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Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & More App Free Download

Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & More is a mobile application that is useful for tourists because by installing the relive app, you get the 3D quality video of your touring areas. Suppose, if you go out on tour, and you want to capture the moments that you’re currently experiencing, then you should install the relive app.

Relive, Run, Ride, Hike & More App Free download

If you like to work out in your daily routine, you should install the app because it also counts the daily steps you’ve travelled so, this app is good for multiple reasons. The most promising reason for installing the app is that you can make a short story-type click through your camera. This app gives amazing recording footage and surely increases the charm of your phone camera.

This app also tracks your current location so, if you need any guidance on the direction, you can also use the app. This app provides the complete location of your area, and actually, this app contains the GPS system enabled in it so, that’s why it locates all the locations around you so, if you want the direction, you can freely use the app.

I feel that we’ve included enough data for the description section of the app so, let’s move on, and check out the features of the Relive app.

Relive, Run, Ride, Hike & More App Features

Record Daily Vibes

If you’re fond of recording daily vibes, you must try this application because it provides too many features for short videos, and even useful for the TikTok videos because TikTok is offering to upload short videos so, you can use the recorded videos on Tiktok.

Relive, Run, Ride, Hike & More App For Iphone

This app provides amazing filters so, and you will get better recording footage as compared to the original camera footage. These filters are always because these filters increase the charm of the moments and also increase the beauty of a human being that existed in the video.

Creating 3D 360 Degree Videos & Photos

The app offers to capture 360 degree photos free of cost, and you can view the photo in 360 degrees. The app is not limited to 360 angle photos but offers to record 360-degree videos so you can capture the amazing moments in 360 degrees.

I’ve often seen that people are now using these 360 degrees photos on their profile so, this activity is great because now we are seeing it reaching its peak so, why we should not evolve ourselves to technology.

Track All Visited Locations through GPS System

The app supports a GPS system so, when you allow the GPS option, this app monitors all of your travelling activities so; this feature is very useful because sometimes, you want to know the location of your past time so, when you have the record of all the visited places, you can track the locations.

This app is also providing the real-time location of the users so, find out your current location as well; and moreover, the same GPS system can be used for tracking your walk and workout activity so, customize the setting according to your need.

Create Videos Stories by Importing Media Files

This application can be used for editing purposes as well so, that’s why you can add the photos & videos clips to make another media note. This feature is free of cost, but there are some features that are locked by the app developer, and to unlock those features, you’re required to buy a paid subscription.

By buying a paid subscription, you will get all the features featured by the relive app. Let’s figure out what features does relive app offer.

Record Ultra HD Video (Paid Feature)

The app is offering to record ultra HD video, but this option is available in paid version so, if you’re a free user, then you’re restricted to the HD quality, but to avail of the Ultra HD quality, you need to buy the paid dealership. Vont is a mobile application that provides the same features and also offers to add amazing text on videos.

Edit Videos Multiple Times (Paid Feature)

When you make a video on the app, you’re not allowed to make changes to the same video multiple times, and you’ve given a certain limit of editing times. Suppose, if you 3 try to edit one video so, you can edit the same video for 4th time, but if you buy the paid membership, you are allowed to access a saved video unlimited times.

Customize Video Speed (Paid Feature)

The app is offering to adjust the video recording speed, but in paid version so, you’re allowed to record slow-motion videos. The membership charges are very low so, don’t be afraid of losing dollars because the membership pricing is very low, and most people can afford to buy the membership.

Add Music To your Video (Paid Feature)

Adding music to your video feature is also available but in the paid version. I feel that the developer must allow this option in the free version because this option is available in most of the editing apps so, this feature should remain to unlock for the free version, but still, I’m not owning the app so, that’s why I’m completely hopeless in this regard.

Add Up-To 50 Photos In a Video (Paid Feature)

You’re allowed to add 50 photos in a single video and add the background music of your desire. I feel that this feature is good for recording a long video, and this feature is mainly used for creating the collection of photos because it’s a difficult thing to open each photo one-by-one so, by adding all the images in a single video, you don’t need to open the next photo.

Moreover, the rendering speed is very impressive in paid version so, if you are a paid user, you get the amazing rendering speed.

Download Relive, Run, Ride, Hike & More App For Android Phones

Revive, Run, Ride, Hike & More app is used for tracking purposes, and this app is available for the Android operating system for sure; and you don’t need to manually track your workout, but this application automatically detects your locations through GPS, but make sure that you’ve enabled the GPS system for the app usage.

Relive app For Android

Now coming to the second agenda, the installing method is quite easy for the instalment, but I feel that I shall share the installing method again for the new users.

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the app from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button, and proceed with it
  • Enable the “Unknown sources” option on your phone
  • Now click on the “Install” button again, and enjoy its services

Download Relive, Run, Ride hike & More App For iPhone

Relive Run, Ride, Hike & more app is available for iPhone users, and this app works the same as it works for the Android operating system. Since iPhone is a lighter device than Android so, its performance enhances on iPhone devices.

The installing process for the iPhone is also easy, with no difficult steps so, install the app easily on your iOS.

Get Support Help

Suppose you’re facing any issue regarding the usage of the application. In that case, we are providing an email where you can directly approach the app developer and inform them about the bug that you found while using it.

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