost their precious data, and someone tried to spy on the users’ data.

Dozens of mobile applications are available on the internet, which damages the security system of the android operating system so, don’t install too many mobile applications because you may lose the previous data at any moment.

App Lock Types

So let’s talk a bit about what kind of types are present, and you can use them to secure your mobile and the applications. It also protects your data well.

Pattern Lock (3rd Choice)

I have put in 3rd rank out of 3 because it’s indirectly compromisable over security & privacy concerns. After all, it’s a visible pattern so; everyone can see the visible password so, that’s why I don’t prefer it and put it in the last because it’s less secure.

Pin Lock (2nd Choice)

I have decided to set pin lock for the second position, and the reason is that it provides some better security than pattern lock because pattern lock is applied on the full screen so everyone can see clearly, but pin lock is a combination of digits, so you can press the numbers in no time so no one will realize the actual password of the phone

Fingerprint Lock (1st Choice)

now we have moved to the main point, and the feature is fingerprint lock, and I have put it in the first place because it is much secured than pin and pattern lock because this security is not compromised able here since it only works when a matching fingerprint is attached to its sensor so if there is no match finger, then it cannot open so no one will assess your mobile and tell you to press to your fingerprint

so I have included all the possible app locks, but there is one thing that I have just seen in the new latest mobile, and that is camera lock, or you can say that selfie lock, and in this lock, the mobile captures your face, and then you can set it as a lock.

Face Lock (Excluded)

face lock is an extended version of fingerprint love, and it launched after fingerprint lock. And I can say that this option is much better because it detects your face. If the face is matched, it opens your mobile or any application available on your phone, so it is a very secure system. Technology is bringing something new every day. We don’t know what the technology is getting after few years to secure privacy.

But unfortunately, this application feature is not present in it, and if you want to use this feature, you have to have a newer version of mobile as most of the latest mobiles have this feature. If not, then you have to download a separate application for this, which you can enjoy with this feature, but this feature is not present in this application. This application is limited to fingerprint lock only.

Sensor Reader

Guys, the sensor has worked very well, and when you attach your thumb or finger to it, it immediately opens your application and. If the lock is not opening, then there is a problem with a fingerprint.

I have seen many reviews but did not get any considerations related to the sensor issue, so I don’t think there is any sensor issue because most people are praising the touch sensor of the application. It is very effective as compared to other applications.

I have explained the features of it very well and now let’s go ahead and see what comes next by its grace; then we have a question: What are the operating systems on which this application can run comfortably? so let’s talk about these systems now.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So, as usual, our first operating system is the same Windows operating system, so this is an app lock that works on mobile and has nothing to do with the computer, so I don’t think you need any such application for this operation. Now you have to finish the plan to install it for your computer and go ahead.


But suppose you still want to install this application or any other mobile application on your computer. In that case, I will tell you the solution because I have seen that most people like to play mobile games on their computer and which The most prominent example of this is PUBG Game.

I am telling you how you can easily install any Android application on your computer.

First, you need an Android emulator, which is computer software, and its job is to install the mobile application on the computer and run the application on your computer. There are plenty of emulators provided, but I like the blue stacks the most because its performance is much better than other Android players, and its processing speed is also much better than others. I would also suggest that you also go to BlueStacks.

Download Fingerprint Pattern App Lock For Android

So now we have the essential part, Android OS.


So, friends, you can have this application available on every mobile. Still, on some mobiles, its features can be ignored, like if the fingerprint option is not available on any mobile, you can’t use the fingerprint option there, but you will have to go to other options like Pin Code or Pattern code.

It was the limitation of van old variant mobile because all new variants have spotted the fingerprint and face lock, so that’s why if you have a new technology mobile then there is no restriction for you but if you have an old uncommonly and mobile then it may cause a problem for you and will allow few of the application features on your phone

now I have covered all the points and also told you the restrictions you will face.

Now let’s discuss the method to install this application on an android system, so friend if you have ever done manual insulation before, you don’t have any problem. But if you don’t have to install the application manually, you will have some issues.

Don’t worry because these steps are not very complicated but very easy if you implement them correctly, so I suggest that you check out all those features I have provided below so stay connected.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

So we are moving towards the end of the article but let’s discuss that it is an application available for iPhone users. The answer is yes it means that iPhone users can also use this fingerprint application on their phone, so they can also help the security and privacy of their data.


I must say that the iPhone has integrated functions of a fingerprint, so I don’t think that you need to install this application on iPhone because it is not required since iPhone provides all these options.

Final Words

The time for the final words has arrived, and I am thrilled to say goodbye to this article because I have concluded all the points of the plan. Still, I was very aware of this application before or since I wrote some of the relevant articles in recent times, so I know all about them.

I have tried to explain all of its features perfectly, but if you still feel that I have missed some points, you may know me in the comment section below, so I will try to find out those missing points and add them in the next edition.

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