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Oneplus Zen Mode App

Why Oneplus Zen Mode App?

OnePlus zen mode is an application used to keep your mobile on “do not disturb” mode, but it contains some extra features that enhance the quality of life. So if you’re tired of too much mobile usage, you should install this application on your phone and enjoy a worrying-free life.


It makes you realize that there is no technology called mobile. It helps you disconnect from technology, but for an excellent purpose because we use too many mobile phones daily, which causes disturbance in our daily lives. Then we become addict to mobile phones. When you become addicted to something, you cannot do something else in your life.

This application is the best way to get rid of your mobile phone as it has some features that do not remind you about mobile.

So, such applications are infrequent because most of the applications interrupt us in our necessary work. So, what happens is that our precious time went waste, and we spend most of our time using mobile phones while our real purpose in life remains unfulfilled.

So, friends, this app is essential to make our lives better because we can use it to improve our daily lives and use mobile’s view to a certain extent. But, if you don’t use it, I don’t think you will ever improve your daily life because we are so engrossed in mobile that we know that we are disconnected from the whole world after engaging in mobile technology.

So, friends, I’m happy to say that it has 10 million installs on Google Play Store, and 10 million people are using it, so I think you should check it out and make it your own. You should install it on mobile because many people use it, so there must be something special forcing ten million people to use it daily.

Other similar applications on the Google Play Store, but it has no competition because it puts you in tiny things. No one helps you to perform any unnecessary activity. Still, It becomes an obstacle for you that if you obey it, you will only benefit because if you don’t go into something wrong, you will save time, and if you spend the same time on something good, you will get something else. So, no, but you will learn some lessons from life.

So I want you all to install it on your mobile, and there is no doubt that 90% of people are wasting their time on mobile and people are ignoring their own business and pick up the mobile and don’t pay as much attention to your business as they should. I think this is the only application that benefits you. Everyone else helps you, too, and has side effects, but the OnePlus zen mode has no side effects.

So my heart is to tell you about it and hear the names, but then we have to end it here because we have many more topics that we just went ahead and discussed. So if we stay on it, we will not be able to move forward.

OnePlus Zen Mode Features

Phone Down (Do Not Disturb)

It has a phone-down feature that you can use to shorten the usage of your app, and at the same time, you can block the notifications of your apps. The developer also has this option to allow you to use any custom apps setting, and he has ensured the supply of two or three things and has kept you away from all kinds of functions and notifications.

Make A Schedule

First of all, you have to give this application a schedule. If you do not want to receive any notification, the application will notify you of other applications only at a particular time, considering your plan. Therefore, it is imperative that you create a schedule and then go with it because this application follows your program.

Attend Phone Calls

The first thing that comes to mind is that phone calls on your mobile are allowed, so there is no restriction because sometimes we also get crucial phone calls that we have to pick up anyway and don’t have to miss them. So the developer took this step, keeping in mind that you will be allowed to make a phone call.

Make Emergency Calls

You can make an urgent call, so keeping this in mind, this application provides a feature called Emergency Call, which we need when we need to make any urgent call because sometimes we have to make many urgent calls. It is written in the destiny, so the developer ignores this restriction and allows you to make an emergency call.

Capture Photos (Selfie & Back Camera)

Sometimes we feel that if we want to take a picture of something, this restriction has been done, and no rule has been imposed on it because sometimes, if we are studying, we have to take a picture of a particular topic.

So if you have your phone set aside for reading, you also have to see that sometimes we have to take some pictures for study, so keep this in mind, the developer allowed this facility, and you can also enjoy this facility.

How Does It Work?

So friends, the way to run it is effortless anyway, but you will have a little trouble in the beginning, so that I will add the steps one-by-one, and then you can install it on your phone, and believe me, it is instrumental in using.

  • Pull down the Notification Bar 2 times
  • You may find an option named “Zen Mode.”
  • Click on that feature, and it will turn on in no time
  • Now it will redirect you to Zen Mode’s setting
  • Set the timing for down mode
  • The minimum timing is 20 minutes and exceeds up to 1 hour
  • Now click on the “Start” button, and the device may remain down till the indicated time

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So now that you can run this application on the computer operating system, the first thing to look at is its kind of application. I do not see why you should install this application on your computer, so I do not think it is for the computer system. But so, let’s see the following operating systems on which this application can run.


By the way, I also know that there will be some similar software for computers, but I don’t have any such software in my mind that can run on a computer, so if I get it, I will go ahead. I will provide it too, but no such software for computers has come before me so far.

However, if you still want to run this application or any mobile application on your computer and it is imperative, I will give you a piece of advice. It is not a piece of advice but a place to run any Android application on your mobile.

Android emulator is the only solution to run any of your mobile applications on your computer efficiently. Still, it has asked for too many specifications because It works as an Android phone. It runs on a cumbersome computer and is not usable on an ordinary computer because it regulates a lot of speed, and your system has a lot of Ram. Then you can run it.

If you have an average computer, I don’t understand why you should install an android player because once the software is installed, you will not be able to do anything. After all, the BlueStacks emulator slows down the computer processing speed.

Download OnePlus Zen Mode For Android Phone

So now we will talk about whether these applications are available for mobile. They all know that this website is only for Android or iPhone. However, it is the target of the website to provide apps for Android. So obviously, this application has also been provided for Android phones, and you can download Starlight on it now and enjoy its feature sharing on your mobile.


Get amazing apps from Atoz apk.

So let’s talk a bit about how to download and install this application on your mobile system, so how to download is very easy, you click on the download button below, and it will be downloaded. But as far as installation is concerned, it is not difficult, but I will provide some installation steps to help you.

  • Download file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Allow the function “Unknown Sources” on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download OnePlus Zen Mode For iPhone (Apple Phones)

iPhone is also a very demanding machine globally, so how can a developer miss the most powerful operating system? And that’s why the developer has provided it for iPhone users. It means that the iPhone user can use the facilities of this application.


We all know that mood application restricts our mobile usage since we exceed our mobile usage, which may harm us.

The installation procedure is straightforward, and simple steps are required to perform, so nothing is complexing there, and that’s why I did not provide the installation procedure for the iPhone.

Download For iPad

The following operating system is the iPad operating system, so I want to tell you how this application is also available for iPad. Of course, we all know that iPad and iPhone are the same operating systems but different in size, so the only difference is the size. Rather than it, we don’t find any significant differences between their performance and operating system software.

Download for Mac OS

the next plan is the Mac operating system, and we know that Apple also develops the Mac system. Still, it is simple, and as a laptop computer, it is also a positive portable device. However, both apple and computer laptops have different operating system software, but still, they are similar in look.

When we talk about these machines’ performance, we prefer Mac Operating System & device because it is outstanding. Secondly, it provides the battery timing from 10 to 15 hours, so this is something extraordinary feature from the developer. However, at the same time computer laptop OS is also doing very well, but still, I must say that it is less popular than MacBook.

The price range of MacBook is formidable, and laptop computer is very cheap as compared to MacBook since all of Apple’s products are very expensive.

Final words

Now let’s move to the Conclusion and friends. I am delighted that someone took the step and provided an application that can help you restrict the use of the mobile since we have exceeded our usage of mobile and exceeding every day. Hence, there is no limit, and that’s why this help will help you use the mobile at a particular time.

We waste a lot of time on different activities, so we could not perform the actual task of daily life. We have forgotten the meaning of life because of the mobile system, so this application will not allow you to use mobile after a selected period.

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