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Status Saver For Whatsapp

Why Status Saver For Whatsapp App?

Status Saver for WhatsApp is limited to WhatsApp only, so it will allow to download all the status files of WhatsApp of all profiles and do not limit to few users.


Both videos and images status for downloadable, so the step that you need to follow is that open the profile of the personal status you want to save on your phone but make sure that the user has updated any status because if there is no one, then you can’t download it, so it is compulsory for the other user you have any story on his WhatsApp profile.

The product is limited to your contacts profile because it does not allow downloading the stories of any profile that is not in your contact list, so if you want the story of any profile, then make sure that the number or user added to your contact list.

It saves all the files on the phone memory, and you can assess access all the downloaded stories on your phone storage, so this feature is beneficial because the WhatsApp management does not allow any user to download any story of any user and this application brings you joy because sometimes we like the story of a user. Still, we don’t know how we can save it on our phone so, this application is a solution.

Status Saver For Whatsapp Features

  • Saving the Whatsapp Status of any user and every kind includes (Image, Video or Gif)
  • It stores the story file on your phone memory.
  • Accessing the downloaded story for unlimited times
  • to cover all the features, so let’s start.

How you can install this application on your computer system so I must say that most WhatsApp users install WhatsApp on the computer, so this is the best feature to implement.

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed BlueStacks software on your computer because your BlueStacks is very important because we BlueStacks is an Android player who is supportable on the computer system so this software helps every mobile application to run on the computer system, so the installation of the application is also simple just let the application that you want to talk install and the rest is like installing any application on the mobile system.

Download Status Saver For Whatsapp For Android Phones

so now let’s discuss that how can we install this application on an Android phone; so if you have already installed any of the mobile apps on your computer, then it must be effortless for you to implement, but if you have never done this before, then you must read some guidance because I have seen that Google Play Store does not bother you for installing any app, but this method is slightly different then play store.


Just open the application on your phone and click on the install button, and you may face an interruption. You will redirect to a new window where the phone asks to allow the “unknown sources” function, which disables by default, but if you install any App manually, it is compulsory to enable that function, so after doing that, go back and click on install button and everything will do in no time.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The most important part has arrived because we will discuss how we can install this application on an Apple phone, which is an iPhone, so this product is costly. However, people still love to use iPhone, so that’s why the developer must develop the application for the iPhone because if the developer ignores this operating device, then there is a chance that the developer may face disappointment.


Final Words

so we have concluded and must say that this application is something different from others because I use many Status saving applications for study purposes, but this provides some extraordinary features that are missing in others, so my suggestion for you is that go for it to keep supporting me. Check out more apps on  ATOZ APK.

Check out more information about this product on Google Play Store.


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