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Why Parentskit App?

Parentskit is an application that is used to control the activities of your family. It was designed to control the complete movements of the family.


This app is the best for parents because they can limit their children’s use of mobile. The application gives the complete report of the entire connected device and shows the complete usage of the phone in a day. In addition, it provides different kinds of data that what was the complete activity of the children all day.

The application provides the impressive feature to secure the selected devices and monitors the selected devices’ complete activity. The product was launched five years ago, and it’s very valuable for needy users. Many parents are very stressed because we often say that the parents are very possessive about their children’s activities, so it’s a big problem.

I must say that this app is very helpful for a needy person, and we have many alternatives to this application, but this one is a real gem.

Parentskit App Features

The data in it goes to a single number, and for that, you need to enter the one-time password, and you can’t get its data without entering it.

The one-time password is a great feature that has been introduced in this application because I think it removes a lot of privacy and security concerns because unless you enter a one-time password. Until then, you will not receive any data from this application.

You have to enter a one-time code, and whatever number you want to have your data on, first you have to give the time password, which will go to only one number, and then our data will send to a non-individual.

Checking the Real-Time Users

This feature lets you know which person in your house is currently using mobile and what things he/she is involved in and can easily understand all this. And all you have to do is see who is online, and you can enter their names just like you can save your son’s name, for example, Ali And the other son’s name is Hamza, so it works perfectly.

Checking The Complete Activity Of The Users

It provides different types of data, such as if you have five devices connected, it will tell you how long the person has been using the mobile device today and then one by one. It will also tell you which activities the users participated in today and what they saw on the mobile.

It can let you know the interest of your children, and If you feel that they do not have a good mobile activity, you will advise them to improve their mobile activity and not participate in bad activities.

Graphical Statics Of Weekly, Monthly And Daily Reports

So friends, this application also gives you the facility that whatever user data you have will still be interpreted in the form of a graph, and you will know like a graph which day this user used more mobile and also know which day any specific user has used more mobile than necessary.

You will find all these details in this application. So my advice to you guys that if you are very worried that your children will not get into any misunderstanding. This application is great because it eliminates your worries and allows you to have complete control over your children.

Pricing Policy

The most important thing is that this application is a premium version, and you will pay to use it, and the amount is different for each country depends on your country.

So friends, if you want to buy this application, install it from Play Store, and at the same time, you will be provided with the option of iApp-Purchase and click on “App-Purchase” to buy. Some payment options will also give to you, and you can use any payment method you like and pay no extra tax.

You can pay it in different installments, and it depends on whether you want to pay it weekly or monthly, so it has all these facilities and depends only on you how you would like to pay for it.

Suppose you want to end this subscription if a particular policy has been issued for it. If you want to end this subscription, you have to cancel your account 24 hours before the subscription. If you do not, the money will be deducted from your credit card or another payment method, so you must cancel the subscription 24 hours before it expires if you no longer want to run it.

So, friends, I have also fully informed you about this package, so I don’t think that I need to give some more information right now because I have already collected a lot and provided it to you, now let’s move on. And let’s see if we can run this application on the system.

So, guys, I pay full attention to its support operator, and it works on three different operating systems, so I will tell you the names of these three and give some details about them.

How To Download And Install It For PC?

So let’s start now and see what the first operating system is. The first thing that comes to us is Windows operating system and friends, no Desktop version is available for it, but you can do that Log on to its official website. You can easily view your record data by going there, and on the website, It provides you with all kinds of data and facilities.


And if you want to run a mobile application on a computer, there is only one solution; all you have to do is download an Android mobile emulator and install it on your computer. But, of course, you can also run a mobile application on your computer, and it will work very well.

Download ParentsKit App For Android

The application works very well on android phones, and the app contains the maximum features to entertain the users. Android users can easily install the product on their phones. The app is completely free, so the user will not pay a single penny for it.


We have often described the installation method of any mobile application, but let’s share it again for the new friends who have just joined us on this web page. First, I must say that the installation is very simple but challenging if it is your interaction with the manual installation. We have a lot of such apps available on our website so, get more on A to Z apk.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhone

Now we are discussing the comparative OSĀ  of Android, we know that these devices are similar in shape & design but offer different OS, but the working of both devices is amazing. Android OS is more famous than iPhone because it’s a cheaper device than iPhone.


When we talk about iPhone, it is more expensive than the Android mobile, and that is why it is popular among people; otherwise, iPhone has some more features that attract every mobile user.

So with this website, you can easily download the application for your iPhone, and I have also provided you the link and can get all the features of this application through your iPhone.

Download For IPad

I know many of you will be very familiar with the iPad operating system, so friends, this OS is like the iPhone, and it is like a fully working iPhone, but it would be bigger. However, there is no doubt about their performance.

If we compare this device with the iPhone, we will know that there is no difference in it, and both the devices are depriving people of their facilities very well.

Final Words

Now we are moving towards the final words, so friends, I would like to discuss a bit more about this application to get the mobile data through this application. It is not limited to getting the data but also provides the feature to monitor the ongoing activities of any mobile, so don’t wait and avail yourself of the opportunity.

Contact Support Team

Suppose you want to get any information related to this application. In that case, we are providing the support team’s email so you can approach the support team on the email and get the necessary information. If you find any bug on this application, then just put a complaint on this email.

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