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Funny Voice Changer – Celebrity&Comical Voice

Why Funny Voice Changer – Celebrity&Comical Voice App?

Funny voice changer is an application used to change the voice and converting into different funny tones. The application provides the facility to change the voice completely; hundreds of different voices are available. Some of them are of celebrities’ voices. It’s very easy to do it; you need to select any sound effects.


Many sound effects are available here, and it’s up to you which one you would like to select. The app will ask permission to allow the phone’s mic since you need to record your voice here. You will record your voice on this app and then select any desired sound effects. Different categories are available in this zone. Some of them are very funny, but some of them are horrible. It will surely make your day.

I have tried it on my phone, but I want to check the app’s quality before updating it on my website, and believe me, I felt very pleasant after installing it. I have become fond of the funny voice changer app. I want to suggest you get the app from this website and enjoy its functions & sound effects.

We have provided enough information in the description section so, let’s move on and check out the complete features of the product. You need to pay attention to learn about the product. Believe me; it will not waste your time.

Funny Voice Changer Features

Funny Voice Changer

Funny voice changer is also the product’s title; the app creates different funny voices. You need to put your voice recording in it and then choose the voice effect. You can use different voice effects for a single voice recording.

If you’re bored at home or somewhere, so you want to make yourself happy, then try out this application because it will keep you entertained with its funny sound effects.

Press To Talk

Press to talk is a button available on it. It’s used to record your voice; then, the app will record your voice and apply sound effects. Scroll down the list of voice effects.

Play Audio

It is the last step after recording the voice and choosing the voice effect. You can choose the sound effect according to your wish, then click on “Play Audio,” then it will give the audio of the select sound effect.

Plenty Of Voice Effect

We have already told you about the voice effect available on this app, but let’s follow it more deeply. We will check each of the sound effects available on this app.

Ghost Sound Effect

By selecting this feature, your recorded audio will convert into a ghost tone. It will feel like a ghost is speaking on behalf of you, so try out this feature. I use this feature to scare my family members.

Robot Sound Effect

The robot sound effect is speaking like a robot. This application will change your voice as if a robot is talking, then the robot will say the same thing and the style of your recorded audio, but it will sound as if it is speaking.

Baby Sound Baby

When you upload your record audio and click on the baby feature, your voice will sound like the voice of some small baby, and you will not be able to guess at all that these are your words.

It also has different children’s voices, so you can check them all together and select the one you like and save it to your mobile.

Alien Sound Effect

We are also well acquainted with space Alien, but I don’t know what kind of voice it provides, and I haven’t checked its feature, but I hope it will be a lot more fun.

Woman Sound Effect

A woman repeats all the things you will say in it, and she will repeat your words exactly, and it will not be changed in the slightest.

Old Man Sound Effect

When you record voice in this application and use the Old Man feature, all your words will come back to an older man. It will be more fun because it will give you a variety of sounds and effects sounds.

So, friends, there are many other voice effects that you can use in it, and when you use it, you will know that its number of effects is very wide, and first install the app on your mobile, then you will know its working.

Funny Voice Changer Popularity

The Friend app is also very popular because it has gained a distinct place on the Google Play Store, as well as on the Apple Play Store, so just a million people installed it from the Google Play Store. If you have done this and use it daily, then friends, it has many features that are not found in the alternatives, and the developer of this application is Charismatic Guy.

Save Feature

When you translate your voice into other voices and make it much more fun, then you have a feature that allows you to download this voice changer file from the app to your mobile.

Share Feature

When you add this voice effect, you can also share it with your social media account. In addition, you can share it with your other friends on your chat messenger, such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or similar.

When the Android system came to reach people, there was a similar application called Talking Cat, in my opinion. I hope that its popularity has not diminished even today because it is very amazing. There is an application, but I have not posted it on my website yet, but I will try to publish it soon.

So come on, guys, we know its features very well, so I took it completely, and I told you the comprehensive features, so now let’s go ahead and see what operating systems it has on which this application is based.

There are some operating systems for which this application does not exist, so we will mention them a little bit and try to find out why this application does not exist for the selected operating system.

How To Download & Install Funny Voice Changer For PC?

So the first thing that comes to us is Windows operating system. So, friends, this application is made for mobile, and it runs on a similar platform for mobile, but if you still want to use it, I would advise you. You can download a similar application for your computer that can run on the computer, but this one is a mobile application that is limited to mobile.


Now let’s talk a little bit about how we can run a mobile application on a computer. You all know that nowadays, the world has come a long way, so in that sense, we have also come a long way in our field. We can also run a mobile application on our computer today.

You have to download and install computer software that works like mobile, and all its functioning is like an android mobile. Then, you can run the mobile application on a computer through this software. BlueStacks is my choice for the best android emulator.

Download Funny Voice Changer For Android

Now we have arrived at a new operating system, and that is an android operating system, so friend it is our main target on this website. Most of the applications provided on this website are available for Android operating systems, so a funny voice changer application is also available. Get more apps on atoz apk in no time.


Let’s discuss the procedure to install the application on the mobile system. If you install an application from Google Play Store, it becomes much, but when you do the manual installation, there are additional steps to perform, and they are not very complicated but easy.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” again
  • Wait Few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhone

In today’s world iPhone is also a comprehensive name, and it is very popular in every country to use this application on your iPhone, and there is no restriction of any kind. If you want to install it on your iPhone, you can do it on it. There is no problem.


By the way, we also see situations where a mobile application is provided free for Android, but you have to pay for Apple’s operating system. Still, this application is provided for both operating systems free.

Download For iPad

The iPad has a similar operating system to the iPhone OS, which has the same OS software, but the only difference is their screen, and the developer of both devices is also the same. Apple developed the product for both OS devices.

The app is also available for the iPad so, use it on your iPad device as well. The file is provided on this website so, get it from this website.

Final words

Let’s conclude this article and move on. Friends, I am very happy to provide this application as it is an application that improves our mental stress and cheers us up.

If you are ever anxious or bored, you can open this application and try to change your voice into the voice of different kinds of living creatures and enjoy it.

Contact The Developer

If you have any problems with this application or need any guidance, I am giving you one thing: it’s an email, and you can contact it if you have found any bug, and the developer will try the best to resolve it.


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