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Why Choose App? is an application that provides a facility to order food online in nearby restaurants, so there used to deliver the orders from your favorite restaurants.


I can say that this is an online catering service because they use to serve the food that you want to eat. Still, you don’t want to visit the restaurant physically. Hence, the application provides you with the feature at home by placing an order on this application. The application is fantastic in terms of time-saving.

The application provides you with the food from the favourite restaurant but makes sure that the restaurant is available or applied on the well, this is how you can get the desired food because the restaurant must use on the They can get complete orders through this application, but the application also charges some money to restaurants since they provide them with the entire order in a single day.

There is some percentage of commission which this application charge to the restaurant, but it is none of your business because all you want food so. The restaurant pays the commission, and they do not charge anything for delivering the food to you.

They provide a free delivery service, so the customer does not pay the delivery charges, but the restaurant pays the costs per order. The commission multiples when the restaurants get orders through this product, but I must tell you that this service is only available in Germany. If you are from somewhere else, you might try something different, like a food panda or something else.

There is no restriction about the shop because a food stall man can also register on this application and entertain its users, so this application is not only limited to restaurants only but also available for the shops or even for the food stalls.

There is no restriction about any food. After all, it does not matter that you are deciding to eat and pizza burger because it offers hundreds of food from hundreds of restaurants, shops and stalls.

You can place the order by selecting any restaurant or shop. They provide you with a complete menu of the shops and theirs available foods and set the directive according to your need.

Let’s discuss the main features of this product since I’m eagerly waiting to share its quality with my users. Features

  1. The user interface is straightforward and very supportive to its users
  2. Make quick orders online and get the food within minutes at your home. Just selects the shop where you want to order the food and choose their provided offer, and after that, place the order the food will receive in minutes.
  3. The application also gives an estimated time for delivering the order, and they also provide the accurate timing and show if the order delivered to the delivery boy.
  4. The application keeps you update about your order every second whenever you check out the placed order. The app will keep you informed that how much time is remaining from now and keeps you updated after seconds.
  5. The application offers you different food like burgers, pizza, and pasta to satisfy you and provide quality non-stop. You belong to Hamburg, Munich, or Berlin area, place your order, and the order will deliver to your home as possible.
  6. The application accepts different payment methods, including PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, and even provides a cash facility. This application is helpful in payment method because most of Germany’s residents have Paypal or any credit card account.
  7. The site contains an SSL service that enhances the security and the credits available on your account, so don’t worry about your money available on this product.
  8. Make different orders and give reviews about the food you have ordered and compare delivery services from other delivery boys.
  9. The behaviour of the delivery man towards you reflected in the reviews that you gave after completing the order. Hence, if the customer provides total reviews about the order, the service provider issues an extra Commission to the delivery person. If the delivery person has provided you with good facilities and had good behaviour towards you, don’t wait to give maximum stars about the order.
  10. The product also determines the location automatically, and it uses a GPS to locate the current location of the customer and the delivery boy. The application shows the location of the delivery boy to its customer. That day delivery boy knows the customer’s location changes the delivery by needs to know where to deliver the order.

Some Available Foods on

Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Zinger Burger, Chinese, Asian, Indian, Italian, Turkish dishes, Russian Dishes, American, Fast Food, and many other categories are available. Get more amazing online food catering applications on Atozapk.

The is not limited to eating items because it offers drinking stuff or ice cream.

How To Download & Install For PC?

So now it’s about the operating system on which the application works, so the first operating system that we use to Target is the computer operating system. Still, unfortunately, the product is not available officially for the computer system, so that’s why you need a mobile application to run this product. Still, I have a solution that can help you install this product on a computer system discuss the option.


You can install any mobile application on a computer system by using an Android player, and there is a rash of players. Still, I may suggest you use BlueStacks because BlueStacks is an excellent and convenient product, so it is my suggestion to install BlueStacks on your computer to run any mobile application on your computer system.

Download App For Android Phones

the next target is to discuss the availability of this product for the Android system, and the good news is that product is 100% available for the Android system, and we made all this effort to provide this application for the Android system because it is a prevalent operating system nowadays.


Many people worldwide use to prefer it, so we have provided this application for the smartphone. Still, the installation method is slightly different from installing it through the play store, so this is a manual installation. It asks for several permissions to allow during the building but doesn’t worry. We will guide you in this way.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Allow the “Unknown Sources” function (First time only)
  • Go back now and click on “Install” again
  • The installation takes few seconds

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

The next target is to discuss the Apple phone.  The availability of this product for the Apple phone granted because the product is officially available on Apple Store. Still, you don’t need to open the Apple store because we provide this application on our website to avail yourself of the opportunity and click on the below link to save this file on your phone.


The installation procedure is not very difficult. I don’t think that I need to provide the installation method again since I have offered it many times before on my website. If you are new, check out other articles, but I know that most Apple users see the installation process, so apply the method.

Final Words

So now it’s time to summarize all the points of the plan. I am stunned to see the stuff available on this application, and I’m suggesting to the residents of Germany to use this fantastic app because it provides the same food at a discount.

It provides multiple deals, so orders the food online through this application, save a lot of money, and spend the saved money on the next order and the most fantastic thing is that you can do all this thing by just sitting at your home.

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