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Why TTS Voice Auto Answer App?

TTS Voice Auto Answer is an application that automatically allows you to perform many things on your mobile.


Guys, the time has come when we want to keep the movement time of everything on the automatic zone because now we want to limit our physical movement too much, and we know that the technology has shown its effect nowadays. Through technology, our mortal hopes have been to be implemented.

The app has just launched in a brand new market, and some people have just entered different complaints against it; if you want to see these complaints, you can open its profile on Google Play Store and check out the complete reviews about it.

You can automatically put many such things in your mobile on the automatic option, and all those things will start happening automatically on your mobile. You will not have to work hard for them because you enabled the automatic option on the following operations.

So let’s first talk about what was the purpose of creating this application. So, friends, we receive many calls on our mobile in our daily life, and if we want to attend a call, we have to click the button or any similar icon.

This application is very useful for incoming calls. If we put our incoming call on automatically, it will automatically receive our call, and we will not have to press the attend button.

So, guys, I think I’ve put a lot of content in its dictionary, so now the rest of the content is for its features section, and let’s see what good features it has that you can use to make this application amazing. Get more apps on Atoz Apk right-now.

TTS Voice Auto Answer App Features

Attend Incoming Call

We have already mentioned this feature. Friends, this feature works in such a way that if an incoming call comes to your mobile, this feature will answer your call automatically, and you will no need to press the attend button.

Answer All Calls

It is a feature that, after enabling, any incoming call in your mobile will be received automatically, so in this option, the user will receive every single call regardless of your contact. Whether or not it is on the contact list and this application will automatically receive their call.

Answer Calls in Phonebook

After enabling this feature, calls can be received up to a certain limit, and even if the caller’s contact name or number is saved on your mobile, your call will be answered automatically. If the caller’s number is not saved on your mobile, then the phone call will not answer in any case, and it will be up to you whether you attend the call or not.

So I like this feature more because when we have enabled the calls option, it also comes with some calls that are not bothering us too much, and if they are automatically attended, they are more annoying for us. Considering this is harmful, if we use this option, we can attend to the incoming call contact we have in our phone book.

Hangs Up Call

With this feature, we can run incoming and outgoing calls on our mobile for a specific period, and then this feature will automatically drop your call at that time.

Set Call Time Duration

If you want to make a phone call for a specific period, this option is also necessary.

Open the application on your phone and click on the “Call Time Duration” option.

Set it for according to your wish, like 1 minute, 2 minutes, or longer

Answer Delay Time

I know many of you will be worried that if a call comes to our mobile and this application automatically attends it, how will we know if a contact number in our mobile has a call?

So a special feature has been created in this function that we know from answer delay time, so this feature works so that the ringtone will start ringing for a selected time of seconds. A few seconds after, the call will automatically receive.

So when the ringtone rings for four to five seconds on your mobile, you will automatically know that the call is coming to your mobile. Still, you do not have to attend it manually as this application provides convenience, and with the help of which this application will answer the call for you.

Do Not Disturb Mode

If for some reason, you don’t want to attend phone calls and want to block phone calls, you can also get this feature on this application.

But the amazing thing is that when you block a call or does it every call at a certain time, you can send a special message to all of them.

Send Automatic Voice Message

This application gives you the facility to send one voice message at a time, and this voice message will only go to those who will call you on mobile at a certain time when the mobile is on “Do not disturb” mode.

It will be a voice message that you will enter on your application, and the same voice message will be sent to the incoming call contact and if you want to change this voice message, then open this application. And use change voice messages function from there.

So, friends, I have given you full information about it. If you want to know more about it, you can install this application on your mobile and see which features we have forgotten to add to it and then let us know in the comments and guide us on what features can be added for the next update.

So let’s talk a little bit about which operating system this application is working on. We will take a complete look at all these operating systems and see if this application works on this operating system or meth.

How To Download & Install It for PC?

So the first thing that comes to our mind is Windows operating system, so this is an operating system on which we can do our necessary work. Hence, TTS voice auto-answer is a mobile application that automatically responds to your mobile’s incoming calls. So it is of no use to the computer, nor does it exist for the computer.


However, if you want to install a mobile application on your computer, let me tell you a solution.

First, you need to install an Android emulator that works on the computer, and the purpose is to install mobile applications on the computer system. With the help of this software, you can install any.

BlueStacks is my suggestion for you, but BlueStacks is a powerful android emulator and requires a high-speed computer PC.

Download TTS Voice Auto Answer App For Android

And now we have the Android operating system, so this application is perfect for the Android operating system, because with the help of this application, we can automatically attend the incoming calls on our mobile and if for some reason we If we block them, this application sends a special voice message to all the contact numbers that call us at this time.


So you can do all this work with great ease on your Android mobile, and this application is also on the most popular Android operating system; if you want to download this application from Play Store, they can do it too. I have no problem.

So let’s talk a little bit about whether this app is very difficult to install on a mobile system; then friends, it is very easy, but if you install an app from the play store, then google store installation is super easy, but when we install a mobile application from our internal memory, there are some additional steps that we have to call.

  • Make sure to download the APK file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation process

Download For iPhone

The product is available for iPhone users as well so, and iPhone users can enjoy the facilities of this product for free. We have often seen that the Apple store charge some money for installing the application, but you can download those apps from this website free of cost. You are not going to pay a single penny for it.


The installation procedure is quite easy & similar to Android OS installing so, check out the installing procedure we have described above.

Download For IPad

Ipad is a similar device to iPhone, and the working of both devices is almost the same. Still, we have stated that the only difference is the size so, if you want to enjoy a big screen tab, then choose the Ipad, but if you want a phone that you want to keep under your pocket, then go for iPhone. The final choice is surely yours.

I an application is provided for iPhone, then it’s well understood that the same app will also run on iPad since their OS software is the same.

Final Words

So it’s time for us to end this article, so friends, I made you fully aware of it, and I have also told you some of the complaints that the user has provided. And this application still works on some devices and does not rest, so I hope that its developer will improve its performance and work on every device.

If it works on your mobile, you take advantage of its facilities, and this application does not demand any payment and gives you all the facilities free.

Contact Support Team

If you want to get any guidance about this application, you have to contact the support team on this email, and I am providing this email to you. If this application is not running on your mobile or in it, If there is any interruption of any kind, you can contact the support team at this email and submit your complaint.


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