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WiFi Auto Unlock And WiFi Connect

Why Wifi Auto Unlock And Wifi Connect App?

Wifi auto unlock and wifi connect is an application that is used to unlock the Wi-Fi password of any available network device.


Sometimes we need the internet facility, but we don’t have the mobile data on our phone, so that’s why we tried to unlock the password of any available device around your area, so I have seen many of the application that provides the same feature, but most of the apps are doing their businesses but not providing what they claim.

If you search the relevant application on the Play Store that you may find hundreds of different password unlocking applications, but none of them is working. Still, I must say that few are providing the facility to unlock the password, but it is very difficult to find out true products in the number of thousands.

The application is useful for all the countries. There is no restriction on any country, so it doesn’t matter which country you belong to because it provides the complete facility in all countries.

The app examines all available networks and tells you about the week and strong internet connection, so it automatically connects you to the stronger internet connection around your area.

There are different types of stages, and first of all, there is the stage where you select your choice network, and then you have to wait for a while, and the work is done.

Let’s take a look at how the facilities are provided and how we can use them. Get more apps on Atoz apk right now.

WiFi Auto Unlock And Wifi Connect App Features

Unlock Wi-Fi Password

it is the basic feature of the application in which you have to select one Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to make any effort, so the application will examine each available internet connection and connect you to the strongest internet router device available around you.

The process of unlocking the password is very easy, so the steps in the procedure are numbered, and I don’t think that you’re going to face any issue during the installation or after installation because the developer has provided a very easy interface to attract the users.


The maker of things does a lot of designing in a big operation, which doesn’t make the application’s structure very usable but looks wired.

If you want to attract users, you should provide a simple user interface and not a lot of designing in it as it can ruin your structure and cause a lot of difficulties for the users.

3 Phases Of Internet Connectivity

I have already informed you that it has three stages, and you have to go through all the stages one by one and mention them to you.

Choose The Network (Phase 1)

The first step is to look at how many Wi-Fi networks we have around us. This application details all of them and tells you which of them has the best internet connection so you can connect a network of your own, giving you the good capacity of the signal.

Wait (Phase 2)

Guys, this is not like normal internet connectivity, but it is different from that, and since it works to unlock the password, this problem gets a lot of time, and for this, you need about half to one minute. It may take up to a while, so you have to be patient.

Connected & Enjoy (Phase 3)

When you select a Wi-Fi network, you have to wait for a while, then the third step comes to us, the internet, which is after we have the Internet-connected. If we don’t have an internet connection, this method is brought because it confirms that you have an internet connection, so now you can use it & enjoy unlimited internet.

Brutal Force Password

If you are unlocking a network password, then the router security system does not allow you to do this thing; then, you use this tool then. After using this remote, you can easily unlock the password of any network.

Password Accessed

This process takes a long time, and once you finally get the Wi-Fi password, you can copy it and submit it in the password key, so this is the easiest way. And this application works very well, and there is no doubt about its ability.

We have thoroughly examined all the features of this application, so let us go ahead and see which operating system this application is based on.

How To Download & Install Wifi Auto Unlock For PC?

So first, we have Windows operating system, which is a very popular operating system, so this application is not available for the Windows operating system because it is a mobile application and only works on mobile. It has nothing to do with the computer system.


However, if you still want to install this application on your computer, I will tell you a solution you have to do something like this first you have to install blue stack software, a computer. After installing the software, you can easily install any mobile application on your computer, and it’s super easy to do.

The program software consuming too much processing and disappear; if you have a good computer PC, then you may install this program on your computer, but if you have a low specification PC, then I would like to recommend you to avoid this installation because BlueStacks software is very heavy and very popular and that’s why it was developed for heavy computer.

Download Wifi Unlocker For Android

Android is the next operating system that supports this application. You can enjoy the facilities of this application on an Android system, so make sure that your mobile system contains Wi-Fi integrated function; otherwise, this application is not useful for you.


Well, I have not seen any Android system that does not contain Wi-Fi integrated function but still, if it still exists, then avoid this app.

Now let’s discuss the procedure to install this application on a mobile computer system, so it is very easy to install. Even I have provided the same information many times. Still, I’m providing it again for newcomers.

  • Make sure to download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone
  • Now go back and click on the “Install” button again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation procedure

Download Wifi Auto Unlock And Wifi Connect For iPhone (Apple Phones)

iPhone is the next target after the Android system. The ability for the iPhone is obvious, and you can easily get this application for your iPhone on this website; and the installation procedure is very easy to perform, so I don’t think that you are going to face any issue before or after the installation.


Wi-Fi unlocker application is supportable on almost every Apple device since many old iPhone devices are less powerful, but this application works perfectly on old devices.

Final Words

So now it’s time to end this article, so guys, this is a very good app if you want to unlock a Wi-Fi password, and it works 100%. There is no doubt because I have tried it on my mobile and tried to unlock my password, it provides the exact opposite, so I suggest you install this application now and take advantage of it.

Contact The Developer

The application has provided an email on which you can contact the developer of the product. This message will be sent to the technician team of the application; they will register your complaint, so let them know if you find any bug in this application.


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