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Why PalmPay App?

PalmPay is a free mobile application that is used to make transactions all over Nigeria. This app is developed for the residents of Nigeria. Like this one, we’ve provided an app that performs the same task but is available for the Philippines, and I don’t remember the name properly, but I will mention the name later.

Palmpay App Download For Android

These kinds of apps are very amazing to use because they don’t need too many security documents. After all, creating an account in a local bank has become a big problem because they demand different documents such as business sources and housing papers. It has become a big concern for the country’s residents, and PalmPay is an online service that does not require too much verification.

The app shows some support for its subscriber because if you’re using a PalmPay account, you will get different rewards at different times. Your rewards depend on the transaction you make through your account. The more transaction you make, the more reward you will get so, it works like this way.

I must appreciate the rewarding scene of PalmPay because they are offering a big reward for making a transaction, so, now let me tell you how you can use these reward points?

These points will save in your account, and you can use these points for later use; you will get discounts on your next transactions until you utilize the points completely. The points system is very amazing because you can save money this way.

We’ve added too much data in the following section so, let’s close the description section and move forward to the features of the product. GCash is also a payment method but allowed in Phillippine only.

PalmPay App Features

Online Banking

PalmPay is similar to online banking because you can make different kinds of transactions to different online & local banks in Nigeria. I want to keep you alert that the platform is only available in Nigeria, but you can use it in a different country, but you can’t sign up for it if you don’t live in Nigeria.

PalmPay app For PC

It’s necessary to have the nationality of Nigeria otherwise;, you can’t sign up for it, and the reason is that you need a local phone number of Nigeria to verify the account so, if you don’t have the Nigerian local Sim number, you can’t use it.

Pay Due Bills Online

Suppose you’re a resident in Nigeria and want to pay the due bills. In that case, this app will help to do it because this platform is recognized by the Nigerian Government so, there is no doubt about the trusting thing because the PalmPay platform is 100% trusted to make payment.

Different kinds of bills are payable on the app, such as Internet bills, Electricity bills, Gas bills, and many other bills. Many payment platforms recognize the platform in Nigeria, and PalmPay is an online payment method, but there are many other alternatives to PalmPay.

Acceptable For Online Shopping

I love to purchase different things online, such as Shirts, Pants, and different accessories for my laptop & mobile so, you can pay the online billing through the app. It works perfectly well for completing the online shopping invoices, and the most important thing is that you can finish the procedure without any tension.

No Security Concerns

Security is a big concern when you join such platforms because you don’t to be scammed by the company, so we’ve created a different section to keep you updated with the complete information of security stuff.

Palmpay is a mobile money operator in Nigeria, which the Central Bank of Nigeria licenses. I want to tell you that the Central Bank Of Nigeria is the prime bank. It contains many different local & Government banks in Nigeria. If the prime bank of any country recognizes a platform, you can’t think about the scam, so the PalmPay payment platform is 100% safe to use.

Moreover, to keep the users’ data safe, they provide the most advanced security tools to protect the users’ data. They’re regulating GDPR for data handling, so your money & personal information data is 100% secured.

0% Service Charges

We want to ensure you that if you want to use the service, you will not pay a single penny for using it because, officially, Palmpay has stated that they will not charge you a single penny for using their services. They will never impose any tax shortly.

Rewarding Points

The first thing is that they don’t charge anything for using the service, and now they’re also offering you earn the rewarding points and utilize these points in the next transaction you will make through Palmpay. When you earn the points on it, you will get a chance to earn a discount on the next transaction.

PalmPay App Download APK

I was not sure about the rewarding scene because, for me, it’s not easy to provide the service free of cost, and then offers too much reward for a single transaction you make through the app; anyways, I like the rewarding stuff because it’s a money-saving option so, you must utilize it.

Send & Receive Money to Local Banks in Nigeria

The app is also offering you to transfer the money to different Nigerian local bank account, and you will not charge a single penny for making the transaction, but make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum transaction limit for a day because they will start imposing the tax after you exceed a certain amount of money transfer.

Download  PalmPay App Latest Version APKPure

They can’t directly deduct the money from your account if the daily limit has been exceeded. Palmpay knows that sometimes, people don’t check the daily limit and exceeds the limit by mistake, so; they have a proper system to keep you safe from any extra tax. When you make the transaction after completing the daily limit, you will get a warning notification on your phone screen, and if you want to precede it, they will finalize the payment, and the tax amount will deduct from your account.

Usable For Overseas Nigerians

If you’re a resident of Nigeria, but you travel to another country for business purposes. You don’t want to stop making a transaction in your current location to use this app in another country to make the transaction. Still, if you’re currently living in the USA or any other country, you can use Palmpay to make a transaction online & with local banks in Nigeria.

Earn Extra Reward

I’ve told you a method where you can earn the rewarding points and use it for later, but there is one other method to earn the rewarding points, you can ask your friends to join the network, and you will get a fixed amount of rewarding commission.

The more you invite the users, the more commission you will get, and they’ve fixed the commission per user so, if you bring too many users, you will get too much reward in return.

We’ve added too many features to the product so, let’s move on and check the possible operating systems of the product.

How to Download & Install it For PC?

Now we’ve come to the most discussing agenda because everyone wants to know if the service is available for PC.

Friends, there is no official program launcher available for windows, but you can still use it on your computer windows, and let me tell you the solution, you need a browser that can help you use the service. You need to log in your account to the official website of Palmpay, and then you can access the account.

Suppose you want to install the same app on your computer. In that case, you need to wait few months because Microsoft is launching Windows 11, and Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 is coming with amazing features. One feature is to run the mobile application on a computer program.

Suppose you want to install the mobile application in an urgent condition. In that case, we have a solution for you, you need to install software called BlueStacks, and it will help you run any mobile application on a computer system, so try out this method.

Download Palmpay App For Android Phone

Android phone is the top priority for day one because we’ve stated that the website is created to provide different mobile apps, so it is obvious that it works on Android phones and is recommended for Android OS because it works perfectly well on Android OS.

We’ve provided the installing method many times before, but as usual, we are providing the same steps again for those people who have just visited our website.

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the app from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed with it
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the process

Download Palmpay For iPhone

iPhone is also the main OS on our website because both OS belong to the smartphone category so, most of the apps are available for both OS, but some apps are only available for Android, and at the same time, some apps are just created for iPhone.

The same app is also available for IPad because this app is a banking app so, we can perform the banking transactions on IPad as well because some users like to use the IPad because they are addicted to the big screen so, that is why the app is also available for Ipad.

Final Words

Friends, if you live in Nigeria and want to open an online banking account, you should try out this platform because it has many alternatives. Still, there is no competition because this banking service is much better than the alternatives so, everyone prefers Palmpay in Nigeria.

You can pay all kinds of bills through the online banking service, and the service is free & fast; your transaction will complete within seconds, and the other person will receive the money within a minute after sending the money.

Contact Support Team

If you’ve any problems regarding the use of the app or if you’ve any concerns regarding the service, we’re providing an email where you can directly approach the support team. The team will deliver your concern to the developer, and your issue will fix in no time.

Moreover, if you want to call them, we also provide a local Nigerian number where you can directly approach the support team of Palma, and they will guide you completely and fix your problems.

Nigerian Contact Number: 01 700 5700

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