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Screen Mirroring – Cast Phone To TV

Why Screen Mirroring – Cast Phone To TV App?

Screen mirroring is a great application that you can mirror to screen from your mobile to your TV.


This app is less to be praised as it works very fast and does not require much internet speed as it provides excellent results even on the regular internet. It has no competition.

As I said earlier, it has no competition, but there are other applications on the Play Store, but it is second to none as the quality feature is not present in other applications. I don’t think you will find any similar app for free.

Friends, if you are worried about which application is best for you, you can survey the internet to see who people like the most and I’m sure 100% of People will prefer this one.

So the best thing about this application is that you can display a small mobile screen on the TV by enlarging it, and if you are watching something on your mobile just like a match, it will enlarge the screen.

Creating this application was to keep people from this feature because I have seen that most people like to put something they like on their mobile phone and watch it on TV. The creator built this application at the request of the people.

The features behind it are innumerable, but I will reveal a lot of them and present them to you, then we will see how we can use this application on our mobile, which is the way to mirror our mobile screen on a TV.

Friends, it is essential for people that if you want to see its screen on your TV, you have to advise that the TV you have must be Android supported if it is not Android supported. You cannot use these facilities, and this application will not work for you.

This application displays these mobile screens on the TV and can enjoy various features of this mobile application, like watching a video. If you have a collection of this image, you can also mirror the pictures. If it is available on TV, you can watch it well on TV and also if someone wants to see any documents, they can also watch it.

So, guys, I think I put a lot of content in its description, so now we have to go ahead and see how its features work and believe me, I will tell you all its features and then you When you use it and install it on your mobile, you will know how every feature works.

Screen Mirroring App Features

Mirror Mobile Screen to LED

Its first feature is very much given because it depends on how we can see the mobile screen on TV very well and what it has now is very good. And it works very fast.

Fast Connection

Its second feature depends on the fact that it is very easily connected to the LED device, and you have to press a button, and your screen will go away from the mobile to the LED.

Playing Mobile Games on LED

The third feature is that if you play a game on a mobile, you can now easily play that game on your LED; all you have to do is send the mobile screen to the LED. It is the best option because I like gaming a lot and play many games to enjoy one facility, so I also installed this application on my mobile.

Real-Time Screen

The real-time screen is the biggest tragedy that is found on the application because I have noticed that what happens is that it does not work properly because the mobile screen is running very well when it goes to the LED. So it doesn’t provide a real-time screen, but it pauses a bit. It is a very bad thing. This application does not ignore this mistake and improves the better real-time screen.

Watch Live Streams

You can now watch live-streaming videos on it, just like a live video on YouTube or any other platform similar to it, so if you want to watch it, the streaming works very well. You will feel much enjoyable than that.

The last features of the application are that it provides a great user interface and friends. This application is very easy to use. You don’t have to go to its feature’s key settings to search, but its Features are nicely presented on the same screen to utilize.

So, guys, I provided complete information about its features and mentioned almost all the features you should choose. So let’s talk a little bit about the supportable devices. So let me tell you the name of the device and give you some details.

Screen Mirror App for LEDs

Friends, first of all, it comes with LEDs which are just like your TV, and one thing that is very important to keep in mind that you should have android Support, and if it is not, then its system will not work, and it will not be able to run on the application. It was the first screen mirroring app provided by this website, but you will get many more on Atoz APK.

Different kinds of LEDs are supportable include Haier, Samsung, Sony, and many others.

Screen Mirror App For Google Chromecast

Many people will be hearing its name for the first time and would like to know what Google Chromecast is all about, so let me tell you that this is a dongle device that connects with your LID. To connect it with an LED, you need an HDMI port on your LED.

Listen carefully to me that the HDMI port is very important for this. If your idea is not to have an HDMI port on any LED device, then you can’t use this device on it. I have seen many TVs or IDs with HDMI ports but do not have an Android system, so this application cannot run directly. This device will bypass all the restrictions, and then you can use this app.

If you want to buy this device, then check multiple online stores on the internet. You get this device in the best package.

Amazing Fire Stick

Amazon fire stick is a very nice device that looks like a USB, but it supports HDMI, and the best part is that Amazon introduced it. You will love features, and the first feature is that you can watch Amazon prime shows & movies, but you have to take the Amazon prime package, which is between ten and fifteen dollars.

Friends, if you do not want to get this Amazon Prime Pack, then there is no problem with it, and you can do it all without the content package, and this application is also supportable on this device.

Fire TV

Fire TV is one of amazon’s products launched by Amazon, and it is like an unrealistic TV. If you don’t get the Amazon Prime package, there is still no problem because it is an Android device, and this application is supported on this device and can send a mobile screen to the TV.

Roku TV, DLNA Receivers, and Wireless TVs

The supporting device list is increasing rather than decreasing so, that’s why we have decided to conclude the supporting device depart and now moving forward to its working process. I hope you like this informative article, but I must say that this application is supportable on Roku TV, Wireless TVs, and DLNA receivers before closing. Go and check out the DLNA receivers if you don’t have wireless TV.

So, guys, I think I’ve provided a lot of content about it, and I’ve written every possible supportable device, so I don’t think there is any other device on which this application works. Maybe, but in any case, I will go further and check it further.

How Does Screen Mirroring App Works?

  • Make sure that both LED & mobile devices are connected to the same WIFI-Data.
  • If one is connected to Mobile sim Data and the other is connected to a WIFI router, it may not work.
  • Allow “Wireless Display” on your phone
  • Open the “screen mirroring” option on your LED
  • Scan the device connect to it

How To Download & Install Screen Mirroring App For PC?

The application is used to mirror the screen from mobile to other devices like TV, PC, and many alternatives, so the product is surely available for the computer system, and if you want to mirror your mobile screen to computer, then it is necessary to install this application on your computer as well.


You can get the PC version from this website and make sure that both your computer and mobile internet are connected to the same Wi-Fi or network device since it needs the application. If both devices are not on the same internet connection, you can’t use them.

Download Screen Mirroring App For Android

This application is designed to mirror the screen of mobile on another alternative operating system. How is this application not for mobile when making it a mobile screen to show on TV or computer screen?

This application is available for your mobile. You can easily download and install it for your mobile; if you have never done the installation operation on your mobile before, you have to check one thing.

Every mobile comes with an option that we have to enable in any case, and if we do not enable it, it will not allow us to install our application on mobile.

It is a security function that requires your consent, and when you consent to install the operation, this restriction is lifted, and you’re allowed to install any app.

This restriction only occurs the first time, and if you install an application on the same mobile, the restriction will not apply to you again.


So let’s talk a little bit about how we can run this application on my android phone.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For iPhone

So now we have iPhone operating system, so friends, this operation is also available for iPhone. iPhone users can also mirror their mobile screen on TV, but for this one, they must have a condition that Whether your internet is on a modem or not, if you are using different mobile data, then you will not get this facility. The mobile data or Internet Network must be the same.


Download For iPad

The iPad works just like the iPhone and has the same performance as the iPhone, but the only difference is the size. The rest of their operating system software is perfect & the same, and you can install the iPhone application on an iPad, and there is no problem with it.

Download for MAC

The Mac operating system is a well-known operating system provided by Apple. It is a very expensive machine because you all know that Apple always provides expensive products. Still, there is no comparison to its performance because it’s better in performance, and I haven’t seen a system like it yet because it is much better than the rest of the laptop or similar OS.

Final Words

So now it’s time to finish this article, and now we will talk about it one last time and then speed it up. So, guys, this is a mobile application that you can use to enlarge your mobile screen on a TV or computer, but you will need some things; first of all, this application is the first need, and then you have to make sure that both devices are on the same OS otherwise, the application is of no use.

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