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PDF Reader Pro App Free Download

Why PDF Reader Pro App?

PDF Reader Pro is an application used to create and open the PDF files available on your phone. I have also provided the same application but developed by a different developer. Still, I think it was also a competitive application because it had some amazing features. Still, I don’t worry; the current application also has all the features included in the previous one.

PDF Reader Pro App Free Download

I will try to mention the previous installment, but let’s concentrate on the current application. This application is very disciplined since it provides all three PDF files in a single place and organizes the files available on your phone.

The best thing about the instrument is that it provides a complete sequence of files, so if you want to organize the files in date sorting, you can also do it by applying the date salting option. You can apply a different kind of sorting on this application to organize the data in size sorting; you can also do it by ordering the data in size sort.

The application is also useful when the internet connection is not active. It means that you can get the complete features of the application when there is no internet connection to your phone. I appreciate this because I don’t find any reason to connect to the internet when using the PDF Reader application. After all, it has nothing to do with the internet since all the PDF files are stored in your phone’s memory.

I think that we have collected too much information and now let’s end the description section and move to check out the complete features of the product. PDF reader 2021 is also a very competitive app provided by our website.

PDF Reader Pro App Features

This amazing has many features, and I will try to mention each of the features briefly, but they are connected to learn all about the product.

Create PDF File

I know this application is named a PDF reader, but I want to let you know that this application is also useful when you want to create a PDF file of any document, so you can also use the same application to create a PDF file.

Edit PDF File

Editing is also a possible option because when we create a file, we also need to make changes in it so, to apply the changes, we need to edit the created file. You can edit any file suppose; if you download any file from the internet, you can also edit the downloaded file, so the editing feature is very useful. The function is also known as re-creating feature.

Read PDF File

This feature is the most common use of the application, and this is why the application has been created because you can guess it from the app title, so it’s the PDF file reader, and that’s why you can use it to read any PDF available on your file.

When you browse any internet website and get any PDF file there, this app also provides the direct open with the PDF file available on the website, but make sure that you select PDF reader pro app to app to open or view it.

Recent Files

Recent files a are containing the files that are recently used or opened on your phone so, if you have a lot of PDF files available on your phone, you can also use this feature to save time because this folder contains all the files that are most frequently used on your phone.

The mobile user uses all the files stored in this folder so, if you want to open any required file that you have used recently, use this feature and save your precious time.


All PDF is a folder available on the app where all the PDF files are available. It contains all the PDF files available on your phone, and you don’t need to open the folder and folder to locate any file because you open it and get the desired file.

This option is also time-saving because when all the PDF files are available in a single place, you can scroll all the files and get the required file in no time; you can also perform a different kinds of actions on the available file, but we will try to mention them in a separate section so, let’s move on.

Search PDF File

When you open the All PDF folder, you also get the option to search any required file because when the stored files are too much in number, you can use the search tool to locate any required file in no time.

PDF Reader Pro App Free Download for IPhone

When you press a key, you will get all the PDF files under the stroked key suppose, if you press the ‘A’ button, you will get all the PDF files starting with Alphabet’ A’ so, this is how it works, and this thing is very useful because it also saves the user time.

User-Friendly Interface

Does not matter which app you use; you always demand a user-friendly interface because the user interface is friendly. All the features are visible in a good manner so, that’s why everyone prefers a user-friendly interface, but many apps claim to have a user-friendly interface. Still, they don’t, and I feel that if an app provides its creating feature, they provide a good interface because they want to cover every aspect.

PDF Reader Pro App Free Download for PC Windows

Suppose if a developer developed an app to read PDF. Still, the app does not read the PDF file so, and this app is not facilitating the users or not giving the results as they claimed so, they can also skip the interface. Still, when an app provides all the possible features, they also desire to improve the user interface.

Find PDF Files By Sorting

You can also use the sorting technique because it offers a different kind of sorting, and I’ve already told you all the possible sorting techniques, but let’s discuss them again.

Date Sorting – contains all the PDF files arranged in proper date sequence such as 2019, 2020, 2021, etc.

Alphabet Sort – Alphabet sort techniques contain all the files in proper alphabetic sequence, such as A, B, C, and Z.

Numbering Sort – numbering sort is useful when the files are saved in numbers 1, 2, 3.

These were the possible sorting techniques available on the application. Still, If I forget to mention any available technique, you can comment in the comment section, and I will use the following technique in the next up-gradation.

Share PDF Files

Sharing is caring, and this is what we use to hear from people. This app also offers to share the PDF file on different social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, and many other platforms.

When we use it for business purposes, we need to send the created file to the client so, this app directly offers to share the file with other users, but make sure that you have an internet connection connected to your phone.

Quick Reader

Thousands of apps provide the feature to read the PDF file, but every developer wants to do something different. Still, to get more popularity, they need to do something different, and that’s why the loading time is very low on the app so, when you click on the desired file, the file will be opened on your phone within a second so, this is what the user expects from other ends.

I feel that this app understands the need of users. They are offering good processing speed so the user can easily open the file. I’ve used too many applications that perform the same task, but those apps were time-consuming. Still, this app is much better than those overrated apps.

Rotate Mode

Sometimes, the document size is much bigger than the screen level so, we can rotate the screen to get a complete view of the document, and this app offers to rotate the screen in every possible way, such as vertical or horizontal.

To use this feature, you don’t need to enable the rotate option on your phone because this app has its rotating option so, by pressing the button, you will get the rotation of the screen. This feature is valid until you’re previewing any PDF file, and when you exit the PDF file, the screen will automatically turn to its actual state.

Index Page Button

When you get too many PDF files at a single place, you normally scroll the files, but you’ve scrolled down more than enough. You want to go to the main index position, this app also offers a button, and by pressing the button, you will get a move to the index page where you’ve start scrolling, and I feel that this feature is also a key feature because it’s not provided on every app.

Outline of PDF File

When you open any PDF file, you also get the outline of the file, and this normally happens when the file contains different studying chapters so, the outline contains the chapter name & number. You can also directly open any chapter by clicking on it.

Night View Mode

Night view mode is useful when you study at night so, it has too much brightness in darkness, and enable it so, you will get a night-friendly light on the screen, so the light doesn’t harm the eyes of the user.

I think that this feature is very useful because we often use to study at night time so, by applying this mode, you get a controlled bright light.

I think I have clarified all its features to a great extent, so now I want to remove its features and go ahead and see which of the operating systems in which the application is supportable.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So the first thing that comes to us is Windows operating system. So, friends, this application is not for Windows operating system because it is a mobile application and runs on the same operating system as mobile. Still, you don’t need to take tension because you will find a similar application for yourself, and if you search on Google, you will find a lot of application programs that do the same thing on the computer.

However, if you still want to use this application on your computer, let me tell you a solution; first, you must install software that works like a mobile operating system. You can install the software; you will get the facility to install any mobile application on your computer. BlueStacks is my recommendation.

Download PDF Reader Pro App for Android

There is no doubt that this application is made for the mobile operating system, indicating that it is available for the Android operating system. Still, as I told you, If you use this application, you will get very good processing or loading speed as well as if you use it, you have to make sure that your mobile also has a good processing chip.

PDF Reader Pro App Free Download For Android

The method of installing this application is also very simple and similar to other applications. Still, if you install the application from Google Play Store, then it is a bit different from that, by the way. Let me tell you one more time.

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed with it
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the process

Download PDF Reader Pro for iPhone

Suppose you are an iPhone user and like to use iPhone. In that case, this application is also available for iPhone, you can also use it on your iPhone, and I will tell you its performance is better on the iPhone than the Android operating system.

In addition, the iPad is a device similar to the one made by the same company so that you can use this application on your iPad, and it is also absolutely free for the iPad.

Final Words

If you want to get unlimited access to PDF files so, here is my suggestion for you guys because this application is very useful because it reads the PDF file and shows all the content available in it, and that’s why I want you to get it for your phone because it has some unusual features in it which I’ve already described in the features section so, check them out.

Contact Support Team

Suppose you have any issue regarding the application. In that case, I’m providing an e-mail where you can approach the developer of the application, and you can also inform them about any bug on the app so they will try to fix the bug in the next update.

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