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Why Choose FreeTone App?

FreeTone free call and acting texting are applications that you send and receive text and MMS files with free numbers.


I am thrilled to disclose that this application restricts to two countries. There are two countries where the application works appropriately but not good for the rest of the countries because the USA and Canada or both countries where the application is supportable. If you have any other location on your phone cannot assess the facility has provided. Hence, if you are from the USA or Canada, you are indeed a lucky person.

This application is unique because I have not seen this feature in other relevant products. After all, it provides sound quality during the call.

You can also send and receive Voicemail through this mobile number, so this is the mobile number you can use anytime. It is up to you if you’re going to make any call to someone then use application but don’t forget that if you are from USA or Canada, otherwise, it was your time.

I will share a way to help you enjoy the facility of the product, so the solution is that you need an Android VPN on your phone and then select the USA or Canada location.

USA and Canada are allowed to make calls using this method to call anyone and whenever you want to make a call.

Ensure that the person who is calling from the other end must connect to VPN; otherwise, it is impossible to make a call or send any text MMS file.

If you want to call any USA or Canadian resident, it is easy for you because it does not charge a single penny.

You have heard the right thing: the application does not charge a single penny, so there is no credit need to make any call or send any message. This application is free e in selected countries but does not provide the facility and the rest of the nations. It may be e more popular if they remove the distraction and allow other countries to make calls between their people to increase their popularity. To make that possible, they need to enhance their system, which is impossible in several days.

Let’s discuss the essential features of this product, which I have not told you yet, so let’s start and find out all those fantastic features right now.

FreeTone Free Calling & Texting Features

This application provides a facility to get you on the phone number and make unlimited calls through that number. This feature is usable 24 hours a day, so there is no time restriction.

Enjoy the unlimited texting and MMS service free and get total credit for free. The user can send thousands of images or MMS files in a single day but make sure that the person is from either USA or Canada because these free features are only valid in these countries.

The voice quality is very excellent, and it won’t want to make you realize that you are using an application to make a call. It will give you a feeling that you are calling from a local Network number, so this is the best feature about this product, and I especially e like this one because I am facilitating this fantastic feature.

The calling and text feature added for the rest of the countries but providing the paid service since the service is fantastic, so I would like to suggest that if you can afford the paid surveys, don’t forget that this application is free US and Canada users.

The application provides free call and texting services in 40 countries to send and receive text or MMS files in 40 countries. Ensure that the other person is also from these countries, and I would like to provide a list containing all the 40 countries where this facility is functioning.

It is better to prefer this application over Local Network calling are messaging because the local networks charge a lot amount of money and do not provide the quality that we expect from them in return. Hence, the first thing is that it allows for the free-of-cost facility, and then the second thing is about the quality of the sound during a call.

How does it work?

Now the question is, how does this application work on your phone or any other operating system? The answer is straightforward and easy to explain because all you need is a Facebook or Google account; then, you can sign up through Facebook or Google version. Many other options are also available to avail to sign up on this application make unlimited calls.

FreeTone Services

  • Free Owned number on your phone
  • Free texting & calling on your phone
  • No credits required to perform the chatting
  • Unlimited voice & video conservations free of cost
  • Infinite group messaging, Video calling in HD
  • Admiring the voice quality of the calls
  • Free text services to 40 countries (Mexico, Brazil, USA, and 37 others)
  • Few Restricted areas in the USA where the benefits do not work are Hawaii, Alaska are not available for free services)

How To Download & Install FreeTone App For PC?

If this application is available for the computer system, I would like to tell you that this application is not officially open for the computer system. Still, I must say that many applications or software are performing the same task. Still, there is a solution to run this application on a computer system. To do that, you need an Android player, which is available on the internet in ample number, but my suggestion is to get BlueStacks because BlueStacks provides quality stuff.


After installing the BlueStacks software on your computer, install the application through BlueStacks. The rest is like installing any application on a phone system, so basically, BlueStacks is an Android player that provides the interface like Android phones use to deliver.

Download FreeTone App For Android Phones

The Android Phone is trendy nowadays. Most people use Android products, so it is better to have AV this application for the smartphone rather than installing it on a computer system because installing this product on a computer system is complicated.


  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function (First time only)
  • Go back and now click again on “Install.”
  • Wait few seconds and proceed further.

I must say that this installation must be different for you to experience because if you have never done manual installation before, I have seen that most people confuse why these additional permissions are required to allow, but these are necessary things to do. Get more applications on AtozAPK.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The installation steps for the iPhone also straightforward because it does not bother you enough during the installation. I must say that this installation is different from installing an app on an Android system because these two systems are open opponents to each other and provide additional facilities in their ways.


It was a good idea or clever idea to provide this application for an iPhone system because iPhone is a brand that used in the USA, Canada, or other European countries.

It was a clever idea to develop this application for the iPhone users because if they did not make it a relief for the Apple phone, then and there was a chance that this application may become a disaster for the developer and its owners.

Final Words

The time IS for the conclusion; well, free tone application is developed for USA and Canada residents because the calling service is not available for the rest of the countries, but the text service is available among 40 nations. Still, most of the European countries are avail the texting services. It is better to use this product from the USA or Canada. I am saying that no service is allowed outside these two countries, especially the calling services, so I must say that you should avail yourself of the opportunity if you are from these countries because the availability of this product is minimal. They may be allowed the phone numbers too few users because they can’t provide the accessible server is to a large number of digits.

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