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Why Choose Turbo Download Manager App?

The application provides the facility to directly store the file in SD Memory card because I have seen very few products which offer the facility to directly store the file in the SD card because most of the applications stores the file into the Phone memory, and that’s why it’s highly rated on Google Play Store, and its rating is 4.1.


There are dozens of products available to perform a single task so, the competition is very high among them, but we always for the winner and indeed all the praise are for the winner one, and that’s why we are providing the current one because Turbo download manager is a winner.

The application automatically detects the required file from any web page, so; this is an excellent feature because it shows the notification to get the file on any web page so, this is super-easy.

It provides the complete controls, including (Pause, Resume and stop), and provides the option to download multiple files at a single time and divides the same speed among all the files. The installment offers a breakneck pace to store the files and works according to the internet speed, and there is no seeding problem over there.

Turbo Download Manager Apk Features

The applications support all the external web browser links so, if you want any file, then just the link in the app, and then the rest is not your problem.

Provides multiple downloads facility and goes up to 10 files simultaneously and at a single device.

Both Wifi networks & Mobile Data are supported so, you can use any of this medium to get the file, and it doesn’t give you any restriction to use any of the medium so, it’s your choice either you want to use a WIFI connection or Mobile Data connection.

Detecting and downloading the files from any website & web page that you have visited on your device.

There is no restriction for maximum file size because it allows full file size, so it does not matter if the file size is 10 MB or 10 GB.

Allows to transfer the files to the SD Card directly, so there is no need to put it in mobile memory and then move to SD card. Just select the folder or remembering where you want to save it, so it’s a time-saving Application.

The downloading process continues in the background as well during the use of some other app.

The app saves the file with the original file name and also provides the option to change the file name because we use to see very often that these apps don’t store the file with the actual name, but this product is providing the file with the original title so, avail this product.

Thumbnail generation of the video and images file

The application is supported on most of the browsers so, and I’m going to list all those browsers which support the product so, let’s check them out.

Google chrome


UC Browser


Boast Browser

Turbo Download Manager Limitations

The product does not support youtube’s video link, and the reason is Google Policy privacy so, don’t try to download the YouTube because YouTube is not supported on this product, but the rest is easy and acceptable.

It does not provide extra speed and does not exceed the limit provided by the Internet connection, which is undoubtedly a limitation.

To enable the multiple networks supported, you need to boost its function first so, this is a limitation because it must be better if the feature is enabled automatically, but I’m sharing the way to turn on the method to turn it on for multiple networks.

Open the “Setting”> “Network” > “Network Interface” and enable the “User Defined” option from that area.

How To Download And Install Turbo Download Manager For PC?

The installation of this product is very easy for the PC, and you need to some extra steps, and the rest is the same as installing any application on any Android phone. Make sure that you have installed any of the Android player software for the computer, and LDPlayer is one of them and very famous so, first download & install the LD player and open its launcher, select the app that you want to install on PC, and after that complete the installation.


Download Turbo Download Manager for Android Phones

The procedure for the android mobile is easy to perform because first download the file from this web and open the file. Install the application, but make sure that you have allowed the “Unknown Sources” security option, which denies the user or system to install any app without permission so, just let the consent, and the rest is straightforward because the rest is like installing any from Google Play Store. More games & tools are available on ATOZAPK.


Download For IPhone (Apple Phones)

This product is also available for Apple phones because I have seen that few products are only available for the Android system, but not for the Apple phone, so this limitation is not for this product because this application is available for both operation devices, opportunity. Anyways, we are providing the method to install any app on the android system, so; this is the easiest way to install any product.


Final Words

This product is a very fast downloader so, select the file that you want to save on your phone, then select the directory where you want to save the file so, avail yourself of the opportunity right now because the application is free, and there is no single penny to give. If you have any problems regarding the application, let us know, and we will guide you for sure.

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