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Why Choose Huawfaces App?

Huawfaces is outstanding because it contains all the Huawei watches. Huawei does not develop this application, but an individual created this app to collect watches of Huawei so, this program provides all the Huawei watches in a single place.


The application limits the watches’ pictures and provides the complete specification of each product available on this application. This app is a store where all the Huawei watches are available with the full details so, grab the opportunity if you’re a watch lover because we use to see very often that many people love to wear hand watches.

The application supports different languages so the user can select the desired language. Still, the list is not too long so, there are a limited number of languages available for the application, and we will try to provide the names of those languages which are acceptable here so, let’s start. Get more applications on ATozAPK.

Huawfaces Features

English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, And Portuguese

These are some supported languages you can use on this specific application. It’s the best option because most Russian and Spanish people don’t know how to speak English, so the developer has added the different languages.

Huawfaces Features

The description department has covered all thing points, but let’s discuss that feature more closely.

Huawei Watch Collection

This application provides the complete Huawei watch collection so, check out all the watches closely. These products are designed by Huawei designers so. All these products are beautiful.

Complete Specifications of the Watches

Using this application, you can see the watch’s design and check out the complete specification of the clock, so each of the details is available to read.

Supporting Different Languages

We have already discussed this feature in the above section, and I’m providing more information about this feature in this section. Just apple one of the available languages and get the product’s specification in the desired language, which is very simple to perform.


The user interface is very excellent because it provides a simple & attractive layout of the menu so, open the menu and explorer all about Huawei’s watches.

How To Download and Install Huawfaces For PC?

Is the plan to download this app for the PC version?


The solution is straightforward because the application is not officially available for Microsoft Windows, but we have one solution to run this product on a computer system. However, we have an Android emulator to run any mobile application on a computer. Bluestacks is the best emulator available for the Computer system, and it’s super easy to experience, but heavy software so, the supporting PC must be reasonable; otherwise, Bluestacks would bear a burden for your PC.

The installation after launching it is quite the same as we use to do on a mobile system, and it is different in it.

Download Huawfaces App For Android Phones

The essential plan has arrived, and I am happy to say that this product is available for Android users, and the developer made it for the Android system. His first idea was to entertain the Android users, then moving forward to Apple phones. The installation is quite different from installing through Google Play Store. I must admit that this installation is more time-consuming than automatic installation.


  • Download the file from the website
  • Open and click on the “install” button.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the process

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

Apple is everywhere nowadays so, it’s a minus point for an application if the app developer does not provide for the Apple Phones, and that’s why the app is available for the iPhone user. Apple users can facilitate this application. I’m this again that these designs of the watches are not available on the Internet so, don’t try to find them on different sites.



Final Words

It’s time for the final words about this product. I’m pleased to check out all those fantastic products available on this application. The most remarkable thing is that it provides the link where you can easily buy any of the provided watches so, it’s a positive feature for two parties. One party is the customer party who will buy a Huawei Watch, and the second party is Huawei because more of its products are selling online.

If you’re a watch lover, then I must say that check the quality of Huawei’s watches because the designer has done a great to enhance the stylish look of the watches.

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