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Picture Bird

Why Picture Bird App?

Picture Bird is developed for bird lovers because we often see that many people love to keep the birds, so they use to explore everything about them.


Sometimes they discovered new stuff they have never seen before, so this is a directory for birds, and paste the picture here, and the application recognizes and tells their names.

I love this application because I was not expecting that there is an app that provides the name of every bird worldwide. This app is something extraordinary, so this application has stolen my heart.

The scanning time is deficient because it scans the name in no time, and you need to wait for 2 to 3 seconds or maximum of 5 seconds to get the title. This product is impressive, and now I desire that I wish I were Birds lover to enjoy this app on my phone.

Picture Bird Features

  • It provides 100% accuracy in finding the name.
  • Share the exciting stuff with the community on the app
  • User-friendly and straightforward menu layout
  • Discovering the exciting facts about them
  • Discovering the history of the birds includes A to Z

These are some fantastic features of this application, so the application is not only limited to recognizing the bird only, but also there is a community where people use to share different images and information related to them, so if you are addicted then I must say that you should join that community and explode something new about them.

How To Download Picture Bird App For PC?

We are going to share the method which can help you to install any of the Android application on a computer system, so the solution is straightforward because all that you need is a software called used AC so installing the setup file then open and select the application whichever you want to install on the computer through Android player and the rest is like installing any application on a mobile phone. Don’t wait to get more applications on Atoz APK.


Download Picture Bird APK App For Android Phone

So now we have come to mobile installation, but before there, I should tell you that this installation is different than installing any application through Google Play Store because we used o see that Google Play Store does not ask you to install it manually. After all, but it does everything for us, so manual installation is changed.


  • Making sure that the file has been downloaded on your phone
  • Click on the install button, and the phone redirects you to a new window
  • It asks permission to enable the “Unknown Sources” option function
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function so, after doing that
  • Go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • The rest is like Google play store installation

Download For Iphone (Apple Phone)

The installation process for the iPhone is relatively simple because it does not bother you enough, performs several steps, and everything will go according to the need.


iPhone does not ask for unnecessary permission, but the application asks to allow some clearance like allowing the Media Gallery or Camera so, these are some permission required to access.

Final Words

The conclusion has arrived, and to be honest, I have provided many articles, and I have explored a lot during this journey. Still, I did not know that some applications identify the bird name for this was something new for me to experience, and I must say that this application is beneficial for lovers who are addicted to this stuff, so keep enjoy.

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