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Why TextNow App?

You can make local and international calls using the Textnow application. Guys, this is a very useful application and has a lot of popularity. Most of all, it is used in the American country because its full services are available in American countries.


The United States and Canada are two countries where the service is provided and can text each other remotely.

Friends, it has many features that are not found in other applications, and this application gives us a different number that we use to make calls, and this number is like our SIM mobile number.

It is usually the United States or Canada that provides the country code number, so if you live outside the United States and Canada, you can still take advantage of this facility. Still, you will get a certain amount of facilities unless you don’t belong to any of the following countries. You will be given these facilities free of cost.

I will talk about it in a little more detail, and let me tell you that this application is also used in other countries, but its use is very specific in other countries and if you want to take advantage of its full facilities. If so, you also need to buy the official version.

If you belong to a country other than these two, you need to purchase your credit to call or message.

This app is restricting calls and messages, but it also has some features that prove to be very helpful. Many people use it to verify their social media accounts from this application.

The features of this app are innumerable, and I will try to make you aware of the complete features so that you can know what kind of application it is and what features it has which are not found in other applications.

I think we’ve put a lot of content in the description, as usual, so now we go ahead and see what features it has and how we can use those facilities to benefit our daily lives.

Textnow App Features

Unlimited Calling & Texting

So, friends, this application is the most useful facility. We can make innumerable messages and calls using this application, so this application gives us a mobile number registered on our email id.

We do not need to take a SIM card after using this application as it gives us amazing features that allow us to send innumerable messages and calls.

Local Number (Sim Number With American Country Code)

It gives us a local number that is American and uses the +1 code like American SIM.

If you are a new Canadian citizen or the United States, you can take advantage of this facility as it gives you a facility that you do not need to buy, and you can use it to get your SIM number.

Cheap International Calling

Using this application, you can also make international calls with great ease, and you can make international calls at a very good rate as its international rate is very reasonable. If you use another local SIM, the international rate is very high, which is not affordable. Still, this application only allows you to make international calls for one minute on a prince of 0.01 cent, which is very useful.

The application has been rolled out to more than 250 countries, and the pricing is very reasonable; if you compare it with a normal local sim, its rates are very reasonable.

Video Messing

It gives you a way to use it to send a video message to your friend without having to pay anything.

It is a very useful feature because we make a lot of videos in our daily life, and if we want to share them with our friends, this application gives us this facility and does not expect any payment from us.

Chat Texting (Messages, Emojis & Gifs)

It also gives us a messaging facility that we can use any, and as you all know, a normal local SIM number does not allow you to use any emoji and include it on your chat.

Using this option, you can share your selfies and other pictures with each other, and this facility is also provided free, while if you know that for such facilities, you need to pay a high amount of money to local sim networks.

Voicemail Or Voice Message

This application also provides a voicemail or voice messaging facility from which you can also send your voice message. Its voice recognition software is very useful, and it records your voice perfectly. And provides the voice in HD quality so that other people can hear you in a good way.

You do not have to pay anything for this facility since it does not ask for any money to enjoy it. Free facilities have been provided where this application is available.

Calling to local Sim Networks (America & Canada)

As you all know, this facility is only available in the USA and Canada, and you can also use this facility to call on mobile networks in the USA or Canada. There is no deduction of any kind. At the same time, these services are provided to you free.

Calling To International Sim Networks (250+ Countries)

This application allows you to make calls to international networks. This application operates in 250 countries, so you can use this application to make calls to mobile networks in 250 different countries. Yes, but you have to pay for it and buy credit.

Let’s compare this application with other local SIM networks. This application is much better, and I would advise you to use this application instead of making international calls on mobile networks and any other international.

HD Call Quality

The voice call quality of this application is very good, and it gives you the same quality on local and international calls, and its voice quality is very high in HD, and you can hear each other’s voice in a very good way.

There are other similar applications like Play Store or similar. Still, there is no competition for this application as I have been using this application for a long time. There is something special in this application that is not provided in other applications.

Verify Social Media Accounts (Best Feature)

The best advantage of this app is that you can also verify your social media account using this application. You can use this application to verify your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The verification code will receive in the message’s inbox because I have noticed that sometimes people are looking for such facilities not to have to verify their number, so this application is too amazing for them.

Also, if you want to register on another website, this application gives you a special number that you can use and verify any of your accounts.


Using this feature, you can put a lock on your message inbox, and you can use it to restrict your inbox message to yourself, and only you will have access to it or someone who knows the passcode.

Conference Calling

Using this feature, you can make a conference call if you want to attend a meeting or arrange a meeting for employees; you can use this feature to take all your employees in one call called a conference call.

Business people usually use it because they have to attend the meeting a lot of time to use this application to make calls and easily secure their meeting. If you should use it for any other reason, then there is no problem.

Customize Chat-Tone & Ringtone

When you receive a message or call on your mobile number, you hear a certain tone, and this application gives you the facility to change the message or call ringtone to your liking.

Google SmartLock

Friends, this is a feature that you don’t have to worry about using your password, and your account will be perfectly safe because this is how this feature works. You can easily open your account on this operation in no time, and you do not need to enter any password.

It is a feature provided by Google, so there are no security concerns because Google is a comprehensive name, and there is no doubt.

This feature is also available for other applications that Google removes all types of security concerns so that you can use this app on other applications.

Customizable Chat Backgrounds

This application allows them to change the background of your chat conservation and put the background of your choice, and this feature is also provided to you in other applications like WhatsApp.

Compose A Message

When you open the menu of this app, a feature is given to you “Compose a message” option, and after clicking on this button, you can type your message, and you can send it to a friend or relative of your choice who you want to send.

Multiple Device Usage

These applications allow you to use a number on different devices, and if you have more than one device, such as mobile and laptop, you can run the same number on different devices, and there will be no trouble and no loss.

We have a lot of features, let’s and this topic and move forward to a new topic that is the supported operating system, so in this section, we will discuss all the operating system that supports the text now application.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

The first operating system, the Windows operating system software application, is not officially available for the Windows operating system. Still, it provides an official website where you can log in on your computer system, so you need a browser to open the web. Every feature is assessable on the web, so this is it works on computer operating system.


I have often seen many people like to install mobile applications on a computer system for different purposes, so I don’t know why people need to do it, but I have one solution.

The user needs BlueStacks software on the PC. After installing the software on the PC, it becomes easy to install any mobile application on a computer system, so this is the only solution to install the mobile application on a computer system. There is no other solution. Still, many other relevant alternatives are BlueStacks, and game loop is also a very popular Android Emulator.

Download TextNow App For Android

The next operating system is the Android operating system product is only available for the Android Operating System since it was developed for Android apps OS because we used to chat and phone calling a lot in a day, so it is the best platform.


It is difficult to install the mobile application manually, so the answer is no because it is easy to install a mobile application manually. You have to do one or two Axis steps. Still, they are not very difficult to understand.

I will provide a comprehensive installation guide to help you install any mobile application manually in no time.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For iPhone

The next plan is the iPhone operating system, so the product is available for the iPhone operating system because iPhone is a very popular operating system all around the world and it is a very precious device, so if the developer avoids providing the product for iPhone, then its popularity does not meet the requirement.


The installation procedure for installing the mobile app on an iPhone is not complicated, but it is very easy to perform.

Final Words

So finally we are at the Conclusion and friends. I am very happy to share this application with you because I have afternoon use this application for different purposes, and sometimes I need to verify my social media account. Still, my account is already registered on the existed phone, so that’s why I need a different mobile number for registering the second account.

It is the best application for verifying your social media another website account, and it is the most recommended application since many of the applications do not meet their claims. Atoz apk is the hub of mobile apps.

Contact Support Team

This section is the developed phone you to approach the developer of the product, so if you face any issue during or after the installation, you can send the complaint message on this email. They will check out the email and execute your message on this email for the next update.


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