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Why Flashlight App?

The flashlight is super-easy to start; press one button and turn on the torch.


I think that I don’t need to give any information about flashlight because most people know the use of this application and this application function also enables on the phone without any app, and it is integrated enabled, but there are a lot of phones which don’t have if the process to utilize so this application is for them to utilize

It is an efficient and straightforward application and provides a very efficient light it so this is the basic need of a person and usually need in a dark situation like evening. I would recommend you to use this application because I have also experienced this product, and its light is very effective and much better than other Apps, so go for it right now.

The product becomes more effective if you have an LED light on your phone because it has a function that increases the light effects on your phone, so it is good to have LED light primarily available on most phones.

Flashlight Features

It has a big button to turn off & on the light, and the light can turn on & off without opening the menu of the application.

Stroboscope is a function installed in the application which enhances the light of the phone and turns blanking.

The effectiveness of the light can be controlled in any order, like bright to soft light or soft to bright light.

The LED light is more efficient and better than torch batteries because its output result is impressive to experience.

The flashlight does not turn off even if the screen is locked or performing other tasks on a different app, which is a good feature.

How To Download and Install Flashlight App For PC?

now I am going to share how we can install this application on a phone computer. Hence, I have one suggestion for you that you don’t need to install this application on a computer because it does not work on PC and also not required for PC so why do you need this application for PC but still if you have any other mobile application that you want to run on your computer, then I am sharing you’re the method to install the mobile application on the phone.


First of all, open the launcher on PC, then select the apk file from the browse computer option, and after doing that, install the setup properly; during the installation, you may face a problem, but you need to enable “Unknown Sources” option which is available on the window so, go back now and install the file.

Download Flashlight For Android Phones

The installation for the mobile device is relatively simple because you don’t need to make too much effort, but I must say that it’s manual installation so, it may take some steps because it is not an automatic installation, but the steps are easy so, let’s start.


  • Download the APK file from this website
  • Now open the mobile on Android mobile, and after that, click on the “install” button.
  • Make sure that no interruption is made during the installation
  • If you click on the install button, then sometimes, you may redirect to a new window
  • It will ask to enable an integrated function of “Unknown sources,” which is a security feature
  • Allow the process if it’s disabled
  • Now go back and click on the install button again

Download Flashlight For Apple Phones

The installation on the Apple phone is also similar, but I’m sharing the method here so, let’s start.


  • Open the file on your Apple phone.
  • Click on the Install button and do the required steps
  • Enjoy the flashlight on your phone

Final Words

The final words are much understood because this application needs every user so, install the app and don’t forget to share the link with the rest of your friends.

The app downloads by over a million people so, this product has amazed everything, and hopefully, you’re one of them. Check out more products on ATOZ APK.

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