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Stylish Text App Free Download

Why Stylish Text App?

The stylish text contains chunks of Fonts, Stickers, and Keyboards.

Stylish text is a mobile application used for changing the text on the phone, and it’s a highly rated product that contains over lac downloads, so the developer has done a great job because the popularity shows how precious it’s for the people. RuralGreeks develop the application. New updates come on a weekly or monthly basis.

Stylish Text App Free Download

This application includes hundreds of text fonts so, it may take a day for you to check each of the fonts available in it. I have also used this application. All of those texts are amazing to utilize, but some are extraordinary. Just go & explorer the product.  If you want to make your mobile unforgettable or stylish, you don’t need it anywhere else.

Many keywords designs also exist there. This website has also provided an article where various keyboard layout includes Fonts, Layout, and backgrounds. If you are looking for a designing keyboard, go after that article. Still, even this application also contains unique fonts designs for the keyboard, but the only limitation is that it does not have keyboard layout templates.

Stylish Text App Features

Let’s move the product feature, and I can bring you more than ten features for this product, but we will go short and provide the important one.

Stylish Text App Free Download For Windows

Stylish Keyboard

It would help if you turned on this option, then use all those awesome fonts & designs available there and usable for other apps.

Styles Popup

Text floating bar, Text selection tools are always available in popup windows, and you need to open the

application for allowing them, all you need to do is open the popup window, then turn them on through the menu, so there is no need to open the application menu.

Popular Fonts

Go for the awesome fonts available and adjust them with a floating bar & adjust each of the app fonts differently, which is a unique thing.

Input Options

You can set the text to Capital, Lower, and Camel alphabet.

Style Editor

This application also provides the option to edit the existing fonts letter, and you can replace them with stylish emojis and stickers so, avail it.

Sticker Maker

Create unlimited text and image stickers for WhatsApp in no time.

Quick Actions

Quick action is the best option because you can do quick actions using this feature (Copy, Share, adding popular, and swiping).

100+ texts, 20 number fonts, (Design)

This application includes 120 text fonts that are available in different varieties. Each of them contains a different design so. You must check them out because all of those are amazing, so that we will add them here. There is an application called Fonter APK that is also doing the same things.

Script Normal and Bold





Italic and Bold Italic


Upside Down


Square Brackets


Double Slashed




Here, we’ve shown some of the popular font designs, and I’m sure that you will like these too so, keep checking the new fonts app for your phone, and I’m ensuring you that I will maintain the high quality of fonts so, no need to take worry.

We’ve discussed many of the features, so let’s close the topic by starting the discussion of the supported operating systems. We’ve covered most of the critical points so, let’s discuss the supporting OS.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

Windows is always our priority since PC is the most utilizing device nowadays so, everyone prefers it. The app is not officially available for the computer PC since it’s developed for a different OS so, we can’t expect its release for the computer PC. Still, there are many similar programs available for PC so, try it out.

If you are still looking to install this app on a PC for any purpose, I’ve one solution. You need software called BlueStacks. By installing BlueStacks, you can use any mobile application on a computer system. Moreover, we’ve just got the news that Microsoft is launching Windows 11, and there are some rumours that Windows 11 is supporting android apps to be suitable for PC users.

Stylish Text App For Android

Android is a prevalent OS, and I like to explorer different things. I recently searched the history of Android & iPhone; I realized that Android OS is the most popular device overall. Its usage is more than 70% globally. IOS is the second popular device after Android because it’s an alternative to Android OS.

Stylish Text App Free Download for Android

We are discussing the Android OS, so let’s ignore IOS for some time since we’ve created a different tab for IOS. The user can easily install it on Android, and I will share the method again so, follow these steps and install the app properly.

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the file from the website
  • Open the phone storage or downloaded folder where the file is currently saved
  • Click on the “Install” button, and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown sources” option on your phone
  • After allowing the function, click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For iPhone

So, we’ve come to the demanding topic. iPhone is a more demanding product than Android, but Android devices are cheap so, most people use Android OS, but it does not mean that there is no value of iPhone in the technology market. If you’re a resident of America or Canada, you will see more iOS devices than Android.

Stylish Text app Free Download For IPhone

Now let’s discuss the important thing, the app is also available for the iPhone so, the iPhone users can take advantage of the app so, you can customize the keyboard text on your iOS device.

Final Words

We’re concluding the keyboard text app by giving our final remarks. The app is very amazing to use because it provides a lot of keyboard text styles. The app is not only restricted to keyboard designing, but many other objects are customizable. Using the app, you can customize the text style of phone icons, messaging fonts and much more.

Contact Support Team

Suppose you find any issue on the app or you have any concerns related to the app. In that case, we are providing an email where you can contact the app developer so, deliver your situation to the developer, and get the required info.

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