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Camera scanner converts hard copy into soft copy, so; this is the primary use of this application.

Why Camera Scanner App?

Sometimes, we need to submit a soft copy of any handwritten document that uses to suggest a scanner camera so you can picture all of your paper and convert it to a single soft copy PDF file.


The app is mainly used for study purposes because I have also experienced this application since our studies are online nowadays so, we need to submit the assignments of different subjects. For that reason, I considered it very helpful to use because when I right handwritten document my work then I can easily convert my assignment into a soft copy, which I had written in hard copy.

So, this was the apparent use of this application and converted relevant data into a single file. I will suggest using this application because it is highly rated on Play Store so that you can know that how famous it is.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can convert hard copy into soft copy so, first of all, you need to keep four the first page and then the second and after the rest and you have to follow the sequence of the pages, so you don’t it while the document.

After selecting all the images, now the thing you have to do is click on a Button that converts all those pictures into a single PDF file. After that, it will allow you to save the application on different devices like you can share the PDF file on your WhatsApp are a messenger. Even you can store the document on your PC, so it is basically up to you, and if you want to save it on your PC, click on the button, and it will keep in no time.

It seems that I have provided you the complete information about this installment so I don’t think you need to know anything more about this application because this was the essential use of this application and I hope that you will indeed like this product which is available on Play Store application.

There are various features of this application, but I am going to share with you the most crucial element of this application, so here we go.

Camera Scanner features

Converting the pages into a document is the essential feature of this application, and for that purpose, you need to allow the camera to record the page and then select all the pages that you want to convert in a document, and then you can easily e convert the required data into a document.

This application is helpful for online exams because when we are conducting exams online, then I have also some bit them online for sure, and for that reason, we need to provide the handwritten exam papers, and we picture all of our pages and then convert them to a PDF file in a proper sequence like that we used to do in physical papers.

This application is also helpful for business purposes because sometimes we need to save the document not to lose it. They convert the complete hard copy document into a soft copy document in a PDF form.

How To Download For PC?

Now the question is can we use this application on our PC slow? The answer is between yes and no because I have told in the previous article that there is no direct method to install this application on our PC system. Hence, we need a third-party application that can help you run this application on your PC, and first of all, we need to believe that it is appropriate software that can support the Android Application. First of all, you need to install BlueStacks on your computer.


Make sure that you have downloaded the application from this website and launch the application on your BlueStacks software; and after that, you need to allow the camera so you can capture the images and then converting them to a single PDF file, so this is only the way a which uses on PC, and I don’t think if there is any other way to use a mobile application on a PC.

How To Download And Install Camera Scanner For Android Mobile

It is straightforward to install on your Android phone because you need to download it from this website. After that, you need to allow the unknown sources to function on your mobile, which is default disabled on your phone, so you need to enable it for the first time. After that, if you have any other application to install on your Android phone, then you don’t need to allow that function because it is already enabled.


How To Download For IPhone (Apple)

The application is also available for the Apple phone, and the installation is also elementary, and all that you have to do is install the application on your computer and then you with it as like you wanted to use and it will give you output experience for sure.


final words

So we have concluded this application, so I am 100% sure that you have already like this camera scanner application. You will try it on your phone, which can help you convert hard copy into soft copy, and then you can store it forever on your PC are on your mobile because there is some chance that we can lose the pages somewhere. Still, there is no chance you failed the PDF document on your phone are PC, so if you have any vital record in the short form, then we will suggest you convert it to a soft Palm so that you don’t lose it forever. For more android tools, just visit Atoz APK.

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