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Why Free VPN App?

Free VPN is very classy because it enables you to access all those websites and pages which the government disables or the website owner, so this application removes those restrictions.


By sitting in a place, you can access many proxy servers that include different countries like the USA, UK, France, Germany, and India. These are the most famous and popular proxy servers that people use to remove the restriction on any site because most sites allow on these servers, so it doesn’t bother you.

There are a lot of apps that provide the same facility as I like this one. Still, some features increase the charm of this application because its output speed is very remarkable. You can enjoy the maximum speed which your internet connection provider has provided, so we used to see that the proxy server does not give good speed internet, but this application is not one of them.

There is a bundle of free VPN applications on the Play Store. The worst thing is that most of them have speed issues, so they can’t provide enough space. Still, this application is developed in 2020 so, and it contains all the advanced features which enhance the internet speed on your phone. Its user interface is very excellent, with all the options located on the home screen menu. You can assess each of the functions through the home page menu. There is a button that uses to turn on or off of the facility of VPN. Hence, if you want to enable it and then turn it off, but if it turns on already, press the button again to turn it off so; this is the simple formula to utilize this product.

Different proxy servers from foreign countries are available, so click on the location button. Then, you will redirect to a new window where you see dozens of locations in different countries. Hence, it is up to you to decide which area you would like to prefer.

Suppose if you want to watch any stuff on YouTube that is initially allowed in the USA, so if you’re going to watch that video on YouTube, select the USA server. This way, you can quickly assess that video at particular stuff.

How Does Free VPN App Works?

We are going to discuss that how can you connect this VPN Service on your phone, so first of all, make sure that you have downloaded and installed this application on your phone, and after that, that’s open the application there you may say a big button called connect so all that you have to do is to press that button, and you will link to your selected location proxy server but if you want to change

the location, then press the location button and shoes the proxy of any country which you wish to use and enjoy unlimited free proxy servicing

Free VPN features

  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% free VPN service
  • Unlocking the blocked websites in no time
  • Unlocking websites very quickly
  • Big “Connect” button on the menu to turn on/off
  • Over dozens of free proxy servers all over the world
  • Fast speed internet facility in popular countries

This application provides super-fast internet speed in the most demanding countries where people can access any website they want to access. There is no restriction on any website there like the USA is a country which allows the website to be available on the internet, so most people use to prefer USA country internet.

How To Download Free VPN APK MOD For PC?

Now the question is: is this application working word thing on a computer system, so the answer is yes, but the procedure is challenging to perform. Still, anyways the solution is possible for sure. You need an Android player that sports each of the applications available for the Android system, so make sure that you have installed any Android player on your computer. I want to suggest BlueStacks because this product is beneficial, and it provides an interface like most phones like Samsung, Oppo, or Vivo, etc.


This part was the easiest solution to install any of the mobile application on a computer and believe me that it is super easy and it was a bit difficult for you you before trying but once you may try then everything is possible for you and everyone so avail the opportunity. Access our application on ATOZ APK.

Download Free VPN App For Android Phones

So, the question is that is it possible to install this application on the phone? So, the answer is yes, but makes sure that you have an Android operating device because it develops for the mobile operating system and so don’t worry about that. The only concern is how you can install this application on your phone well; the solution is straightforward if you do it for the second time.


If you have never done manual installation before then, it may cause an interruption during the installation.

There is one difficult step, I can say, but relatively new for those people who have never done manual insulation before, so I am going to share the method to install this application properly on your phone.

  • Download the application from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and then proceed.
  • The window brings you the “Unknown Sources” function, which is a security feature.
  • Disable the part if it’s enabled
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again

Download For iPhone (Apple Phone)

So, you want a VPN server power and iPhone, so what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity e which is under your fingers because this application is beneficial on iPhone products because it provides some extraordinary internet speed connectivity to iPhone user primarily, so it seems that the develop developer took too much interest in this operating system, so different duct is undoubtedly available for the iPhone but does install method is also effortless simple self are required to follow, and the rest is easy.


Final Words

So, now it’s time for the conclusion and believes that it does not matter if you are using a smartphone or an iPhone because it is developed amazingly for both operating systems, so don’t wait for a second.

I think it was a good journey, so I have that usually liked this service which I provided you, so keep enjoying unlimited free VPN internet to remove the restriction

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