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Why Choose Youku App?

Youku application lets users watch other Chinese movies, comedies, and documentaries worldwide.


I must say that this product was developed by the Chinese and it contains all the contents created in China. The application has different video data types like watching movies, seasons’ documentaries, and many other comedy shows in China.

Youku App Features

. The app allows the users to watch all Chinese movies and various documentaries. It also narrates China’s history and contains many different Chinese seasons. Still, the most remarkable thing is that it is free, so there is no text to watch any movie or season, so the application is free of cost.

This app is a highly rated application in China to watch movies and other stuff. Suppose the person desires to watch Chinese stuff. The user must go for this application because it contents all the Chinese movies, including action movies, adventure movies, and many other things like drama series. The content available on this application is very vast so take it out.

The application provides excellent content, and the best thing is that every video is downloadable but to do that, you need the VIP tag on your profile. Then after that, you can download any video you want to download from this product.

You can watch the videos all the time, and there is no time limitation because it provides a facility to entertain you with awesome movie stuff all the time, so there is no time drama.

I must say that this application is a media player that used to play all the Chinese content. There is no restriction about the area to watch this product because even if you are from the USA well, you can easily access this website or app on your phone and have an Android phone to use it.

so I think I have told all about this product, so I don’t need to give an extra feature of this product, so that’s why I believe that I have shared enough data about this brand, so let’s move on and discuss the supported operating system for this excellent app

How To Download And Install Youku For PC

So, friend, there is a limitation that you cannot open this application on a computer system because the developer has not made it available for the computer system. I have a solution for performing this task. You need an emulator that can help run the mobile application on a computer system; for installing that emulator, you can easily access any mobile application to install the Youku application on your computer system through an emulator.


Make sure that you have downloaded the emulator, and then open the application that you want to run through the emulator and install it like we use to do on the Android system because the emulator is an Android player so, this is how it works.

Download Youku App For Android

so now the following plan is to provide this application for the Android system. Hence, it is effortless because all you need to download this application from this website is to open it on your phone, and the rest is straightforward to perform. However, I will still share all the steps that can help you install any application on a mobile system, so let’s start.


  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function (For the first time only)
  • Go back now and click again on the “Install” button

It was the easiest way to install an application on a mobile system. I know that most of you are familiar with this method, but it takes some extra time to install any app since it is a manual installation. Still, Google Play Store is an automatic installation platform where you can install the application by pressing a button on your phone.

Atoz APK is the best platform to download mobile apps for free.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

Now the next episode is iPhone. I am happy to share; this product for iPhone users and available for iPad users.


iPhone and iPad developed by Apple as well, so the iPhone users can also use the Chinese app on their own, and it is all free, and then it doesn’t need to pay anything for this application.

The installation process for iPhone and iPad is the same, so I don’t think that I need to provide the installation process since most of you are aware of the installation and must have done any installation before, so apply the procedure.

Final Words

it is time for the Conclusion, and I’m happy to say that you may indeed like this application on your phone because most of you don’t know that Chinese movies are very famous worldwide. They provide quality content, so I suggest you watch out for all those fantastic movies on your phone. The second thing is that they also offered the film in different languages to provide the English subtitle. Hence, it is a good thing to experience, and I must say that you should check out this fantastic app on your phone.

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