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Why Choose ZenUl Launcher App?

ZenUI Launcher is an application that helps you type faster and has hundreds of emojis and different types of keyboard themes that can make your keyboard stylish.

If you want to make your keyboard colorful, I suggest installing this application and making your keyboard very stylish.

Not only does it have keyboard designs, but it also has some delicious emojis or emoticons that we use when we chat, and it makes our chat a lot more fantastic because when we interact with each other. Sending emojis increases the taste of our conversation.

There is already a lot of emojis on every mobile today but let me tell you that you will not find these emojis anywhere else because they are the ones that have just been introduced and invested by the developer. Let me tell you about another feature that makes it an excellent chat theme for you.

With the help of this application, you can do different things, and if you don’t want to write a text message, you can also give hand-written, and the text will come. There are some surprises in it. For example, there are so many brutal to explain but easy to use.

It contains one prediction feature in which you move the fingers towards few characters, and the application will predict your word and provide you the word. And I have also tested this feature on my phone, and it works well. And I can say that it is 99% effective, but sometimes we get the wrong result in scarce cases.

Autosuggestion or correction is a feature that corrects your spelling or an entire word because it analyses the sense of the sentence and presents the suggestion according to the need of the sentence, so it is also convenient. However, its effectiveness is 90% because it gives some wrong tips, which is less effective than predicting features.

The features are available in ample numbers, so I will disconnect the description section and move forward to the features section. First, I will let you know each of the features of the application.

Zenui Launcher Features

Designing Themes For Keyboard

The application provides of Store, known as Keyboard theme Store, and there you can get free hundreds of themes for your keyboard. These themes can help you customize your keyboard and add stylish designs to the keyboard layout, so I must say that you should try out this feature because it brings your keyboard designed to the next level you have not imagined in your life, so go ahead.

Emoji & Text Emoji Commands

This application provides many emojis that we can send the following emojis, and another person can also send us different emojis. Nowadays, the fun of our chat is incomplete without emojis because when we have to express our heart’s feelings, we can’t do it through conversation, so we show our heart’s feelings with the help of emojis.

If the user uses emojis too much, the user can use emojis without opening its menu, but we have to remember the command of every emoji. If so, I suggest you place the management of your popular emoji and type it while chatting.

Voice Input

Voice Input is an excellent feature whose job is to send your voice, and the mobile will keep typing your voice in the message.

It is a time-saving tool as it can save us a lot of time. We know that typing on mobile as fast as possible but still takes a certain amount of time. Still, when we use the voice input option, we complete the whole thing in a few seconds, and the best part is that your mobile phone recognizes your language very well, and it types what you say and provides the text in no time.


Auto-Correction is a great feature that works to correct your mistakes, and if you are writing something and have a spelling mistake, this application will know your mistake right away. Corrects your errors, and you don’t waste your time. This feature is also used so that you don’t have spelling mistakes and save your time because if you start fixing the spelling again, you will be wasting a lot of time.

Next-Word Prediction

It has a lot of great stuff that is still sophisticated because it tries to read your brain, and it understands a bit of what you are going to write the next word, and in fact, it reads your whole sentence. So knows carefully and guesses what your next term will be like by looking at it and then gives you auto prediction and it is produced on the screen, then you can press on predict word if it’s accurate and add it on your sentences without writing.

Friends, I have tried my best to explain this feature to you, but I am not satisfied with whether you have understood my point well, so I would like to say that If you install and then visit it for yourself, you will understand my point nicely.

Toolbar (Keyboard Settings)

Most of your keyboard settings are present in the toolbar, such as the setting of voice Input or your keyboard theme. The user can also customize this setting and place the desired keyboard on them. Most people keep it in English Keyboard, but some still use their national language, and as I am from Pakistan, sometimes I also use the Urdu keyboard and chat in Urdu.

Android’s Supportability

There are some new styles that I have already mentioned to you. Still, now the problem is that these features do not work in some mobiles which are of the old variant of Android, and if If you have at least Android 4.4, then you can use it well; otherwise, if you have an old video, then you can use only its a limited number of features.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

So now the question is whether this mobile application can run on your computer, then the answer is absolute. Still, a question from me is what you will do by running this application on your computer. This application is available for mobile operating systems, and the portable keyboard has nothing to do with computer OS, so I don’t think you should run it on a PC.

So I told you about it before. I’ve done a lot of research on why people try to run their mobile applications on the computer?

The answer I’ve got is that people are used to mobile games now, and they can’t live without them, so they want to show their game skills on the big computer screen. People install mobile applications on their computers because many mobile games do not run on the computer. Their computer variant is not provided, and those games are limited to mobile.

Download Zenui Launcher App For Android

So now we come to the Android operating system is the most popular operating system globally, the popularity of which is in some parts of the country and the whole world. Millions of people are using this Android software. And it is a handy thing because millions of people are earning their livelihood from it and making a good income. Also, it uses for different purposes like entertainment, etc.

So now we come to the Android operating system is the most popular operating system globally, the popularity of which is in some parts of the country and the whole world. Millions of people are using this Android software. And it is a handy thing because millions of people are earning their livelihood from it and making a good income. Also, it uses for different purposes like entertainment, etc.

Friends, you can manipulate the application on your phone with great ease, and I will tell you all the ways to install it, and you can easily install this application on your mobile by following the method.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

This app is available for your iPhone. Access to it is very much possible for you because its developer has provided excellent features and has provided many functions that can run on the iPhone itself. The makers of the Zenui have paid close attention to the iPhone mobile phone because they know that a large part of the world uses the iPhone.

So, guys, this installation is not a difficult task on iPhone but very easy, so all you have to do is follow the steps that I will tell you. Then, get more applications on Atoz Apk.

Download For IPAD

The iPad is also an Apple-provided video SI, and it works just like the iPhone but is much larger. So if you want to enjoy this application on the big screen, you can also use your iPad; this application is available for iPad and is often recognized as a similar device, but there is a size difference only.

Final Words

So now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Let’s take a look at all the points.

This operation makes your chat colorful because it contains some emojis & designing fonts that are not present in other applications, so its popularity has reached a new level. I also want you to use this application. Run the app on your mobile and see what features you can use to chat and significantly improve your chat conservation.

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