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Why Choose XLSX Viewer App?

XLSX Viewer is an application that is used as a reader of a Microsoft Excel file.


Microsoft excel file different type of data like most of the business office keeps Excel files because they used to save all the record of their businesses. They are instrumental in many ways and helpful for millions of people, and by the way, many institutes use to teach MS Excel use because many business companies ask for Microsoft Excel experts.

This application uses to open or read the Microsoft Excel file, and it does not matter that it stores on your memory phone or SD card because all you need to open the file, and the application will automatically detect the excel file from your storage memory, so it directs the system to allow the permission to open the file.

The purpose is to provide the record book of any specific business or office because it provides the complete sequence of data to arrange everything in a series. It does not matter how long the content is because it allows for enough space to store the required data.

The application also allows the function to convert your charts and spreadsheet into an excel file, so this is the best feature because all the data remain safe, so there is no chance of losing the required data.

I have told you that there is no restriction on excel file format or platform because if you receive an email on your mail and the email contains any excel file so are what you have to click on that excel file, and the result will have appeared through this application these are some classy staff.

Tts range for the usability e is very vast because the product developed for the users of all over the world, and the users from all over the world can utilize this fantastic product which earns 1 million-plus install on Google Play Store and around the same number on Apple Store, so this is how you can imagine the popularity of this fantastic app.

I have already told you that Business merchants mainly use this product because they use it to record their businesses. It is difficult to write on the hard copy they used to prefer the soft copy because we can save it forever, but if we lost the house hard copy, then all the record vanishes so I must say that you should also go for the soft copy because the soft copy is permanent stuff, but the heart one is temporary.

XLSX Viewer Features

  • It reads all the XLSX (Microsoft Excel) files.
  • Supports different sources like Email, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger
  • Converts Chart & Spreadsheets to Excel file
  • A very efficient tool for editing & making excel file

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How To Download & Install XLSX Viewer App for PC?

So now the main agenda is that how to install this application on a computer system, so I have told you many times before that there is no direct way to install any mobile application on a computer system. Hence, you always required third-party software which can be used as the Android player so that player uses it to run the mobile application well; this is how the user can run a mobile application on a computer system.


Download XLSX Viewer For Android Phones

The mobile Android system is prevalent nowadays and helps become very common because every second person around you is using a smartphone, so this is a trendy brand, and that’s where the developer is making it available for the Android system. Still, there are some concerns about the installation process so let’s deal with it.


  • Click on the “Install” button and proceed.
  • Allow the “Unknown Sources” option, which disabled by default
  • Could you enable it for the first time?
  • Now go back and click again on the “install” button

Well, this was not difficult enough, but the concern was that it’s manual installation so, it asks to perform some additional actions to perform so, that’s what I was worried about.

Download XLSX Viewer (Microsoft Excel) For Apple Phone

We know that iPhone has surpassed the Android phone because it is an expensive product, but more popular nowadays because the developer of the Apple phone is making so much effort to increase the popularity and takes the Apple brand to the next level. The product also contains millions of installs on the Apple store.


The installation process is straightforward because it’s a widespread thing for Apple users so, I don’t think that I should share the method to install it on iPhone. Get more applications on ATOZ APK.

 Final Words

The time for the final words has arrived so I must say that this application is beneficial for work purposes and we can also say that for the study purposes because it is highly recommended in schools and Universities for arranging the Student data like saving the names of the student, father name, class or Section so to perform these tasks. We need the excel file to convert all the data in the short form, so just away from the opportunity and save time by investing your time in this application.

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