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Missed Notifications Reminder

Missed notifications reminder allows the Android users to get the notifications of different messages and calls that they have missed for some reason, so basically, this app uses as a reminder for all those notifications that you have missed In the past.

Why you choose missed notifications reminder?

You will use this application, so the answer is straightforward because the Android system does not allow an option to remind a reminder of all the calls and messages manually that you have missed in the past.


This feature is very e wrong with the Android system, so that’s why we brought this application to help you out since we have a hectic schedule, so this application gives you sound notification of all the messages and calls of different applications like Facebook WhatsApp, Instagram.

I have to deal with a lot of things in a single day, but sometimes we have some important meeting or something like that, but for some reason, I missed them or forgot about the conference, so basically, this app reminds you that you have a meeting to attend, but you missed so this is our how this application is helpful for the user.

The menu is straightforward, and all that you have to do is select all the applications you will be monitored and then leave everything to the application system.

If you want to monitor different apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp a Snapchat, or even phone calls, you should open the application and select those applications you want to watch. After that, the application will remind you of all the notifications of these applications that you have missed but were very important for you.

This application is helpful for study purposes since we have online classes nowadays, so we have to take online lectures on different applications like WhatsApp. Just open the application and select the desired applications and then if there will be any unseen notification in the status bar, it will give you a good reminder periodically.

So this was the primary function of this application, and I hope that I have covered all the points that I should cover, so if you still have any confusion about using this application. All you have to do is the comment in the below section so we will guide you accordingly, but I will pray for you to you this application 1st, so then you can learn the essential use of this application because when you experience something, then the experience helps you to find out about everything about anything.

This app will ask for several permissions to allow, and the user should allow all those permissions so the application can work perfectly, and if you don’t let those permissions, then it can’t work like the way you want it to work.

Missed Notifications Reminder Features

There are plenty of features about this application, but we will try to write those feature which is very important for you to you know.

Basic Feature

I have already told you the primary use of this application, and I am going to tell you a game that you can get the notification of all the missed phones and messages of different applications, so this is the main feature of this application.


The call reminder feature allows you to get the notification of all the calling that you have missed in recent time, so this will give you a sound reminder for all those calls so you can learn if there is an essential call for you to attend


Messages reminder is the best feature of this application because we used to deal with chunks of application messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or WhatsApp, so sometimes we miss the vital message, but this application reaches our status for of the Android system and gives you to sound notification of those unhandled messages. ATOZ APK is awesome site to provide mobile apps.

How To Download Missed Notifications Reminder For PC?

This application can’t work on a PC directly, but there is a solution to run this application on a PC, so I will tell you about that method that can help you to use this application on your computer, so here we go.


First of all, the user needs a third-party application called Blue Stag or alternatives, but I will still suggest you stack because it is handy. Secondly, its menu is very impressive and easy to experience but make sure that you have a good PC so it can work because I have seen many e complaints about the speed of this application software for PC, but I will suggest you must have a good PC, so it doesn’t make any e problem for you to experience.

Do you at least need 3 GB of free space in Windows drive so you can install the software? First of all, the user needs to install BlueStacks, and after completing the setup, the user needs to open the BlueStacks launcher and after that download, the application from this website and run it through BlueStacks so then it will allow you for several permissions.

You need to allow them all after that you need to browse the computer through BlueStacks and select miss notification reminder application that you have downloaded from this site and install the application so this is the easiest way to run this application on your PC so I have that you will like this method or if you have any other plan so you can tell me E and after that, I will try to reach out that method

Download Missed Notifications Reminder For Android Phone

You can easily install this application on your Android phone, and I will tell you the technique; it is a bit difficult than installing any application on the Play Store like we use to do, but the method is still not that difficult, so, first of all, make sure you have downloaded this application from this website. After that, they will ask for some permission, like allowing an unknown source, so you need to enable that function on your mobile, and it must be e turn off for the first time. Still, it would be best if you allowed the operation, and after that, go back and install the application, and within seconds the application will install, and then you can enjoy the application forever.


Download for Iphone (Apple Phone)

Miss call reminder app is also available for or Apple mobiles to all what you have to download the web app from this website and then install it on your Apple phone, and it is an elementary step to follow, and I don’t think you are going to have an interruption during the installation of the application.


Final Words

Missed notifications reminder is the best app for monitoring the mist cause and messages, so I will suggest you use this application. After that, I don’t think that you are going to miss any of your virtual meetings are message, and it does not ask for too much space on your phone, and you need to have at six MB space on your phone, which is not a big deal for latest Android phones, and I hope that you really like this article and I worked hard for this article and bringing something for you.

Know more about this product on Google Play store.

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