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Why RePelisHD TV App?

RepelisHD is the best Spanish application that is used to watch movies online. It provides the live streaming of the movies from different categories. I was looking at explorer movies applications, then I found it, but I went disappointed because it provides the complete collection of movies in Spanish. The product is not limited to the movies only but also provides TV Shows.


To extend the list, we have different TV seasons available on this app. I found it the best app for Spanish people because they are dubbed in the Spanish language. The list does not contain the Spanish movies only, but other industries, but when I opened one Hollywood movie, it showed the description in different languages, so I tried to figure out the language.

I pasted the text on Google translation and knew that it’s the Spanish language. The majority of European countries speak this language, so it’s expected to get an unusual user response. It is the best app available for Mexican residents since the majority of Mexico belongs to this language. The same language is used in many other countries.

I can bet that it is the only language that is the national language of more than one country because we don’t use to see this kind of stuff in normal life so, it’s a surely extraordinary product. The popularity of the product has skyrocketed because this app covers most of the European countries.

Moreover, the product is not limited to the mobile app but also available for dozens of operating systems. We will try to figure out each of the OS in this article so, stay connected and learns all about it.

The app has not missed single movies available on the planet, but it also provides the official website to watch the live streaming of movies, shows, and seasons. I could not utilize it since I don’t know how to speak the Spanish language, but you’re lucky to belong to this community.  It has a great fan following all around the world.

I have seen a lot of Spanish seasons on Netflix and especially “Money Heist.” Money Heist was the best Season available on Netflix, but I can say that I had not watch that high quality of Season in my entire life. I was not fond of watching Season before this, but Money Heist took my attention and forced me to watch out the rest of the Spanish seasons & movies.

We have concluded the description department very well, but It was a good experience to share the informative details with my users, but we don’t need to go anywhere since we have many reveals. We are moving toward the product’s features. Let’s what new happens here and what those features are.


Audio Languages

The first plan is different now, so; we will discuss all the possible languages available on this app. The app provides the audio track of different languages so, we will figure out each of the languages available on this app.

Spanish Language

Spanish is the first language that is available on this app. The Spanish people can enjoy its features a lot because it provides the best dubbing of different movies in Spanish. The translators have done a great job by providing the Spanish audio track because I have seen many reviews on this, and most of the people were praising the translators because they did a great job doing it.

Latin Language

It’s the second language after Spanish because most European countries speak the Latin language. Some people also say that these languages are quite similar, but I’m not sure since I don’t know how to speak Latin or Spanish.

Castilian Language

Castilian language is also similar to Spanish since it covers most of the European countries. I think that the developer has provided the audio track of a specific region. These are the most spoken languages in Europe. It’s spoken widely in North & Central Spain.

English Language (Excluded)

It is a bad point of this product because it provides the facility to provide English audio track or the subtitle. We accept that the product was designed for a specific region, but the English language is everywhere. It does not matter even if it’s excluded because many websites or applications can watch different English movies.

Subtitle Supported

The app provides the feature to get the subtitle of the movie or any TV show so, it’s not necessary to turn on the subtitle if you understand the following languages perfectly because I’m not fond of subtitle when I know the movie’s language, and I found them very awful. When I can’t understand the language of the movie, then I use to watch subtitles.

I’m following a recent Turkish TV show, but I don’t know about the Turkish languages so, that’s why I have got an app where I got the subtitle in English so, it’s a good option when you don’t understand the audio track properly.

Ranking IMDB

It provides the option to check the ranking of any movie or TV show on IMDB because we are familiar with the IMDb name. It’s the best website to get the description of any movie or tv show.

Select the movie that you want to watch, then it will give you a link to the IMDb icon, and you will click on it, then you will get redirected to a new IMDb page where you can check the rating & ranking of the selected movie. It’s very easy to perform, so; you need to open one link. Everything will go smoothly.

TV Shows

The application gives the facility to watch the tv shows live on this application. We have already told you that the application is limited to Spanish people so, If you don’t know these languages, don’t waste your time here. It provides the complete collection of TV shows that you use to watch on TV. It provides impressive video quality.

Different TV shows are available on this product; you may get horror shows, action, and many other categories.

Movies Collection

Now let’s discuss the categories of the movies available on this product. The website contains movies from all over the world. You may get Hollywood movies, or even Bollywood movies also exist. It’s very easy to locate them on this application. It would help if you searched the desired movie, and then the rest is very easy.

Hollywood Movies (American)

Hollywood is the most popular product in movies because no other industry can compete with Hollywood. We have seen many great actors in this industry like, we have Jonny Depp. I like the acting of Jonny Depp, and he is my favorite actor from the way he showed his acting skills on “Pirates OF The Calabrian.”

I have seen many movie series of Hollywood or other industries, but nothing can compete “The Pirates of the Calabrian. Johnny Depp has done a great job, and the way he showed his acting seemed completely natural. You should watch this series if you have not watched it yet, and I will you 100% guarantee that no other series can compete.

Bollywood Movies (Hindi Or Indian Movies)

Bollywood is one of my favorite brands since I belong to South Asia, and that’s why I would like to prefer this industry. Bollywood has not touched the level of Hollywood, but they are also doing very hard, and its films are making businesses of billion dollars every year. If you have watched the movies of the brand, then you can let me your liked one.

PK is the best Bollywood movie that I’ve watched yet, but if you like to learn through watching movies, you must watch out this movie because its story is amazing. If you don’t understand the film’s language, check out the English subtitle or try to get dubbed version of the film. Get alternative streaming apps on Atoz APk.

China Film Industry

The Chinese film industry is amazing to watch, but their films are limited to the Chinese language, which is not a good thing because when we have dubbed version of any movie, then we can learn the basic story of the film, but it goes in vain when you don’t get the story of the film. Well, the population of china exceeded 1 billion a few years ago.

We can’t imagine the next figure of population after a new survey. I want to watch these movies, but I don’t know the Chinese language so, that’s why I can’t get it.

Video Player Quality

The quality of the video is priceless since it provides HD video quality on a standard internet connection. You don’t need to have high-speed internet for using this product because its player is working fine on a normal video player. It provides different video quality according to the speed of your internet; the standard is the best quality of it.

High definition is surely the HD quality, and I would like to recommend you use the HD quality because if you compromise the quality of the video, you can’t entertain. Hence, it’s necessary to have good video quality.

Different Streaming Platforms

The app allows you to watch the same movie on 5-6 different servers; if any of the servers are not working perfectly on your system, you may look forward to other services. Keep doing it until you find the best video player server according to your internet connection.

I have forgotten the name of the players available on this product. You should install the app and check out the available players, but I have examined each of the players, and I don’t find any of them overrated because the work was amazing, so you may also like it.

Data Divided By Categories

It contains different categories such as action, adventure, horror, and fighting movies, but some other categories also exist on this app. Those features are like sorting as well so, and you can get the list of the movies in the A to Z sequence.

You can get the movies on a sequence of dates, so it’s up to you. Some other sorting is available like Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood.

Ad-Free Program

The application does not contain any harmful advertisement so, don’t worry about it since it provides a safe & secure ad on it. But I have seen a popup that is awful since it popup on the home screen again & again, so; it’s difficult to ignore it all the time. It appears again when you open a different page on a single app.

The product developer has done a great job by providing all the movies in a single language. So, dubbing movies in a single language is still difficult as millions of movies are available on the internet from different countries.

We have done a great job by providing complete information about the product’s features, so let’s move forward and check out the possible operating systems for this app. The list is big, but we will discuss each of them briefly.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

The first operating system is the PC OS, and the desktop application is not available officially, but you can access it on any browser on your computer. Search the official website on any browser, and you will get Just open the web & access the complete content of the creator.


Well, if you still want to install the mobile application on a computer system, then I have one solution for you. Bluestacks is computer software that works on the PC system. It is an android emulator that works like Android OS. You can install any mobile application through BlueStacks.

Make sure to have a good processing computer system because it required too much processing & size space. Don’t install it on your computer if it can’t afford too much burden on it. Once I installed this product on my PC, and then my PC windows slow down.

I tried to figure out why and knew that the developer of BlueStacks provides very low requirements on its official website, but it consumes too much space & size.

Download RepelisHD  TV For Android

Android is the next OS after the PC operating system. It’s more expensive than a PC. PC is not a portable device, so you can’t carry it anywhere, but the laptop PC is portable but large. The android OS is used to perform the same task but small in size. You can easily put it under your pocket. The device was developed for the pocket. Everything became easy after the innovation of the mobile phone.


Well, let’s move forward to the main topic of running the application on a mobile system. It is surely available for the Android OS. It also works on many other similar products, and I will mention those devices as well.

The manual installation is very easy to perform but still difficult than Google Play store installation. It’s super easy to install any app from Google Play Store, but when it comes to manual installation, and then you may face some interruptions. Let’s discuss the complete procedure to install the mobile installation step-by-step.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

For Android LEDs & LCDs

This app is the best thing for the Android LEDs and LCDs because you get the ultra HD quality on your 4k supported LED. When you install a movie app on these kinds of OS, it provides an unexpected quality that you can’t even imagine.

The user can install the same APK file on Android LED or LCD, but download the file from this website. I want to give you one suggestion that is to copy the file from your phone to Flash. Insert the flash device on your Android TV, so it’s a time-saving process, but downloading through LED can take too much time.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

We are well-known for iPhone operating system developed by Apple Company. It is more expensive than the Android system, and actually, Android phones are also available at the same price, but the iPhone starting price is very high, so it’s more expensive than other OS.


Well, let’s discuss the availability of the product for the iPhone. The product is surely available for it, but you need to get it from this website first and then look forward to installing it. The installation procedure is quite easy to do.

Final Words

We have concluded the article very well and provided comprehensive information about the product. It’s the best app for watching movies dubbed in Spanish. It contains some other languages, but they are also similar to Spanish. The product is very demanded in Europe, but Spanish is the first language of many European countries.

We have few other available operating systems for this product, such as MAC, IPad, and Amazon Fire. Still, we had already exceeded the article words limit so. We are going to summarize it right away.

Contact Support Team

If you have any complaints regarding the application (RepelisHD), you may send your complaint to this email. The support team will examine your complaint and entertain you after releasing the next version of the product. If you want any guide about it, then you can also ask here.

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