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Speed Booster Bth

Why Speed Booster Bth App?

Speed Booster Bth is an application that speeds up your mobile to a great extent and cleans all the necessary files in your mobile.


Guys, this is a very light application that takes up a very low of space in your mobile and its installation is very short and what it has is much better than other cleaning applications.

If we compare this application with alternatives, it is much better than the rest because you can perform two different tasks with the help of this application; first, we have Mobile Cleaning and then Speed Booster feature.

The mobile cleaner operator removes all kinds of unnecessary files from your mobile and friends. We install many applications in our daily lives and use them regularly, so when we use them, it generates many unnecessary junk files from which our mobile faces some of the troubles.

Speed Booster Bth Features

Now let’s talk about its speed booster feature. Friends, this feature boosts the speed of our mobile and its processing speed a lot. We know that we install many applications on our mobile. Our phone memory becomes very small, so our phone starts to get very slow, so this application eliminates the cache files from memory. You can install all kinds of mobile device applications on your mobile.

So I’ve added a lot of content to its description, so let’s go ahead and see what features it has and how we can use them to improve our phone memory and speed.

Speed Booster

the tool is very amazing because it helps to remove all the cache files from the Ram, so when the cache files are removed from the processing memory, then we get a lot of free space, so that’s how mobile working become faster, and this is the only solution to speed up your mobile.

Clean Memory

clean memory option is very demanded nowadays since we know that most mobile phones are facing the space issue for this feature will get rid of all kinds of unnecessary files from our phone, and it is used to clean up the complete memory on our phone.

Cache Files Cleaning

Cache files are the files that are generated by the usage of mobile applications. As much as we use mobile applications, more cache files will generate, so these cache files are directly proportional to the usage of mobile applications.

This application eliminates all such issues and gives you a great setup to use mobile with great ease.

Junk Files Cleaning

These files are generated when we try to download something. Still, for some reason, we could not download it completely, so this is how the junk file appears on our phone, and it is very difficult to eliminate these kinds of files on your phone manually since it is very difficult to locate them and that’s why we have this application to remove all junk files.

Display Battery Usage & Remaining

the application can facilitate as by providing the data of battery usage, so this will give a complete report of battery usage.

This application also tells you what percentage of battery is left in your mobile and how soon your mobile will be switched off.

Battery Saving Feature

This application gives us a feature from which we can save our mobile battery, and for that, we have a lot of features that are included in it and keep us well.

When we click on the battery saver option, all the standby of our phone is reduced as our brightness is reduced and also the unnecessary applications do not involve in processing memory so, the application freezes all the unused apps so, this is how we can save more battery for longer use.

Clean External Memory

We know that these applications clean the Internal Memory very well, but now a special feature has been added. This application also cleans your external memory well, and if there is any junk file exists, it deletes it immediately.

Complete Record Of Phone, Wi-Fi, Media, And Gaming Usage

When we open the application menu, it will first tell us how long we’ve talked on the phone today, and then the second thing that comes to us is the Wi-Fi connection. As an option, you can find out how long your mobile has been connected to Wi-Fi.

It is followed by our media option, which mentions how long we have viewed our media file, such as audio-video or pictures today.

If you want to play the game for a short time and do not want to waste too much time in the game, this application gives you full information about how much time you have spent today, and it tracks each of you and the executive figure tells you accordingly.

So, friends, we have just introduced many more features in it, so if you want to take advantage of these features, install this application now and take advantage of it. Now we will see possible, supporting operating systems for this app.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So, first of all, we have Windows operating system, and you all know that Speed Booster Bth is an application used to clean the mobile phone and increase its speed, so it has nothing to do with a computer system.


However, if you still want to install a mobile application on your computer, let me tell you the solution.

You need to install a software called Android emulator on your computer so that after installing this software on your computer, you can install any mobile application on your computer. Game Loop is my recommendation. Get more phone cleaners & speed boosters on Atoz Apk.

Download Speed Booster Bth For Android

So now we have this android operating system to use this application on your android phone. If you see its profile on the google play store, you know Millions of people installed it on their mobile phones and took advantage of its facilities.


The way to install it on the phone is also very easy so let me tell you how to do it again because sometimes some such users come who don’t know how to do it.

  • Download the file from this web
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation process

Download for iPhone (Apple Phones)

The iPhone has an operating system similar to the Android system. Still, its operating software is very different, but they both look the same, but the iPhone is a product provided by Apple company. In contrast, different companies provide the Android one Common product hat.


Let’s talk about whether this application exists for this operating system. Hence, friends, it exists exactly for this operating system, and by installing it on your iPhone, you can clean your phone’s memory and speed up your phone.

Final Words

Friends, I am very happy to have this application installed on my mobile because it allows me to do two things at once, with the help of which I can clean my phone memory and secondly if my mobile becomes a little slow then I can adjust the speed of my mobile with the push of a button.

So if you want to take advantage of this app, install it on your mobile, and all its features will provide on your mobile, which is free.

Contact Support Team

If you are having any problems with this application, I am giving you an e-mail, and you can contact the team and explain it to them; in that case, the support team will try to solve your problem.

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