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Why Choose Swift Backup App?

Swift backup provides the option to backup your mobile data with a minute, and it will be a super quick ok and boosting service provider that can create the backup data of all the phone records in a minute. Just click on the back button and start the countdown on your fingers, and I am a hundred percent sure that this is super quick, so the backup will create before you complete the countdown of 10.


It is an efficient app that provides a facility to save all your data in a single file and store the file on your phone.

Even if you lost the phone data by mistake, you could restore the backup file available on your phone, so our application is beneficial in losing the data. The restoring process is speedy. It would help if you waited a minute to restore all the record and your phone setting, so click a button and fix all of your data back.

I am 100% sure that you are eagerly waiting to install this application on your phone because you all want to say your precious data. I’m not going to stop you because this application is beneficial for all of you. I have also created the backup data of my Android phone since I lost some data in the past, so this app is outstanding in restoring the deleted or lost data.

How Does  It Work?

The question is that how does it work so? The solution is straightforward, but there are some additional steps that you need to perform after storing the backup, so I am going to tell all of its data, so let is a start.

Since the developer has designed an easy interface for its users’ better experience, this point is very positive. Still, there is one thing that I should tell about this product, and this thing is handy in term of keeping your data safely, so let’s start.

You need Google to sign in after installing this backup application, and all the backup will store on your Gmail account so this way, you can also prevent the other users from accessing your backup file since you own the Gmail account.

It is necessary to perform because if you don’t sign in on your Google account, you cannot access the facility to save the backup file. After all, the application saves the data directly in your Gmail account, so they will send you an email that contains the backup file, and even if you lost the phone, but you can still restore the data by email they provided you on your Google account.

The rest is straightforward to perform because click on the Backup button, and the backup will be e generated in a minute, and the email will be sent to your Google account for this week super easy and quick to experience. You should try this great application because the time complexity does not exist here.

Let’s discuss its outstanding features that are still to reveal so I am 100% sure that you may indeed like all of its features.

Swift Backup Features

Backup Phone Data

Swift backup application stores all your phone data in a single file, and it is rapid and efficient to use. Press a button and avail of its facility.

Accepted Data Type

Most of the data types are accepted but still, I am going to share the most used data type on your phone. AtozApk is the best platform to download apps online.

Applications Data Type

The first category is the application data type because we use to install many required apps on our phone, but those apps also generate too much data. Some data is essential, and we can’t afford to lose it so, this is the best thing to do because you can store all the required data in a single compressed file.

Messaging Data Type

It is the second type of data, and it is also a significant data type because we use to make conservation many times in a day so, the application keeps all the record of messaging. This category does not belong to text messaging only but also extends to the MMS service.

Call Logs Data Type

It is the third type of data. Call logs are essential to save because sometimes, we make the VIP calls, and we need the call record so, by using this app, we can store all the call log data.

Phone Setting & Customization

I must admit that I should have put in the priority. After all, the phone’s setting is important because everyone likes customization. According to the person’s condition, the users use the mobile according to their need and customize the phone set so, restore the backup, and restore all the customization settings on your phone back.

How does Swift Backup Work on Rooted Devices?

It is very precious because if we restore the data on the rooted device, we may get the following services back on our phone in the same condition.

Mobile Apps Data

When we restore the backup after rooting the device, we get all the installed apps back on our phone in the same condition, so you may not change the record.

Mobile Apps Customization and Saved Passwords

This quality enhances the product’s popularity because when they even provide back the previous permissions back and restore the saved passwords before rooting the device, we must say that this is some magic stuff.

  • Supported Cloud Services
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Dropbox

These are supported cloud services on this fantastic application and store your precious data on these cloud services. These services provide limited free space for its users but enough for a single phone.

How To Download & Install It For PC?

We have summarized the 70% of the article. The rest is about the supported operating system for this fantastic application. Hence, I suggest that you don’t need to install this application on a computer system because it is useless when installing the mobile backup application on a computer system. It does not work well there is a lot of backup generator for the computer system. I must prefer one of those rather than trying a mobile backup generator.


Suppose you still want to install any mobile application on a computer system. I have one solution for you, which is the only solution because there is no other solution. Let’s discuss

installing a mobile application on a computer system. It would help if you had an emulator that can work as an Android player, so this player provides the facilities that an android operating system offers. Hence, it is like an Android operating system. Using this operating system, you can install any mobile application on a computer system but make sure that you have downloaded and installed it on your computer system first.

Download Swift Backup For Android Phones

the most critical point of the schedule has arrived: how can we install this application on an Android system? The solution is straightforward because most people used to establish the mobile application on Android phones, so it is obvious.


  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “Install” button on your phone and proceed
  • Enable the function “Unknown Sources” (One time only)
  • Go back and click on “Install” again

Note: The user needs to enable the “Unknown Sources” option only because when you allow it for the first time, it asks for the second time.

All the apps can install without any interruption of this security feature. Keep it disable if you don’t want to install another app manually. This feature appears when we perform the manual installation and does not appear when installing any app from the Google Play store.

Download For iPhone (Apple Phones)

Swift backup for the apple phones is also evident because the Apple system also wants an application to store all of its data, so this application is also suitable for iPhone users because they can save all the precious data using this app. It becomes quicker on iPhone because iPhone provides good processing speed better than Android, so it becomes faster on Apple Phone.


Final Words

The time for the Conclusion has arrived, and I’m pleased to say that this application is suitable for both operating system Android and Apple phones.

Avail the opportunity, and does not matter which platform operating system you use because it provides a fantastic facility to all supported operating systems. As I told you before, it is super quick, so if you have any problem related to the app or its setting, I will send an email to send the necessary remarks about this app. The message will send the developer to consider the next update and improve if required.

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