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Why Choose Easy Voice Recorder App?

Easy voice recorder is a great function that allows you to record the voices because we use to see that many of the YouTubers add the different voices affected by using this product.


We can make the editing voice in the video, so this is very helpful in editing.

The product is limited to online stuff, but if there is an important meeting, then and allow the voice recorder. All the messages will record to need in the future.

This app provides an unlimited voice recording option to record different movements, songs, and different voice notes. I must say that this application is beneficial during the meeting conference because it helps save all the meeting conference records.

Let’s discuss its feature for the different personalities like students, office members, and many others, so the list is very worst, but I will point to the significant users.

Easy Voice Recorder Features

Easy Voice Recorder for Students

This application is beneficial for the students because the students can save the recording and listen to the recorded session when the teacher is not around.

If they have any confusion about the topic to listen to the recorded session when there is confusion, the product is beneficial for the students worldwide.

For Business Purpose

Record the meeting and conference sessions and share the recorded session with the rest of the staff so they know that the main agenda behind this conference is the best use of this product because you can keep all the employees in touch with their managers. The app provides the features to show a widget on the home screen suggest click the button and start the recording.

For Musicians

They provide multiple fine-tone, so check them out and try to create the best music for the audience, and the category belongs to different stuff like pop music, etc.

It records the MP4 and AMR format files to keep the quality high and takes insufficient space to store the file. The user can save the area on the phone because the supported formats do not ask for too much space.

Start the quick recording with Home Screen shortcuts and record the background window’s voice. It also works when the phone is locked so. It’s a good feature for keeping the recording without knowing somebody.

The best feature about this product is that if you have a Smartwatch, connect your Android device to the Smartwatch and press the button on your Smartwatch to start the recording. It is the best feature of this product because infrequent applications that provide this kind of facilities praise this app.

We will add a function are section of this app so let’s discuss all those fantastic facts about this app.

Easy Voice Recorder Amazing Facts

The applications save all the recording sessions to your google drive account and dropbox to save all the recording sessions on your cloud accounts.

Dozens of recording formats are available, including MP3, MP 4, AAC, and many others, and they are all free versions.

The application also supports Bluetooth headphones, so if you want to record the voice through the Bluetooth headphone, it also provides the option to do it, but make sure that you have enabled the headphone’s mic on your phone.

The recording is allowed to save in both SD card and phone memory, so there is no limitation to saving the file in a specified format.

This app is a multitasking application, so it also allows the control of the recorded session and changes it.

A lot of features are available to facilitate the users. You can also silence some parts of the voice and add additional voice effect in the same one, so it uses to edit the voice effect as well; even if you want to boost the voice at some point, then just button and boost the sound.

So these were some fantastic features of this product, and I must say that the teachers are countless and many others are still to reveal but let’s move forward to the next topic and discuss the sports meet operating system for this application.

How To Download & Install Easy Voice Recorder For PC?

So the first plan is to discuss its availability for the PC system, and the answer is yes and no because the developer launches no direct official program. Still, a solution to run this application on a computer system goes for the emulator called Android player that works as an Android phone and install all mobile application on a computer system. There are many emulators, but I’m going to suggest you BlueStacks because BlueStacks is very popular everywhere, so it is the People’s choice.


Download Easy Voice Recorder For Android Phones

Now the next point of advantage to discuss its availability for Android phones so, this application was developed for Android phones and surely available for this fantastic operating system. Still, there is a proper method to install an application on your phone manually because most people install the application automatically because Google Play Store is an automated app installation platform. Still, the manual insulation is different from installing through the play store.


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  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Allow the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone (First time only)
  • Go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

Download For SmartWatch

This feature is added for the first time on this website before all the Smartwatch availability is possible, and you need to connect the Smartwatch through your Android device and press the button on Smartwatch. The recording will start in no time, so this was the easiest step to recording a Smartwatch, and believe me, it is very effective and somehow better than a mobile recording system.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The third point of the plan is to discuss its availability for iPhone users, so this product is also available for Apple phones. It means that this application will keep entertaining iPhone users.


It is a fantastic app that provides the feature to add different voice effects and create the music voice for other purposes.

Installation steps are also very straightforward, and there is no drama there all that you need to follow. These steps appeared on your screen, and everything will happen smoothly.

Final Words

The conclusion has arrived. And I am pleased to say that I am providing this application on my website because many users were requesting this fantastic app. It has stolen the heart of every musician because it is very creative for introducing pop music in the market and entertain the audience through fantastic stuff, so my suggestion for you is that go for it if you want to be creative in the music field.

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