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Vont – Text On Videos App Free Download

Vont  – text on videos app is a free mobile application that is useful for adding fancy texts to videos. Believe me, and if you are looking to do amazing video editing, you must try out this app. I’ve seen a lot of editing software that perform the same duty, but the best thing about the current app is that the required space is very low.

Vont - Text On Videos App Free Download

So, basically, this app is consuming low-space and providing some extraordinary stuff. I’ve used this app, and this app provides 200+ fonts that are in-built installed, but if you want to install any desired font that is not included there, you can easily perform this task. You can get a lot of fonts on Google so, check out the rest of the fonts.

The best thing about the app is that it provides a variety of features or customization to perform because you can make changes to the current fonts like, increasing the size of the font or changing the colour type of the font. I feel that we’ve included enough data for the description section so, let’s move on, and check out the rest of the features of the Vont App.

Vont – Text On Videos App Features

200+ Unique Fonts

More than 200 fonts are available to utilize on the app and believe me, these all fonts are really amazing to use. By adding these fonts to your videos, your video will get too much attention, and we see a lot of videos on different social media platforms; those videos are also customized by this app.

Vont App For Android

This app has become a normal routine thing in my life because I’m also interested in Vlogging so, I used to add amazing texts to videos and put those videos on different social media platforms. If you start checking each of the fonts one by one, you need at least 5 hours minimum to explorer all those fonts.

Installing New Fonts

This app offers users to install new fonts available on different platforms. If you are looking to get more texts or fonts, you can Google it and get unlimited fonts free of cost. But make sure that the font extension must be installable on the app because different fonts are available for different OS such as Windows, PC, and Android phones.

It’s your duty to download the right fonts for the phone device. If any font is already added to the app, you can’t install the existing font so, they will show a notification telling you that the following text type is already added to the app.

Customize Text Size

All the 200 fonts are customizable so, you can change the text size according to your need, but for me, the default text size is the ideal one because it looks so dashing, and secondly, the default font size does not bother the video content. Super Space Cleaner app is recently updated on our website so, don’t forget to check the latest articles.

If you are looking to get an app for adding the subtitle of any video content, you must try out this app because this app will provide run-time subtitles, and secondly, you can also customize the font size of the subtitle so, everything is under your control.

Customize Text Colour

The customizing option is not only available for the text size but also for managing different colours. You can add fancy colours of text to your videos depending on you, and I really like the black colour so, I might prefer to use the black font color. The best thing is that you can add multiple colors to a single font type, so It means that you can apply multiple colours to 200+ fonts that are already installed on the app.

Rotating Font Text

The user can rotate the text on the video, and rotating is available for 360 degrees so, it does not matter which angle you select or desire to select; you are free to do it. You can also put the text in a straight line or change the angle of the text but place it at the same spot.

There are two main spots for adding the text to a video, the most recommended spot is the footer of the video, and the second recommended spot is the top of the video, but I won’t recommend the top spot because it looks so ugly, but still, some people prefer to use it on the top.

Customizing Font’s Text Shadow

Adding text-shadow is an optional feature that you can use if you want, but if you don’t want to include the text-shadow, you can disable it, and this option is optional so, adding text-shadow depends on your need.

I know that adding shadow is a good thing because it increases the video design, but if you are trying to add the text to a longer video like a movie, then I won’t suggest using the shadow features because the users may not like it for long term.

Bold, Underline, and Italic Text Customization

By using the app, you can use the text of different types such as bold, and you must have seen the bold text type; and moreover, you can use the underline feature, so all the video text be underlined.

The italic feature is to increase the charm of the text font because it makes the text fancier, but I feel that the italic feature is not much useful because when you have more than 200 fonts so, you don’t need any additional text font.

Download Vont – Videos On Videos App For Android Phones

Vont – text on videos application was made to customize the mobile keyboard and make the mobile keyboard colourful, so this mobile application is beautiful, which exists for the Android operating system. You can easily do the installation on your mobile. The installation is a little different during the Google Play Store.

Vont App for IPhone

  • Make sure to download the file from this web
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Go back now and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the installation

Download Vont – Videos On Videos App For iPhone

The Vont application is also available for Apple phones, so you can use it to customize your Apple Mobile Keyboard as well.

You can also use the Vont application on your iPhone’s social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The same facilities provided for the Android system are also provided for this operating system.

Final Words

So friends, now it’s time for us to finish this article, so friends, I’m glad to know this article because I got to see a lot of new keyboard fonts that I have never seen in my life. This application is very good, and you should take advantage of this application and make your chat colourful.

Get App Support

If you see any error in this application, you can complain to this email, and this whole team will support you a lot; it provides 24 hours service, so you can contact them whenever you want. And they will guide you, and if you tell them a problem or bug, they will spare no effort to fix it.

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