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Why Truth Tables App?

Truth tables calculator application is used to solve the truth table of the given equation.

We are very aware of truth tables, and it is the part of our study and the first time I solve this table in 8th class, and it was a subject of Physics, and when I started my XI, this topic was available in a math book.


At first, I thought the concept was used only in physics. Still, I realized that it could also be used in math, so now I am studying for a Bachelor of Computer Science. This topic is used in many such subjects, such as automata, Introduction to computers, and discrete structure.

You can learn the basic concept of truth tables through the application, and it tells you the solution of each vision, and it helps you learn the complete concept of the topic.

If you want to learn it, you have to start it first and then go to advance.

The whole concept of this hat revolves around 0 & 1. You can use 0 & 1 in its entire operation and using two digits, and you can create the truth tables.

I’m lucky in it whenever I understand it, then I learned it very easily and believed me I had a lot of fun solving this complexity because it requires your brain and when your brain, you become more interested in it.

So there are two advantages of this application that you can use. The first advantage is that you can learn to make tables by using them.

Second, if you don’t want to learn it for some reason but have been going through one of your problems of truth tables, you can enter your question in it, and this application will answer you in a few minutes, and the accuracy is unmatchable.

So, guys, I think I’ve given you a lot of material about it, so let’s read on and see what features it has that you can use.

Truth Tables App Features

Solve Truth tables Problem

Friends, if you have a problem with a truth table that you want to solve, but you do not have the solution, this application gives you the facility to enter your question and answer in no time.

This feature contains amazing things. It solves any problem that you gave, so even if the problem is very complex, it will give you a solution within a minute.

The application accuracy is unimaginable, so don’t keep any doubt in your mind that it is the correct answer or not because you can never expect the wrong answer from this application.

Learn Truth Tables Concept

Learning is a process of life, and believe me, its learning process is very easy, but you have to pay attention for some time because it requires you are tension then everything is very easy.

The application provides a complete course of learning, so many tutorials are available to learn the truth table development. I am very professional in creating the truth table, so I wish to help you out with this. Still, this application will also vanish your worry since its explanation method is very easy to understand, and secondly, they explain it very well.

There are many tutorials available on YouTube to learn creating a truth table, but I will suggest this application since it provides complete guidance on learning the truth table concept.

I have one suggestion for you: you should start from the basics and then move forward to advance because when the basic concept is not clear, you cannot get the advanced concept, so it is very important to learn its basics.

How Does It Work?

The solution of the truth table is very easy to perform, as I have told you, so now I will share some of the functions of the table so that it will help you understand the concept of the topic.

AND Function

AND function is the multiplication function that works like multiplying two values or numbers.

Suppose the first value is zero and the second value is one, so when we do 1 X 0, then the answer is zero, but when we do 1 X 1, then the answer is one, so the same concept is applied here. Check out the table below to learn AND function.

0 0 0
1 0 0
0 1 0
1 1 1


OR Function

OR function is similar to the addition function of math. Let’s discuss its table below.

Suppose the value one is one and the value two is 0, then we do 1+0, then the answer is one which is equal to 0. But when the first value one is 0, and the second value is also 0, then 0+0 = 0. In the OR function, the answer is 0 when both values are zero.

X Y OR Function  (X+Y)
0 0 0
1 0 1
0 1 1
1 1 1


So friends, if you are interested in this article, I think you will learn its basic function here, and when you get its advance from the app, you will find it very comforting. Solve together because you will have a very good grip.

Not Function

NOT function is always opposite to the given value, so when the given value is one, then the solution is zero, but when the given value is zero, the solution value is one, so it works oppositely.

X ~X or (X NOT)
0 1
1 0
0 1
1 0


I know that it is very easy to perform but to be honest; I don’t find it difficult in any condition so when you go to the complexity then, and you can learn it much better, but I must say that it is enough for learning the basic concept of the truth table.

Well, there are many different functions of the table, but these were the basic functions that we learn in the basic concept. When you go to the advanced level, you will get the solution of the functions with other complexities, so be ready to face the complexity, but it is still easy to learn if you pay to heed.

So, friends, I have provided enough information of the feature, and secondly, I explained the basic concept of the truth table, so this is a very easy learning process and now let’s move on to check out the possible operating system for this application to run, and I hope their most of operating systems support this application.

How To Download  & Install It For PC?

The first operating system is the Windows operating system, and friends this application is not available for Windows PC since it is a mobile product but don’t worry because the same program is available for computer provided by the different developer, but that does not matter because the computer variant program is also efficient. I can say that when you learn it on the big screen, then you can get the concept more clearly.


I have often seen that many people still want to install the mobile application on a computer system, so they are trying to install the mobile games on the computer, and the reason is that most of the mobile games are not available for the computer system, so they want to enjoy the gaming on the big screen, so that’s why I have one solution to remove the worries.

You need to install BlueStacks software on your computer, and it is a program that is used to install any mobile application on a computer system, so I would like to tell you that this software works like of mobile operating system, so it is your Android mobile on a computer system.

Download Truth Tables App For Android

now we have changed the agenda, so the next operating system is the Android operating system and friends, I have told in the previous section that this application is provided for the Android operating system, so the availability is no doubt.


You need to install it perfectly, then you can utilize the features of the product, but I must say that if you are new to manual installation, you need to perform some additional staff during the installation.

I’m providing a comprehensive guide about the installation so, check out the steps here. We have already provided the installation method here so, get more apps on Atoz apk.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Function” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installing

Download For iPhone

iPhone is also a very popular device, so the availability of the application for iPhone is very obvious, but there are a lot of applications are also available for iPhone users, but I must say that this application provides some extra features that you cannot get in another so if you want to be professional in this field of learning the truth tables concept then try out this application


Final Words

The time for the conclusion has arrived, and friends, if you want to learn the basic concept of it, it is the best platform to learn because it provides comprehensive information about each aspect and short tutorials help you understand each of the function very clearly.

If you still find any problem while learning the concept, then let me know in the comment section, so I will help you out because I am very aware of this topic, I can solve or teach complex problems.

Contact Developer

if you have any issue regarding the application or its working is not fine, then we are providing the developer’s email to approach the developer on this email so they will help you out completely, and I will entertain you with the quick service.


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