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Why SurfShark App?

SurfShark is an application used to secure your online privacy & secures the physical location through a VPN system.

The creator of this application claims that no other application can provide you with faster service, and you will not find the kind of service available anywhere else.


When I tried it temporarily on my mobile, I enjoyed it a bit better than the rest of the applications and had a little better experience. Still, it would be premature to say that this is the best application, but If we know this well, we can guess whether it has its unique place or works like thousands of other VPN applications.

The application claims to have won the Best VPN Service of 2011 and claims that your complete data will remain private & secure forever, and your privacy will not harm in any way.

As time passes, when you look at things in front of you, there are some problems that you have not seen before. The privacy of a user is at the top of the list nowadays; there are so many types of problematic stuff on the internet that can damage your’s privacy.

By the way, the claims of this application are the same as other applications, but now we complete the section of this discussion and now let’s go ahead and see what these features that would add four moons to its popularity are. And if some of them have been provided with such facilities, then believe me, or no other VPN service can compete with it.

Surfshark App Features

Bypass-Geo Restriction

it bypasses geo-restriction since it provides the 3000 VPN servers of 60 + countries, covering most critical countries. Using this application, you can get a VPN Service of 60 plus countries, and the best thing is that your physical location is invisible all the time.

Fast & Smooth VPN Service

The application provides some extraordinary features, including fast internet speed and unlimited internet connectivity, so you can connect the unlimited Internet Service through VPN and get access to all block websites in your area.

Internet connectivity is very smooth, and when it is connected, it may not close down its internet connection speed. It provides stable internet connectivity, which enhances the experience of the VPN service provided by this application.

Failsafe Service

This feature would disconnect you from the VPN Service if the VPN Service did not provide the claimed facilities to secure the data when it is connected.

When this app detects that someone is trying to disrupt and tease your privacy, it disconnects immediately before the application loses privacy, protecting privacy. And it protects your data from being damaged.

Unimaginable Fast Internet Speed

It offers outstanding speed, and it claims that you will be using the best web service when you use it, and it is the fastest globally.

100% Private & Protected

It takes care of your privacy so that in no case will your privacy be compromised right now, and no wrongdoing can be done with your data, and their system is very secure, which your data remains far away from the attackers.

No data leakage is expected in any condition. The phone data is 100% secured and encrypted.

Most Rated in 2021

This app claims that it provides the best VPN service on the Play Store, and this application was released in 2021, but it has done a great job since it came because it is downloaded by so far up to 10 lac people. People have come to use it, and in the first quarter of 2021, it has gained a lot of acceptance, so it has many fans.

Support Team (Guidance)

When you run its official website, this application gives you a feature to talk to its technical support team whenever you want.

It provides you with 24-hour support access, and you can use it whenever you want and get any guidance if needed.

Most Private & Trackless Internet Connectivity

This application claims that it is entirely unaware of your browsing activity and does not have any authority to know your browsing activity, nor is there any feature to detect it.

So your privacy will be 100% private, and not every service provider can tease your privacy or know anything about you.

Fake IP Address

This application disappears your original IP system, replaces it with a fake IP, and even changes the location of your country. If you are sitting in India, then it will show the current location in the United States.

One-Click Connectivity

This application allows you to activate your proxy service at the click of a button, and your network will privatize.

It means that with just one click, your privacy and private beta will be 100% secure, and your IP will change.

Easy User-Interface

Its user interface is much more straightforward; as I have told you before, just one click will serve you the VPN Service, and once you press one again, you will get disconnect.

It has a setting option on which you can run the web service of different countries, and I have already told you that this application provides 65 to 70 different countries. By sitting in one location, you can connect the IPs of sixty to seventy countries.

Unblock Websites

This feature is the most useful. This feature unblocks the websites on your computer or mobile blocked by your government and sometimes even the website doesn’t allow few area & countries.

Playing Games

Every country has some games: the government blocks, and you can’t play these games without VPN service, so it removes the ban on those games, and you can play games blocked in your area.

Watching Netflix

Many districts in the world have been closed by Netflix, but you can already guess its popularity as it has become trendy worldwide. Especially in the last 1-2 years, its popularity has skyrocketed. If there are enough countries that have suspended its service, then the citizens may be deprived of Netflix services by using the VPN service.

7-Days Trial Version

This application provides you with a free VPN service for seven days to find out what features are in the premium version that is not found in the rest of the applications for you, and it is a complimentary service for 7-days. But it will end with premium features for which you will not get paid services and limited to accessible version facilities.

Premium Version

Its premium version is available on Google Play Store, and if you want to get it at a premium, you have to install it from Google Play Store. At the same time, its lovers have to pay, and there are countless features in the premium version that aren’t deceptive in a free trial.

Cancel Premium Plan

It gives the users another 30 days, and you can use its features for free for up to 30 days. And if you feel that the features of this application are not meeting your requirements, you can use it. If not, then you cancel the package, and you will not have to pay any further charges, but if you do use it and exceed the month, you have to pay the monthly or yearly charges.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

PC is a part of our lives. We have a good performance PC, so VPN is also the need of the PC users, and this product is available for the PC version. It provides some amazing functions for the PC variant. It allows you to enjoy unlimited internet speed without showing the location. The duplicate location feature is also available here.


The installation of the Desktop variant is also very easy. Just go through the steps that I provided below and enjoy it on your computer.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Open the setup installation and start it.
  • Your internet connection should turn on during the installation
  • Wait few minutes and complete the installation
  • Login to account after installing it (Recommended)

Download Surkshark App For Android Phones

Android station is the 2nd station after PC. The website provides the apps for the Android OS so. Its availability is not in doubt in that case. We have provided the latest version of the Surfshark application. The user will enjoy infinite internet bandwidth through VPN service, and your privacy is safe & secured.


The installation procedure is not complex, but it might be easy for you because it does not bother you enough. Just perform several steps, and everything will go smoothly.

  • Download the APK file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download For iPhone

iPhone is a very popular product, and most developers use it. Many of the developers of famous apps are using it so, is it possible for a developer not to provide its app for the iPhone. Most popular apps belong to European countries. Apple usage is very high in European countries compared to Android, so developers do not miss many users by restricting Apple users from using Surfshark.


Download For iPad

IPad is also a very popular machine manufactured by Apple Company. Its use is also speechless because it’s like iPhone OS, but it’s much bigger than Ipad. Surfshark VPN service is also available for IPad. Ipad users can also use the facility to access the VPN service of 60+ countries. These services are easy to access for the users. We have provided a lot of VPN services for iPad device so, check them out on this website.

You need to press one click & get infinite VPN Internet service. Don’t forget to share the amazing product with your friends because VPN service is the need of everyone. Everyone prefers privacy & security.

Final Words

The time for the conclusion has arrived, and I like the application because its features are countless. Unblocking most popular websites and lifting Netflix’s ban is surely an amazing thing for me since I love watching Netflix. Select the best VPN server to enjoy the amazing speed of the connectivity.

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