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Why Soul Browser App?

Soul browser Is the best browser available for Android phones. Still, the most underrated product I can say because its uses know the features, and the features are countless in numbers, so check out the complete article to know all about the product.


The application is very smooth so. It provides the most reliable viewing or browsing of the data, which is a great feature indeed; hundreds of browsers are available for the mobile phone, but some got the popularity, and the reason is that they deserve the favour. It was a reasonable effort by SoulSoft because its design is charming.

The product developed to ease complicated things and facilitate users worldwide. Many features introduced in the product because the target was to enhance the program and its popularity. We will reveal some of its features here so, let’s start.

Soul Browser Features

Browsing the Webpages

The application provides the facility to entertain the users by smooth browsing because browsing is the main agenda of the Web Browser. The browser offers enjoyable & quick browsing; the user can open multiple web pages at a single time on different tabs. You’ll be amazed after browsing for a couple of minutes.

Super Fastest Browser

It’s a speedy browser because the loading time is unstoppable. You will reach the required destination within a second. It is a super quick feature because many popular products can’t provide this feature’s undoubtedly a plus point for the developer. Some of the famous browsers cannot provide this facility.

Incognito Mode (VPN Service & no activity)

Incognito mode is a fantastic feature in every browser because it provides some extra privacy.

It hides your internet activity, downloads and also login accounts. I use this mode a lot because Incognito mode does not contain the cache file so, I’m dependable on this mode. Sometimes, the cache does not allow working any webpage properly on your browser, but if you try the private tab, then the webpage works perfectly fine so, this feature is my favourite.

Some browser also provides VPN servers in Incognito mode include Opera & UC Browser. Many other products also offer the VPN service for the Incognito mode.

I use to log in to my social media accounts on different computers, but I wouldn’t say I like to turn off my account, and that’s why I always prefer private mode when I’m using someone’s computer or phone.

The browsing history saves until you don’t close the current Incognito mode. If you want to remove the browsing history automatically, close the Incognito tab, and all the browsed data will automatically terminate.

Video Download

Fast & 100% seeding

It also provides different options include Pause, resumes and stops the downloading process. Multiple actions are allowed to perform. The user can put any video on reserve and save it when needed. This feature is the best. It provides full internet speed, so there is no seeding problem.

Dark & Light theme

Light is the default theme & the Dark theme option also exists

The browser two kinds of pieces include the dark & light version. The light version is the default version and installed initially, but it provides the option to customize the theme & convert to a Dark theme so, this is a good feature because the dark theme looks more stylish compared to the light theme.

If you are a working person, you should go for the light variant because dark work is complicated to learn. It asks for some extra attention from the user. The users are addicted to a light variant, so they don’t prefer to use a dark theme. Both themes are performing the tasks very smoothly.

Better Picture-Interface

The browser provides some extraordinary feature for the pictures & wallpaper websites because its customization for the picture collection enhances browser requirements. Many people use it because it allows for the quality of images. The browser will change the complete interface of the websites.

Many websites quality content but could not provide the attractive design so. This product enhances the user interface so that the website’s data becomes more manageable after the updated interface. It is undoubtedly a new thing to experience.

Download Images Collection

Easy to download image collection from a webpage

If the web page contains many images, the browser can download all the photos at once, converting different pictures into a collection and facilitating you by giving the complete collection of the photographs.

Save Images on all Websites

Google Play Store & Instagram do not allow downloading image

Some website use the privacy and does not allow its users to download the pictures, I have already provided some of the websites which do not allow downloading the pictures. Instagram is one of them because there is no feature to download an image directly from Instagram so, people use different means to download a picture from Instagram.

It seems that you do not know about this before, but Go and try it out right now because I’m familiar with this restriction. Open any desired image on Instagram and download the picture so, this is super quick. You don’t need an external downloader to store any Instagram story or picture.

TV Cast Feature

Remote the mobile screen to your Android LED


It’s more like the share app because they are similar and provides good quality content. TV Cast is a built-in enabled app in the browser that allows you to stream your mobile screen on an Android TV device. Ensure that you have an android TV because it does not work without a WIFI connection. The second thing is that both the devices must connect to the same WIFI router.

It provides the streaming of the webpage video streaming to watch your favourite shows on your TV; enable the feature on your phone device, and the app will handle the rest.

Homepage & Shortcuts

It has its homepage & shortcuts. The shortcuts are also known as a gesture. The famous websites are available in the feature mode, but the gesture’s fantastic thing is customizable from the setting. Just open the gesture option in settings and put your favourite websites in the shortcut.

The homepage is very designing & super easy to load because its speed is doubtless so, go and check out its unique features.

Maximum Customization

Customize themes, Fonts, Font size, and Bookmark list.

Many other options are also available to customize, but I have mentioned the important ones. Theme customization did already before; two theme option are available includes Dark or light; select any option according to your liking. You can make the maximum customization according to your preference.

Built-in PDF Viewer

The browser also supports PDF file, and you can run any PDF file on this application. If the PDF reader does not exist on your phone, then no worries because it provides a built-in PDF viewer so, view all PDF files here.

Built-in Video Player

Supports both web streaming & offline videos

The feature is web-streaming from any website or playing any offline video you have downloaded on your phone. If the video player is not available, open the video through the browser. It provides maximum options for video includes Volume Up, Volume Down, and mute.

Screen Capturing

Screen capture allows you to capture the full & selected screen

The feature is for the browser mode only so, press the required command & capture the image on your phone. It provides two different options for capturing the image. 1ST option is to capture a full-screen picture, and the 2nd option is to capture a selected resolution on the screen.

How To Download And Install For PC?

Now the primary plan has arrived because it’s the first to know which devices are supported. I’m very unpleasant to say that this application is not available for the PC so, you can’t use this browser on your PC, but don’t worry because dozens of browsers are available for the computer system. Most of them are very professional and well-known browsers.


If you still want to run any mobile application on a computer, then I have one solution for that, and let’s discuss the only possible solution.

  • Download the Android emulator & install it on your PC
  • Android emulator works like Android phone on PC
  • Install the application on an android emulator
  • Enjoy the mobile application on your PC

Download Soul Browser For Android Phones

I love to talk about this operating system. After all, it has stolen the users’ attention because billions of users are using Android phones, and it’s a well-known device nowadays. In the previous article, we have discussed that many companies like Samsung, Oppo and Vivo are working on the Android operating system.


I have named the popular ones only, but many new attendees like Realme, Infinix and many other local & foreign brands.

Let’s discuss the installation process, and I’m delighted to say that the installation process is not very complicated, but some additional steps are added so, check them out.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Open the file and click on the “Install” button.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to finish the installation

Get more information about this product on Google Play Store

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The competition for Android phones has arrived. After all, the Apple phone is the only competitor of the Android program because most companies are working on the Android program. Still, none of them is introducing its OS, but Apple dared to develop its OS. The product is also available for Apple phones.

Multiple ways are possible to download the file application for the apple phone. The first possibility is to download on the Apple Store, and the second possibility is to download from this website.


The installation process for the Apple phone is quite simple & straightforward so, follow the required steps & installs it on your phone.

Final Words

It’s the best part of my life because it’s’ time for the conclusion of the article so, I learn something new every time, and most of the pieces are very informative, and I go & check them all so, download the browser on your phone right now because it provides countless in-built features. Go and check all the in-built features that are missing in other applications.

Soul Browser is available for both OS to include Android & Apple. It does not matter which operating system you use because its availability is possible for both devices, and get more apps on Atoz APk.

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