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Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming App Free Download

Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming is a free mobile application to track your workout progress. I’ve recently provided a similar app, but with a limited amount of features. I will try to mention that product, but anyways, the Strava app is amazing to explorer because it keeps a complete record of your workout routines.

Strava MOD App Free Download

There are a variety of features which is not offered by any other app. The Strava app is not restricted to the tracking of walking routes but is also useful for running. If you like to go outside for running, select the running option, and check out the running performance of every day.

The best feature of the Strava app is that it provides the complete record of your daily workout and compares the workout record with the same day of the previous week so, this thing will help to understand to compare the current performance with old performances.

I feel that we’ve included enough data for the description section of the Strava app so, let’s move on, and check out the full features of the app.

Strava: Track Running, Cycling, Swimming App Features

Track Running

If you like to go outside for a walk or run, you can install this application on your android phone. You don’t need to keep it on all the time because this application works in the background so, the app will keep tracking your workout record when you put your mobile in standby mode.

The app automatically detects your footsteps, and when you even take a step forward, your mobile will automatically see the activity through a GPS. The application also shows different stats, such as how much time you’ve taken to achieve the target distance and much more. If you don’t have a built-in app on your phone to track workout performance, you can surely trust the Strava app.

Cycling Progress Tracking

The app offers to track your cycling record and provides a different type of cycling data to enhance your performance while cycling. The good feature is that it allows for the actual progress of your cycling performance. Xpresso is the latest update on our website, which is used for online banking & payments.

The app contains the complete map of your location through GPS. You can also view all the visited places in the past, showing all the visited routes. The app also offers the record of visited ways by custom date. Suppose, if you want to check the cycling record of any specific date, you can select the date, and the app will give all the records.

Find New Places To Explorer

Since the app contains GPS and knows all your nearby locations, this app also gives suggestions to explore new routes that you’ve not used in the experience. You will find many places on the map so, if you want to try out any different way, you’re free to select a new path.

You get a different kind of data before following a new route if you’re willing to try a new way. After selecting this route, the app will give complete information on how much more or less distance you will have to travel and tells the distance in KM to get the complete information before starting the trail.

See Your Workout Performance over Time

I’ve already mentioned this feature, and since the app keeps the tracking record every month, all the monthly records will be visible on your screen. The app tells how many workout activities you’ve done in the last one month and how much distance you’ve travelled in those activities.

I feel that this feature is the key feature because this feature helps to find out the overall performance of our workout. You get the complete spent time record on the exercise. The best thing about the Strava app is that it’s user-friendly to phone sensors. You don’t need to indicate the app timing of your workout, and the app works in the background to detect if you try to make workout activity 24/7.

Race the Community with Athletes

Since the app is working in online mode, it also engages other people who work out daily, and the app shows all the people who achieved good performance in recent times. Different kinds of options are available in the racing community. If you want to check out which person has been doing a great workout for last month, you should select the one-month category, but if you’re willing to check the guys who did a great workout this week, you should choose the “This week” option.

Professional Athletes highly recommend the Strava app, and this application has been installed more than 10m times only for Google Play Store. Suppose we include the rest of the Play stores. In that case, the number will surely increase, so the app’s popularity is gorgeous, and if you want to get the workout app. Don’t trust any other app because most workout apps don’t provide accurate data, and finding real-time data is impossible in other health apps.

In-built Month & Weekly Challenges

The developer knows the users’ weaknesses, so they’ve decided to add different monthly & weekly challenges; these challenges are for the open public, and hundreds of people can join the challenges. If you work hard, your profile will steal the top spots in the challenge, and everyone will start to admire your workout skills, and you always want the motivation to work out.

You can also share your workout skills on different social media accounts to achieve a good workout record. Your social media friends will start to admire your workout skills and become a motivation for your social media friends because I’ve often seen that people lack the incentive for hard work, so your efforts will help your friends & colleagues.

Download Strava: Track Running, Cycling, & Swimming App For Android

Now the most important operating system has arrived. Still, it’s compulsory to provide this amazing product for the android system since the web offers all the mobile apps well; this is our main plan for the smartphone. Of course, the installation steps are different from automatic installation, but the automated process completes without interruption because the manual installation is different.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install button and proceed
  • Enable the built-in function “Unknown Sources.”
  • Go back now and proceed further
  • Click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the installation

Note: The “Unknown Sources” is a built-in security feature in every mobile so, it stops the applications from installing them without the permission of the mobile user. It would help if you allowed this function; otherwise, the installation can’t proceed further.

Download Strava App For iPhone

So, friends, you can also install the Strava app on your Apple mobile. Then, after installing it, you can manage your workout very well because this application is very popular, so that’s why it has also been used for the iPhone, and that’s why I have provided it for my website.

You can install this application on your iPhone mobile very easily, and I have told you how to install it many times before, so let’s go ahead and see what the operating system is, which we haven’t been able to mention yet.

Get Support Help

Suppose you’re facing any issue regarding the usage of the application. In that case, we are providing an email where you can directly approach the app developer and inform them about the bug that you found while using it.

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