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Why Super Master Free VPN App?

Super master free VPN is a free service to facilitate unlimited VPN internet connectivity.


This VPN is free, and there are no charges for this excellent application. And the second thing is that you can enjoy this service globally. So there is no restriction for any specific area, and secondly, the user interface is straightforward and entertaining.

Just enjoy the fantastic user interface and access all the features available on this application, connecting to VPN Service by pressing a button and hiding your IP address.

People use the application for different purposes. Some of them use this app to hide their IPs, and some of them used this application to unblock blocked websites at their end. Many sites are blocked in different countries; show those residents use the VPN Service to clear the blocked websites.

The report says that most of the American websites blocked in China. The reason is that the Chinese government does not allow any fore regional brand to use in China, so this is also an outstanding initiative because they provided the alternative. The China Government created these alternatives and developers, so this is a good step by china. China has its Search engine, Social networking websites, Online Shopping stores, and many other things.

The best advantage of per master free VPN is that it provides unlimited and the safest privacy of your location, allowing you some extra anonymity for your site.

Super Master Free VPN Features

The following schedule is the pictures of these products, and they are a bundle of features, but we are going to to a well few of the important ones.

Hide User Identity

Hiding user identity is the first feature of this great application. When you connect to the VPN server, it had your original location and disabled your internet activity Ye, which is very useful in keeping privacy.

Accessing the torrent site is the second feature of this product because many torrent sites do not allow to use the site without being stranger, so this is the priority of all the torrents to insert the user’s privacy.

Fast Internet Speed

everyone prefers fast internet connectivity, and to be honest, there are few rare cases in which the VPN service provides fast internet connectivity. Still, most of the applications offer VPN services. Still, they do not provide first connectivity, so they do not work correctly, so I provide the super master free VPN that provides the fastest internet connectivity for the VPN services.

Unlimited Internet Connectivity

super master free VPN provides complete connectivity of the internet through the VPN location, connecting the VPN Service and enjoying comprehensive private servicing for a day.

Free Internet Service

it does not ask for the payment, so you don’t need to have any bank account and credit card since there is no payment scene. It will remain free forever so, keep enjoying the services for infinite time.

Unlimited Server Locations

it provides many location servers, and most servers are from different countries. I can say that there is more than 30 service from the other countries. Hence, it means that you can connect to the various countries’ VPN server, an excellent set by the application developer to facilitate users by providing 30 plus countries internet.

No Permission Required

the app does not bother you to enable any permission for using this application since you can browse the unlimited VPN connectivity without allowing any approval on your phone, so it does not ask you to allow the contacts and the security permission.

Super Master VPN Servers

United States Internet Connectivity

USA is the priority of many users because most USA servers provide some extraordinary internet speed. I may also prefer the USA connection.

Singapore Internet Connectivity

Singapore is also a very famous country in terms of Free VPN service since most of the applications provide Singapore’s internet connectivity because its internet speed is better than others.

Germany Internet Connectivity

Germany comes third in the list because Germany’s internet connectivity is also of the next level so, many people also use Germany’s location to access the internet.

Japan Internet Connectivity

Japan is the 4th most famous country that provides the VPN service to keep it on your priorities. Japan server also provides some additional benefits for unlocking any account. Many people use it for bypassing the account verification on Facebook.

India Internet Connectivity

India’s internet connectivity is also fantastic to use since many Asian people like to watch Indian shows. Still, The Indian government does not allow any foreign country to access their shows so, they have restricted many countries, and that’s why this app used to bypass all those restrictions on your PC.

The rest of Global Private Servers

I have provided the complete information about some vital server locations above so, check them out on your device. I may suggest using one of these services, especially the USA’s service. The rest of the services are given below.

Hong Kong, UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Poland

How Does It Work?

The critical question is here, but don’t worry, neither the answer is complex nor the application.

  • The app does not ask to allow any permission.
  • Just open the application and press the “Connect” button
  • Wait few seconds until the VPN connects to your location
  • Now go and check out all the available proxies of a different location
  • Just select the place according to your need

Why Do Users Prefer Proxy IP?

Hide Real Identity

The point is straightforward since proxy service hides your actual location and shows an invalid location so, if someone tried to trick you, this app would show them the invalid IP. Your actual IP (Internet Protocol) can reveal your physical existence because IPs are traceable so, that’s why people prefer to go anonymous.

Unblocking Websites

Unblocking websites are also the main reason people prefer Proxy IP because Many countries have blocked different sites of different countries. One example is China. Since China has blocked all foreign websites, Amazon is on the block list in China, but they have alternatives everywhere. Alibaba is the Chinese brand for online shopping.

Removing The YouTube Restriction

This point must be different for you to hear, but let me explain to you that how does it work? When we try to access any video on YouTube, it shows the message “The uploader has not made it available in your country”. We need to open the uploader’s country proxy so, to remove this restriction, we need to open the uploader’s country proxy we can access the complete YouTube services.

VPN use in Gulf Countries

Most of you know that the Gulf countries do not allow social networking sites, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat, to enable social sites in the Gulf area. We use the proxy servers to unlock social sites.

How To Download & Install For PC?

Do you want this app file for your PC?


Just go and search on Google “Super Master Free VPN for PC”. This method can help you download this file for your computer system, and it’s the official software for the computer provided by the developer. Many mobile apps are not available for the computer official, so there is only one solution.

Install the Android emulator on your computer system, then open the desired app through an emulator. Gameloop is the best emulator I have seen because it provides unlimited services.

Download Super Master Free VPN For Android

The product is undoubtedly available for Android phones, and you don’t need to find it on another website, but we are providing this file on our website. The procedure is also available to get this file for your mobile below so, check it out right now. Get more applications on AtozAPK.


  • Download the app from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” function (One time only)
  • Go back now and install on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhones (Apple Phones)

The availability of Super Master Free VPN for the iPhone user is also possible because the official application is also available for the apple store. You can get this file on Apple Store as well, but It might be premium so, we are providing it for free of cost so, avail yourself of the opportunity and get it for your apple phone now.


The installation method is the same, so no additional steps are required to perform; open the file and do whatever is necessary.

Final Words

Now it’s the time for the conclusion, and I must say that this application will keep you anonymous. It provides 100% efficacy to hide the identity. The second advantage is that it allows for the fastest internet connectivity, so the internet connection will not bother you again and again. The application is available for multiple operating systems, but we have provided it to every possible operating system.

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