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Why Fonter APK App?

Fonter apk is an application that you can use to make your keyboard very stylish, and it has many fonts that you can use in the chat conservation but make it available from setting first.


This application has many amazing features. You can change the setting of your keyboard to a great extent and make it very colorful while if you do not have the usual mobile keyboard options. So it is much better because the integrated keyboard of the mobile because the integrated keyboard does not provide such special features and it depends on few popular languages such as English, British English and so on.

This application gives you a lot of fonts, and you can use these fonts in different places. Hence, friends, at first you also thought that these fonts are only for the mobile keyboard, but when I run it Then, I found out that these fonts can be used on each function of mobile phones, and you will find the same type of font on all functions of mobile.

So, guys, this is a very ordinary product, and its features are very limited, so we end its description here, and we go ahead to check the feature and see what is introduced in it. And we’ll see if these features are already alternative or if it is a new invention.

Fonter App Features

Keyboard Design

It comes with a complete keyboard setting and using it. You can use your keyboard to a great extent and keep it as you like, as this application gives you some of the features you can use on your keyboard.

You can also change the background of your keyboard. You can also set other languages on your mobile and communicate with another person in these languages.

There are innumerable languages in this application, and I think it contains every language spoken in the world to select and use according to your need, but you have to use it for that. You have to go to settings and select the language of your choice.

Funny Beautiful Fonts

Friends, it has many fonts in it, and it also has some fonts that you can have a lot of fun with, which is interesting because these fonts are like your emoji.

You can use these phones on your mobile keyboard, and it will take your chatting settings to a new level, and you will enjoy your new chatting a lot.

Fonts For Mobile Apps

So, friends, this phone is not only very limited to a mobile keyboard, but it is also a very wide feature because you can also use this phone on your mobile application, and the text is written on it will come.

Fonts For Mobile Keyboard

Now let’s talk about the fonts that you can use on the mobile keyboard. I know that many fonts are already present in every mobile, but there are some good phones in today’s new modern era. But the font provided in this application is not in any other mobile application, so I suggest you use it anyway.

Fonts For Mobile Functioning

You can also use this phone for mobile function. If you open your settings, you can add this function to it too, and the use of this font is unlimited. The font collection is also used on mobile devices, such as the names of the applications given on the mobile screen, etc.

Fonts For Social Media Apps

We also use all these fonts on our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Snap Chat, so you can also use these fonts on them and convert all the text written in it to other font text, and its assessment is also much easier.

Fonts For Messaging Apps

So, friends, there are some applications that you use a lot in your daily life, such as phone messages, Whatsapp Messenger or Facebook Messenger. Friends, these are some of the messengers that we use in our daily life. We use it a lot because we talk to many people on these messengers, so this application is still compatible with this platform.

Foster APK Popularity

This application is made for the phone by a company called Foster-New. The developer made it, so this application is very popular on Google Play Store, and about half a million people have installed this application on their phones so far. And because it is a new application, its use is still going on, and many people are getting acquainted with it so that it will take some time, then after some time, this application will go to a new level that no one had hope.

So, friends, I have told you about all its features, and I have described each of its features in great detail, but still, I want to tell you that there are innumerable more cases within these features. There are some that I can’t describe at the moment because I don’t have the words to explain them, so when you install this application on your mobile, you will get to know these cases very well.

How To Download & Install Fonter App For PC?

So now we are talking about the operating system on which this application can run, so we have the first operating system, Windows operating system, so now I am going to tell you that this application is made for mobile. The purpose was to customize the mobile keyboard to be a non-essential item for the computer, so it should not install on the computer.


I’ve often seen people trying to install a mobile application on a computer, so sometimes I’m very worried about it. Some people told me that some mobile games could not use on a computer. They run their mobile game on a computer to play on a big screen and enjoy it.

Download Fonter App For Android

This application was made to customize the mobile keyboard and make the mobile keyboard colorful, so this mobile application is beautiful, which exists for the Android operating system. You can easily do the installation on your mobile. The installation is a little different while the Google Play Store. Get more apps on Atoz apk right now.


  • Make sure to download the file from this web
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For iPhone (Apple Mobile)

This application is also available for Apple phones, so you can use it to customize your Apple Mobile Keyboard as well.


You can also use this application on your iPhone’s social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The same facilities provided for the Android system are also provided for this operating system.

Final Words

So friends, now it’s time for us to finish this article, so friends, I’m glad to know this article because I got to see a lot of new keyboard fonts that I have never seen in my life. This application is very good, and you should take advantage of this application and make your chat colorful.

Contact Support Team

If you see any error in this application, you can complain to this email, and this whole team will support you a lot; it provides 24 hours service, so you can contact them whenever you want. And they will guide you, and if you tell them a problem or bug, they will spare no effort to fix it.


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