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Qureka Pro APK Free Download

Why Qureka App?

Qureka is a free mobile application that contains different quiz shows. It has a different kinds of quizzes. We will describe each of the quiz types very briefly, and if you want to test your knowledge, you must try out the application because the main use of the app is to test the knowledge you have.

Qureka Pro Apk Free Download

The app is also very good for learning new things & information because you play a quiz and face unique questions, and if you don’t know the answer to the question, you can make an attempt, and they will show you the resulting output at the end.

This publication gives you something in return for your intelligence, and if you answer a question perfectly, it gives you a lot of coins in return, and by using them, you can do a lot of activities.

So if you want to see the intelligence of your brain and test your intelligence, then I would advise you to use this application and play it long enough that you are fully aware of it. We will keep providing you with many quiz games, and this app will give you too much joy in your life so, atozapk is recommended site to get the mobile apps.

There may be different types of questions, and you will have to answer them all. The fun part is that if the answer to your question is wrong, you can use the coins you have earned, and you will bypass to 2nd question after giving the wrong answer to the first one.

You can choose its language from the application, and there are two types of language in it. The first language is English, and the second is Hindi because it is an Indian application and it is the national language of India.

So, friends, you can see that we have gathered a lot of information about it and I have provided you with all this information in a good way. Now let’s see what features it has. And how do those features work?

Qureka App Features

Play Quizzes

I have already informed you that you can join different quizzes in this application and use your brain in them. The more you answer correctly, the more you will be rewarded and given different prizes.

Qureka Quiz

This format is the basic quiz, and in this quiz, you will have to face all kinds of questions and keep the information of the mind very wide because you may face any question, whether from politics or a sport.

Qureka Lite APK Free Download

The daily timings are 9 AM to 9 PM Indian time, and if you don’t know the Indian time zone, you can Google it. You will get 30 seconds for each answer. This quiz format is live all the time, but make sure that you are participating at a certain time because you can’t participate after 9 PM so, you have to wait till 9 AM so the quiz format can go live again. If the existing participants don’t win the event, the complete winning prize will keep in the management account, and the same prize amount will add to the next day’s quiz.

Hourly Quiz Format

This format is a completely different quiz format, and here you will need to follow the rules provided for this quiz format, and every quiz format has different rules. This format will come after every hour, and you can participate in it, and the more you win, the more you get the coins.

What’s special about it is that it gives you about 90 seconds to solve it, and for every correct answer you give within 90 seconds, you will get points. You will get 20 points for every correct answer, and if your answer is incorrect, you will lose ten points, and if you answer three questions in a row, you get ten points bonus.

It shows your intelligence clearly because it is a format in which you can’t guess what the next question will be, and you can’t think that the next type of question will be because each question will be related to different information.

Let me tell you some areas of life that you may have questions about.

Qureka Pro APK Free Download For Android

Sports, Politics, Math, Movies, Business, History, Celebs, and many areas of life are included in this format.

Cricket Quiz Format

There is also a format related to cricket in which you will be asked different types of cricket questions, and they will be of different types. Some of the questions will be related to the ICC World Cup, and some questions will be related to a bilateral series. Many cricket legends have set many records, so you may be asked which record is set by which legendary cricketer?

Qureka Pro APK Free Download Latest For Windows

The cricket game also has many rules that ICC defines, so; you can get the questions relating to basic rules of cricket. Qureka app is developed by Indian guys so, they included IPL quiz as well, and if you don’t know about the IPL, I want to tell you that IPL is the most famous Cricket league owned by BCCI (Indian Cricket Board).

These questions belong to multiple eras & decades so, if you are familiar with the current players but don’t know about the old players, it can tease you by asking difficult questions. You should be prepared for course questions because if one question belongs to the current decade, maybe the next question belongs to the previous decade when you were a kid.

Exams Quiz

There is a lot of international exams that take place every year. You can prepare the exams quizzes and entry test preparation to play the game & prepare the test, so; this app is multitasking because it helps prepare the test. On the other hand, you can participate in these quizzes as a game to relax your mind.

We’ve added too much information in the features section so, let’s move on and discuss the rest of the things.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

This question is very problematic, but before that, we have to make sure that the app or program is available for PC or not.

The app is not available for Windows PC; however, if you want to install it on your windows, there are two possible solutions; Microsoft is launching Windows 11. There are some rumours that Widows 11 supports mobile applications. Still, we’re waiting to get the release of windows 11 so, this option is possible near in the future, but not now.

The second possible option is software “BlueStacks,” which works like an Android phone and works perfectly on your computer system. Still, you must have a good processing computer to install; otherwise, don’t burden your system since the software program is very heavy.

Download Qureka Pro App for Android Phone

Android phone is the priority of our website because we’re currently working to provide the files for the Android phone; we’ve provided more than 100 apps for the Android phones. Those apps are very highly praised by different sources anyways. Let’s come to the main topic that is it available for Android phones?

Qureka app is surely available for Android phones, and you can use your mobile by participating in the quizzes. The installation method is quite easy to do, and I’m providing the method once again for new users. Just follow the steps provided below, and install the app properly.

Download For iPhone

iPhone is the most advanced & styling product developed by Apple company, and it’s almost similar to the android phone by look. Still, the functioning system is different since Apply has its iOS while Android OS is different.

This app is also available for the iPhone so the iPhone users can enjoy it on their phones; and I am using an iPhone, and it’s working perfectly fine on my OS.

Final Words

So let’s end this discussion, and we present our last words in a good way. So friends, if you like playing a game a lot and you like to play a game like this, I would suggest this to you because it is the most used application where millions of people play one every day and win a lot of prizes.

If you also want to win a lot of coins, you have to participate in this quiz format and get other prizes, and here you will face a variety of questions and answers that you have to answer.

Contact Support Team

If you have any problems with this application and any guidance about it, I am providing you with an email, and you can contact me by email. Talk to the developer yourself, and you can also tell him your problem, and he will answer you in a very short time and be full of your guidance.


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