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Why ISafe Play App?

Isafe play is a mobile application that prevents someone from assessing your important document so so; basically, this application is used to lock your necessary data.


We have already shared the vital use of this application, and basically, this app is the locker where you can close the document that you have stored on your phone, and it uses a unique code that helps the application keep it safe from spying eyes.

The menu is straightforward, and you need to just let the files you want to lock in the application, and then you cannot even open the document without entering the code you have selected for this document.

It allows pattern lock as well, so you can use pattern lock, but I will suggest you give you some numbers are alphabets rather than pattern lock because if you try to unlock pattern lock in front of someone, then there is a chance that he may open the lock, so you should lock it through alphabet or numbers.

There are many features of this application, and I will try to write all those features which are very important to mention here, so let’s start.

ISafe Play App Feature

The essential part of this application is to lock the document that you have stored in your phone because sometimes we need some privacy e even in our phone. After all, if someone asks for a phone for some work are different purposes so there is a chance that the person can assess the data which I don’t want to share with anyone, so it is better for the user to keep it in a lock, so he prevents it from using for other people.

Locking document is a fundamental feature of this application because sometimes we need to shut the data or documents that we don’t want to share with anyone, so this is the best app, in that case, we can prevent the user from accessing the information which is very precious for us

The application also allows us to lock the picture images, so there is no tension about the privacy e, and we can enjoy the rest of the privacy in this way

Video files locking is also available on this I safe Play application, and no one can assess the video file without your permission, so this is basically the best app to lock any of your data that you want to prevent it from the rest of the person

How To Download And Install ISafe Play For PC?

Now the question is if there any option to install the application on your computer system so the answer is again between Yes and No because you can not install the application on your computer directly but theory away to install the application on your computer and I am going to share that method here, first of all, you need a software that works mobile application on PC and BlueStacks is my favorite because I am using it for years and I don’t think if there is any competitive of BlueStacks.


I have seen some other good products as well but still, I don’t feel there is any other software that can compete BlueStacks so make sure that you have downloaded the file from this website and after that launch, it on BlueStacks launcher and install The app correctly and after that, you need to allow some permissions and Don’t try to avoid them because you can’t use the application correctly if you don’t let them so this was the easiest way to run this application on your phone and I don’t think is there any problem to run it on your computer but you make to make sure that you must have a good PC to run BlueStacks on your computer because I have also experience that it is very difficult for standard PC to run BlueStacks because it is very e horse off where and asking too much memory to run the program so make sure you have a good PC

Download ISafe Play For Android Phones

This application is basically used for Android phones because their integrated function does not allow such lock, but I have seen that the latest Android phones are providing this feature, but there are many phones which don’t have this feature, so I am going to share it is an application for all those whom would on have apps lock feature on their phone. ATOZAPK is providing a lot of free apps.


So now let’s come to the main thing that how you can download and install the application on your mobile phone, so the use of this application is effortless, and the installation is also simple but operator physical 10 installing it on Play Store because we have addicted to like all the application from Play Store and you all it took was a download button there, but there are some problematic things to perform during install application manually so, first of all, make sure that you have downloaded the file from this website and after that, you need to allow 1 permission that is the default in a disabled in your phone which is unknown resources and which prevents the mobile phone from installing any third party e application on your phone, so you need to enable that function and after that just go back and again click the install button, and it will be inserted in no time, and then you can enjoy it forever

Download For Iphone (Apple Phone)

The application is also available for Apple phones, and you can easily install it on Apple phone as well; I am going to share with you the method to install the application on Apple phones, so first of all, download the file from this website, and after that, just open the downloaded file are application on your Apple phone and then install it properly, and then after that, you can easily use it on your phone.


Final Words

So the time has arrived for the last talks of myself Play application, and I have told you that this application is basically launched for phones because it has a stupid event another person to use our precious data to use, so my suggestion is to use this application rather than trying to something complicated. After all, its use is effortless, and I don’t think that you will have any problem because the menu is also straightforward, and all the features are enabled on the menu screen, so every component is under your finger.

Know more about the product on Google Play store.

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