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Tube video downloader is an application used to download video files on the internet. Most websites don’t provide the direct download option, so this app will remove your concern and download the video files from different sources.

We often see that many websites don’t have a built-in downloader on the site so, we need an external downloader to get the files, but I must tell you that a browser has its downloader, but some of the websites don’t allow the downloader of the browser to store the file.

We need an alternative solution in this condition, so; now we have a tube video downloader. It has many amazing features, and I will describe each of the features in complete detail. There are some underrated features of the app. I will disclose all the amazing features of this article.

The app offers video file downloading, but I must tell you that the app is not limited to videos files and supports audio, video, and JPG (Picture). You can download all types of files, and I’m not sure about documents files like PDF, Excel, and PPT. I will suggest you implement it on your phone; you can also tell me in the comment section.

The description is enough for the app so, let’s move on and check out the amazing features provided by this product.

Tube Video Downloader Feature

4K Social Video Downloader

The term is referring to different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. These are the most popular social website, and the developer also provides the official apps. These social apps don’t contain built-in downloaders so, that’s why you need an external app to get the videos from social networking apps.

I use to watch videos on FaceBook, and I’m completely addicted to FaceBook. I use to watch interesting videos on FaceBook, and actually, those videos are trending videos in your area so, they have the required quality to get fame.

Sometimes, I even need to download the video file from Facebook. I use this app, and believe me, it’s an amazing app because it provides maximum transfer rate speed, so avail the opportunity.

Download Movies, TV Shows, Comedy Shows And Much More

The app offers the ultimate use of the product and offers different files like movies, tv shows, and video songs. There is no limitation of any format, and it also supports a large number of files. Suppose if you download a movie from any source. Normally, the movie size is bigger than the normal file size, so you need the maximum transfer rate and required the resuming availability.

Resuming availability is very important because if an app can’t resume the downloading file, your file can get damaged. If a downloader can’t resume the file downloading process, then give up the idea to install it on your phone. Savefrom Online net downloader┬áis providing the same facilities with different user-interface.

High Transfer Rate Speed (Downloading Speed)

The app offers to boost transferring speed, and the desired file will be downloaded in no time. Just begin the downloading process; you will get the file in no time. It would help if you always used the downloader with good downloading speed because the more files you can download in less time.

Offers Different Video Qualities

This feature is present in few versions because sometimes, the internet speed is not up to the mark so, we need to download the files in standard quality since our internet connection does not allow us to get the file in HQ quality. In that case, it provides standard video quality as well. When you see the menu, you will get 3-4 different quality options to download the files. Select the best option according to your internet speed.

If you don’t want to compromise the quality, you can select the HQ quality, but the estimated time depends on internet connectivity speed.

Lifetime Free

The app is free of cost and does not ask you to pay the money for using the services. These services will be free forever, so; you don’t need to buy any premium subscription. No matter how many videos you download, the app will not bother you by asking for a premium subscription. All types of video files are downloadable so, don’t worry about it.

No download limit, and it does not matter how many videos you download in a single day. Everything is acceptable. The developer is trying to convince its subscribers by providing them unlimited services.

Send Files To SD Card (External Memory)

SD cards are the external memory, and normally, this action is not performable, but this app made it possible and provides the facility to download & save the files directly to your SD card. Normally, the apps offer to save the file in the internal memory; then, you have to move the file from internal memory to SD card manually.

The app offers to directly download & save the file to SD Card memory so, no need to move files from internal memory to SD card. Many people will surely like this feature because this feature is seen in very rare cases, but luckily available here.

Add URL To Download Video Files

Adding video URL is also a very common method, especially on mobile phones, because if you’re a PC user, then the PC variant does not ask you to copy the URL and paste it on the app. Most of the websites allow PC downloaders to save the files, but unfortunately, the android downloader are not much effective so, sometimes, we need to copy the URL of the video and paste it on the app.

The app will take 5-7 seconds to execute the URL and find out the video. The app will ask to select one video quality and download the file. Select the best video quality, but you have a good internet connection to download a good quality video.

Play Downloaded Videos

When the files are downloaded from the internet, it has the in-built downloader so, utilize the option and watch the downloaded video in its video player. The app is also working as a video & audio player. The app contains a download manager folder where all the downloaded files are stored.

All audio, video, and JPG files are stored in the download manager. If you’re unable to locate the downloaded files on phone memory, then directly open it through the download manager.

Secure Your Downloaded Videos

The app is also offering to secure your videos by setting a pin lock. The folder is opened when you enter the pin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to open it. The system is very secured so, don’t think that you can deceive the app since it requires the Pin code; otherwise, no access to the download manager.

This feature is the best provided by the developer because securing your data is also a big concern. I must say that the app is an all-rounder because first, it’s used to download video files, then it works as a video player. Now the app is offering to secure your video files by adding a pin lock to the download manager.

Tube Video Browser

Yes, the app is working as a browser, and you can make the search queries on the browser; and secondly, if you want to browse any website, this action is also performable, and you can easily do it.

You will get the same features as a normal browser so, don’t download any extra browser since we’ve in-built browsers on the phone. Installing too many browsers can consume a large of space on your phone so, avoid it.

How To Download & Install It for PC?

Tube video downloader is an android application and supportable on android devices. The app is not supported on the PC version, but we’ve many awesome products for the PC version. IDM is the best choice, and if I start providing the products for the computer, then IDM must be my first target.

Now let’s discuss a situation that you want to install a mobile app on a computer system, but the computer system does not allow performing this action directly; you need external software to do it. Blue Stacks is the recommendation of everyone, and I also prefer BlueStacks, but it requires a high processing computer, and if you don’t have a high processing computer, then no need to install the software.

Download Tube Video Downloader For Android

At the beginning of the article, we’ve discussed that it’s developed for the android system, so the availability is very obvious, but the confusions are about the supporting android OS. The app is supportable on Android 4.0 and later versions.

The app can surely generate junk files when the download links are broken so, keep a cleaner on your phone to avoid these junk files. The deleting process is impossible manually because these files are unable to locate. We are providing the complete process to install the app perfectly.

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the app from this web
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the install process

Download For iPhone

iPhone is also a demanded machine so, that’s why we’ve also included the iPhone OS. The app is also available for the iPhone so, just it from the link given below. Make sure that you don’t run the android app on iPhone, and the error is expected this way so, get an iOS version and install it on your iPhone.

Final Words

This app is an all-in-one package because it offers to download the video files and lock the video files through pin code. The app has an in-built web browser to browse different websites & information. This app is the best choice if you want all these features in a single place, so get it for your phone.

Contact Support Team

The support team is very helpful, and the also encourages you to ask a bit irrelevant questions, but you should ask the relevant questions only. If you have an issue regarding using the app, you should contact the support team, and they will reply to you in no time.

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