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Why X Icon Changer App?

X Icon changer is a beautiful application that you can use to change the icon of your mobile applications, and at the same time, you can make your home screen very colorful.


The purpose of introducing this application was to create different icons for mobile applications, and you can apply them to your liking. This application gives you two types of features. The first feature would be like this. You create an icon for your mobile application and then apply it to the desired app, and the same new one will appear on your screen.

You can benefit a lot from using this application, and you can use different types of pictures and create anyone according to your mood. This application gives you some such facilities. So you can draw a picture and apply it to your phone’s applications.

Use Different Hashtags, Captions, and Designing Text Fonts to create a stylish statue.

So all these features you can get in one application and it is not difficult to learn its use. Still, I can say that it is elementary because you have to work a little hard and you have to use it for some time and you will learning it’s working, and you will only need a few minutes then you will be able to do your own thing like a professional.

So let me make one thing clear to you guys, this application is not only for changing the icon of applications but also for mobile tasks as you can make your keyboard very colorful, and there is a lot in it. You can enhance the fun of your chat by adding a good font.

So I think I’ve given you many descriptions of this before, so now we understand that we’re going to go ahead and talk about the features in detail and see which ones are in it. We didn’t know about features yet, and I know you will like this application very much because we don’t have similar applications.

X Icon Changer Features

Create & Customize Mobile Apps’s Icon

The first feature is that you can create and customize the icons of your mobile application, and the application provides a variety of features to create a fantastic statue for the applications. And you can set this icon on your home screen and make the home screen very colorful and designing.

Customize The Keyboard

Now the second feature is about customizing the keyboard. I must tell you that there are various things related to keyboard designing like fonts, themes, and many others to discuss everything in detail. I will provide complete information about this thing; we can customize our keyboard setting and enhance the keyboard design by using this application.

Keyboard Fonts

So the first thing that comes to mind is the keyboard fonts, and friends, you all know what the fonts are. Fonts are the writing designs that are provided to us by an application. Phones also give some built-in fonts, but they are ancient, and people don’t like to use them anymore, and since such an application has introduced a lot of new and modern fonts, people have completely stopped using their mobile phone fonts.

Keyboard Themes

This application provides you with hundreds of keyboards’ themes that you can use to make your keyboard the best & colorful. The user can select any theme from the given one, and it is up to you and your taste, so you need to choose one piece, and it will apply to your keyboard layout in no time.

Phone Themes

The application provides themes for the keyboard and the mobiles, and dozens of its themes are available. And you need to open the theme store and then select anyone according to your desire, so apply it on your phone and check out the shade of the theme.

200+ Apps icon

The application provides 200 + Apps icons, and you can use these items for your app and customize the icon of the application. These icons are available for different applications too. If you want to change the Facebook icon, then it a forward variety of items for the Facebook application, so I can say that you may get countless shades for your mobile application.

Customize Home Screen

The user can also customize the phone’s home screen by adding different designs and effects on your screen. It is all possible with a single click, so pick any of the designs available for your phone and apply it. Then, you may also review the design. If it is ideally looking, you should prefer it; otherwise, you should try out some other designs.

Preview Fonts

this feature is very worthing because it provides a preview of the selected font and it will give you a demo of this screen, and if you like the design of the phone, you can apply. Otherwise, you should check out the rest of the fonts, and I am hundred percent sure that you may get an excellent font for your mobile, so try finding it until you get an Amazing font design.

So, friends, I have concluded the features section very well. Now I think we have done enough for this section and let’s move on and let’s see what is next now so all the features are mentioned here so you can check it if you want, but if you feel that I missed any vital component, then let me know in a comment. I will try to add the overlooked feature in the next edition.

How To Download And Install It For PC?

The following operating system is the Windows operating system friends. The application is not available for the Windows operating system; this application is used to change the application icon on mobile. It has nothing to do with a PC, so I suggest you avoid installing this application on a computer system.


I have seen that many people still want to run any mobile application on their PC, and the reason must be different, but the solution is the same. The answer is that you need to install an Android emulator on your computer system. I want to tell you that Android Emulator is software that works like the Android operating system; after installing Android Emulator, it became easy to install any mobile application on a computer system.

Download X Icon Changer For Android

Now let’s move forward and see the upcoming operating systems that can be used to run this application so that its operating system is an Android operating system. We are a well-known product that is very powerful nowadays since it has been recognized globally and everyone is praising its functionality.

There is no doubt about its availability for the Android system, and it is a hundred percent available for the Android system. Still, the problem is different, and you need to know the solution to the installation of any mobile application, but if you have done this before, it doesn’t bother you, but if you are doing it for the first time, then and it will be good learning stuff.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” function on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the proceedings

Download For iPhone

So now we have the iPhone operating system, and 90% of you will be very familiar with this operating system because half of the world’s population is enjoying this cell phone and using it. So how is it possible that this application will not be available for your iPhone and is available for your iPhone? You can download this application from the iPhone Store. Still, you can also download this file via this web.


Its installation is not a difficult task, but it is straightforward, and I think its manual installation is much easier than the manual installation of the android system. Get more applications on the Atozapk web.

Download For IPad

Most of you will be well acquainted with this operating system as this operating system is also provided by Apple, and it is like a mobile tablet. Usually, it can be used to watch cartoons by kids, but it is an expensive product, and some are part of the world can afford it. It’s not reachable to everyone, but reachable to rich people.

Well, in these things, we forgot to mention the real thing, so This app is available for iPad, and you can run it on your iPad very quickly. Still, I can say that if you have it, then you can use it very well because the processing speed of the iPad is excellent, and it provides a lot of enjoyment on a sound processing operating system.

Download For Mac OS

So now we have the last operating system that is the Mac system, and most of you will know that it is provided by Apple company. It is an Apple device that works like a computer laptop, but Windows and Apple contain two different OS software, but they are still very similar.

Final words

The time for the conclusion has arrived, and I am thrilled to say that this application will bring you something new and exciting since it provides the option to change the application icon. Hence, it gives you the full authority to modify or replace the icon of any application available on the home screen. Still, it is limited to changing the icon and provides the option to customize your mobile keyboard, and many other facilities are also offered here. This application is going to entertain you for an extended period.

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