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Why Choose Prayer Times Pro App?

Prayer Times Pro is developed for Muslims only because the Muslims used to offer the prayers five times a day, so this application reminds them of prayer time. They used to set the reminder at a specific time and get the reminders.


The five prayers perform at a different time of the day because the first player is offered in the early morning at then the second prayer in the afternoon time and III and fourth prayers offer after before evening. The fifth prayer offers in the evening, so these are five different times, so sometimes they forget the prayer time. Still, this application reminds them to perform the prayer.

The application also detects Qibla direction because the Muslim offers the prayer toward a specified direction, so the order changed in every country and city. To find the exact path, we can use this application. It provides precise direction we can perform the prayer.

There are many other application features, and I will try to reveal each of them because you must know the importance of this application so, let’s start. Find more apps on AtozAPK.

Prayer Times Pro: Qibla Finder, Athan, Muslim Pray App Features

One Holy month is known as Ramadan in Muslim society that Muslims use to fast in the whole month. This application also gives the accurate timing of starting and ending fasting for the entire month.

It provides the accurate timing of prayers according to your country and city.

It provides the accurate Qibla direction, so this application used as a compass that can detect the movement of Qibla.

There are multiple languages available to change and well understood that every country has a different national language, so this application is for all Muslims. Still, Muslims have other languages, so this application allows you to change the language, and you can select any of the languages like Urdu, Turkish, English, Hindi, and many others. I want to mention them all right below.

The reminder is also available for or all the special upcoming events in the Muslim community like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-Ul-Azha, Ramadan and Muharram etc.

According to the city & country, it also tracks the fasting time like Iftar or Suhoor.

Everybody knows that very few people know that Muslims have their own Hijri calendar so, this application also provides Hijri dates.

The application contains the complete Holy Quran, and you can recite the Holy Quran through this application.

It also helps the Muslim community to perform all the prayers on time.

The application contains different Islamic wallpapers so, you can use them as a background of your phone.

How To Download & Install For PC?

The application is also available for the computer system, but you need to install and download BlueStacks software on your computer. Before installing the application, it is necessary to have BlueStacks on your computer and then open BlueStacks player, which accepts mobile applications to run on the computer. It is how you can get the remainder of prayer on your computer.

Download Prayer Times Pro For Android Phones

So now let’s come to the main topic: how can we install this application on Android phones to the answer and the solution is very simple. You need to download the file. After downloading the mobile application, open your mobile and now this application. After that, it may ask for some permission to allow. You’ll need to enable that permission, and don’t worry that approval is not costing any harmful actions, and if you have already in an unknown enabled resources function on your phone, it doesn’t go to ask again.


You have already enabled the function, so now let’s move to installation again so; go back and click on the install button now, and the file will install in no time, and then you can enjoy the application on your phone as long as you want.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

This product is also available for Apple phones, and installation is also effortless; you need to open the application on your Apple phone and then click on the install button. The rest is dependent on your phone, and after that, you can enjoy the application.


Final Words

We have confused because I have provided a lot of information on this product, so I guess I have covered all the points that I should cover so; if you are a Muslim. Avail the opportunity right now and install this application on your phone to get the reminders of prayer on time, so this is how the Muslim community can offer the prayers on time.

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